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  1. i need 4 Raging Gnome
  2. i need 4 Divine Tribulation please
  3. Yoko's Post Gencon Trade List (finally)
  4. Who wanted the Mew Ex
  5. Looking for unopened boxes.
  6. Set of menuett dance for trade.
  7. Paralyzing Touches?
  8. Looking for fair trades
  9. 314 *PROMOS FOR TRADE* 153 are new KOF! W: Video games, cards, collectibles +more
  10. vespera mat
  11. i need taki stuff
  12. Looking for a set of Genesis
  13. Looking for 1 FOIL Rolling Storm
  14. Trying to get ahold of Divine Tribs
  15. Seeking Eiserne Drossel and Glanzende Nova
  16. Trade Request: We need your Templars. You need our Paralyzing Touches.
  17. New to the game! looking for an Eva
  18. I have a quest!
  19. My wants and trades
  20. Looking for Valiant Assault
  21. When the moon comes...
  22. My new Trades list!!!!
  23. trying to get all my legacy gone
  24. trading all my 5 point stuff for yugioh
  25. L> A Heavenly Match
  26. Zam's Trading Post
  27. HungryNerd Trade - Haves / Wants
  28. Playset collection of everything in standard plus a ton of really cool stuff!
  29. trying to get alot of my cards gone
  30. so yeah i am done playing and want to get all my ufs cards gone
  31. trying to move a lot of my cards
  32. Digital Collection
  33. S_OBrien's Trade Needs
  34. Looking for Escaping fate and Preparing Herself
  35. Have: Thousands of cards & more WANT: Video games, pokemon, MTG, TOYS and more
  36. looking for 1x paralyzing touch and a set of segaki offering
  37. Ufs cards, looking to get rid of collection
  38. Tader_Salad's necro'd trade thread FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!
  39. Arcanes UK Swap Shop
  40. Who wants my cards?
  41. Really want a Kula playmat
  42. chichio's trade thread!
  43. I found some uncut sheets I was wondering if anyone knew how much thwy'd be worth?
  44. Orosaki's Trade Thread
  45. Looking for Wonderworld Warriors
  46. I want 2 Power Ups for Worlds
  47. New player looking for New and Old stuff
  48. Yoko's Super Special Awesome Uber Mega Trade List (With KOF 13)
  49. ISO 4x Together Again
  50. Elfangor01's Trade Thread
  51. Looking For Segaki Offerings
  52. Need all things kof have champ cards and more!
  53. Need... for 1st deck
  54. Looking to Trade Yuri's UR attack for Mai's
  55. [WANTED] Righteousness x4
  56. Need Cards for Standard decks
  57. Trader Feedback **8/19/13**
  58. Whoooooa. LIKE WHOA HOW DO I UFS
  59. new champ cards
  60. Have Zealot Rush and Surprise here's a napkin in hand want kof
  61. Piglet on the hunt
  62. Getting back in. Need champ cards.
  63. Mat wanted
  64. Zing! Needed
  65. Kilik850's New Trade Thread
  66. How's a boy to get some Champion cards from over the pond?
  67. Grim's Trading Thread
  68. Pandasauce's Trade List
  69. Germinal Caprice
  70. anyone wantin' pokemans?
  71. Cammy
  72. looking for Curse of Corruptions?
  73. Lion Stance Needs Your Raio Kens and Shiranui no Mais!
  74. Buster wolf & crescent moon hook up for trade
  75. Brodiewan's Trade Thread
  76. looking for WtMCOtM
  77. Rares and ultra up for trade
  78. Deck Dont Matter's trade thread...
  79. Playgroup startup kit collection
  80. Mike's Champ Card Thread
  81. Trade stuff for cards
  82. Looking For RoT Cardz
  83. LF Tim Keefe
  84. few cards i need
  85. Looking to trade some extra standard and legacy cards
  86. Hey cuties! Trading Cataclysmic Forces and other ATL champ cards all week!
  87. Kunio clear your inbox buddy
  88. Vanguard's trade list
  89. Winnipeg's Trade List
  90. Need Some Legacy Cards
  91. More time off from work means more Cataclysmic Force trades!
  92. XtraHybrid's Trades
  93. Maxima Laser wanted
  94. Still have these sweet patches...
  95. Looking for 2x Power Up
  96. RunningWild and BlueMary's Trade List
  97. Looking for YATAGARASU and other Iori stuff
  98. Cap's trade list
  99. Trent's Trade List and WANTS!!
  100. Wang88's Trade Thread
  101. Jenna's Trade List
  102. Parting with Collection
  103. Last chance to grab cataclysmic force before nats - limited supply!!
  104. Paradox of existence
  105. Ill trade you!
  106. Koreymfh trade list
  107. Have tons of standard, KOF PROMOS, Champ Cards Want: Magic the Gathering UFS Pokemon
  108. Looking for earring bombs.
  109. Looking for Iori URs
  110. another trade thread
  111. Epitaph's Trading Thread
  112. Saying goodbye to a hefty part of my collection
  113. Need a few cards. Maybe you can help.
  114. strange fashions for trade
  115. GreenPhox Tradelist
  116. Arch's Trade thread, I need your commons/uncommons!
  117. SLAM!'s trade thread.
  118. looking for some cards!
  119. Looking for KOFXIII Commons and Uncommons
  120. More Common and Uncommon Wants
  121. In search of Darkstalkers foils, c/uc and promos. LMK what you have, PLEASE :)
  122. Looking for a few things
  123. R Mika and Zangief
  124. Looking for...
  125. In search of Unreleased Mitsu, Donovan, Cammy 8hs, Olcadan, Victor ** + more!
  126. Looking for fabled cards, may as well ask here
  127. Hey guys! We are looking for some stuff!
  128. My megaman cards for yours.
  129. Revoke for Infinite Weapons +C/U?
  130. Looking for some Street Fighter and Soulcalibur character promo cards!
  131. Looking for some legacy stuff!~~
  132. Melakai's Trading List
  133. Looking for Nailed It!
  134. Looking for Leona Blade(s)
  135. segaki offerings for trade
  136. Fox trades ver. 2.0
  137. Dracomageat's Junk Pile
  138. Germinal Caprice and maybe Billy?
  139. Looking for Street Fighter (Chun-Li and Rose specifically) cards
  140. njslhf Trades and wants
  141. Looking to trade...
  142. Looking for Legacy, Neo Raging Storm and Night Terror.
  143. very specific wants
  144. My new trades
  145. Brodie's Legacy Wants
  146. trades before gencon
  147. Gencon trading
  148. Oil Man and Time Man
  149. anyone looking for Templars?
  150. RunningWild and BlueMary's Trade List (Standard and Legacy)
  151. SWM looking for Leona Blade x 4
  152. Nightmare 3 dot???
  153. victimsofatradelist (under construction)
  154. Looking for Legacy Cards
  155. Have: 4 White Templar for trade
  156. Trader Feedback **10/30/14**
  157. Deck Don't Matter's NEW TRADE THREAD!
  158. looking for trinity geyser
  159. Looking for Leona Blade!
  160. Looking for Yatagarasu
  161. Looking for Coal .45 and breaking bread
  162. Jeffrey Kahn's (Giggles') Post Nationals trade list
  163. Updated Trade Thread!
  164. Winnipeg`s Trade List
  165. bryce trade list
  166. Fivecards trade thread
  167. trade
  168. Jaycee's trades
  169. Looking for Legacy Felicia
  170. Grim's New Trade Thread
  171. From my private stash
  172. Looking for Trinity Geyser
  173. Getting rid of my collection very large and have cards from nearly every set.
  174. looking for trinity geyser and throw it down
  175. Looking for Megaman Cards
  176. Looking for Firestorm's
  177. Xtra's Trades
  178. B&C Trade Thread
  179. Looking for a few things
  180. Wanted: MegaMan Promo 2013
  181. new trade thread
  182. LF Ominous Whistle, Pharaoh Wave, Metal Blade, and Roll
  183. Looking for Skull Barrier. Have: Everything... except Skull Barrier
  184. WANT - Can't find an Athena to save my life
  185. Need 3 Ultimate Undead!
  186. Bryce trades
  187. Looking for a Few Cheap Cards
  188. Looking for 5 last Street Fighter cards
  189. Dukat's Trade Wants
  190. Looking ofr Psycho Medley 13
  191. Looking For...
  192. Need some Summer Heat
  193. 7/26/15 - VaporGecko's New Trade Thread - 2x Finale Rosso
  194. Skull Barrier
  195. Focusing on Life - lots for trade
  196. Looking for Hien Shippuu Ryuujen Kyaku x4
  197. Looking for Nivose
  198. Building An Extended Lilith Deck
  199. looking for power up and paralyzing touch!
  200. Yesse's Trade Thread
  201. ~Ryunosuke's official Trade Thread~
  202. Big list of Legacy for trade.
  203. Just lookin for some stuff
  204. Looking for Nivose
  205. Fisherdan's Trades
  206. My Standard haves
  207. Looking for Hien Shippu Ryuujen Kyaku x3
  208. Have: UFS, MTG, Video Games + more Want: Standard UFS + characters
  209. Looking for Waves of Blood x 2
  210. Looking for Pharaoh Man & (8-bit) Dr. Wily cards
  211. GroovyGorgar Trading Thread
  212. UK Trade Haves n Wants :)
  213. Anyone Have Not Over Yets, for trade?
  214. Looking for Hien Shippuu Ryuujen Kyaku and Niovse
  215. Looking for old character cards, have a trade thread on here with lots of goodies!
  216. Looking for 3x quick boomerang, have Skull barrier and geyser.
  217. UFS for DBZ
  218. Trader Feedback **Nov 25, 2015**
  219. ICWhatUDidThar's Trade Thread
  220. Looking for four Not Over Yet!!
  221. Common/Uncommon playsets
  222. Shinguyi's Standard and Legacy List
  223. Arbrias Standard & Legacy Trade list
  224. Looking to get rid of a bunch of standard stuff.
  225. BigBoy's Trade Thread
  227. Jayce's Trades :D
  228. Trade
  229. Nando's Trade List
  230. Looking for a Kyo** / NeoMax
  231. Volfogg's Trade Place
  232. Have lots of standard/extended/legacy Want: MTG, YUGIOH, Characters & more
  233. Fivecards ufs thread have skull barrier
  234. Needs cards
  235. Arcanesin trades (UK BASED)
  236. Looking for Nivose
  237. Getting rid of a large collection
  238. Partners in Crimfighting!
  239. Atl champ cards! Your one stop shop before nats!
  240. Not sure if this is a place to trade playmats BUT
  241. Looking for Athena / NeoMax
  242. Card collection.
  243. Are you in a new (or already established) playgroup looking for cards?
  244. Looking for 2-Dot Kyo from Neo Max
  245. trades here from Arizona
  246. Have extra Scorch Wheels I want to get rid of
  247. Looking to get back into the game
  248. H: Mostly Iori & Terry KOFXIII W: Jedah Water cards
  249. Need jagged Barrage and technical sphere
  250. In need of Team Psychos for Worlds