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  3. wanted ibuki cards
  4. W: Ostreinbug castle throne room
  5. Trader Feedback **11/13/2010**
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  7. The Godfather's Itailian Restaurant
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  12. Want: SCIV Has: Erm...stuff
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  19. Looking for Stardard legals. Trading misc TCGs and other stuff.
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  21. RockStar's Legacy/Extended Trades List...Looking for Standard Format Cards
  22. Looking for Feline Spike
  23. EX's Trading Thread (updated regularly)
  24. Got My Tekken Box and I'm Looking to Trade!
  25. Wheeeeee trades.........
  26. Does anyone have a Ken6 they'd be willing to trade?
  27. Looking for Kasumi-Suzaku's and Shadow Art's (lots of em)
  28. Soldiers of Sparta are no Joke (I want other stuff too)
  29. ATLDrew's/ Sketch's Trade Thread - Get Bodied by Fantastic Deals!
  30. GT UFS Trade thread
  31. Link's Trade List
  32. W: GenCon 2010 promos H: A lot of random stuff
  33. Super Trade Fighter 5: Pasta Rain Stay Free Edition aka I finally has 5 point
  34. bring me hottness
  35. Looking for x4 Leg Slash and x2 Spiritual Center
  36. Looking for Dragon's flame and dragon lifter
  37. Eivoril's Trade List
  38. Al C. Rocker's Trade Emporium
  39. Does anyone have a Quick Exit?
  40. Finally Got All My Legacy Sorted! The Grandmaster's Haves/Wants!
  41. Omega/Megageese Contact Info?
  42. ReploidX/Tagrineth/Hans's Bigass Trade Thread
  43. my current trades and wants
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  45. Mike's Trade List
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  47. What do you do when USPS screws up?
  48. I has a trade thread again!
  49. Brislove trades - Want legacy ^_^
  50. Looking for Ultimate Teams and Gianzande Nova. Please Help!!
  51. Would Like Chain Throws + Feline Spikes....
  52. Needs me some Blazing Fists! Will trade generously for a playset...
  53. Anyone got an a Psycho Crusher EXTRA to trade?
  54. Z-mada trades: Standard Only
  55. UFS Collection Must Go....
  56. Not alot...
  57. Shinguyi's Card List
  58. Foil Widow Makers...
  59. Wanted (Un)Commons
  60. Looking for Darkstalkers cards for a J. Talbain deck
  61. I got those Quick Exits
  62. Anthony Trades
  63. Trades
  64. My Trade List... =\
  65. Looking for Mats+Sealed
  66. Small Trade List
  67. I'm Looking For A UFS Street Fighter Playmat
  68. Ideal Listing Format?
  69. Looking for John Herr Character Card...
  70. Seph's Delux Trades
  71. Scientific Deals with Statistics!
  72. Mah trades
  73. ufs collection
  74. Looking for Resident Evil deck building game promos
  75. UFS Trades: Have/Wants
  76. Trades Du Piglet
  77. Looking for legacy stuffz! XD
  78. SF & SC set 1 &2 for standard scards
  79. Dillon's Trades
  80. Trader Feedback **3/05/2011**
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  82. 3 Centipedes Card Exchange
  83. eypyeash's non-shiny-anymore R and UR tradeland
  84. B0al0va's Standard Tradelist
  85. Big trade
  86. Standard and Older Stuff
  87. Getting Out of UFS EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!
  88. My Tradelist +RH
  89. Valiant Assault...
  90. I Got the Red Horizon That is so popular for Some Reason
  91. Wild Party Hat's Trade List
  92. The long awaited return of the assassination squad......
  93. BlackFireDragon's Trade List
  94. Birch Trade Thread Thingy
  95. Old Player looking to trade old cards for old cards
  96. Gimme!
  97. Target X's Red Horizon trades.
  98. Duckman (all of New Zealand's) Trades - Metric tonne of RH
  99. New to the game, I have Magic the gathering cards to trade for UFS.
  100. Street Fighter Devotion.com - Trading UFS Street Fighter Cards
  101. Desperately Looking for Power Ups!
  102. My first trade list on Jasco.
  103. Cass Trade topic <---------------------
  104. List of Bad Trades
  105. Looking for 4x Trade Your Passion for Glory
  106. Trade List
  107. WTB/Trade for legacy World Champion and Happy Holidays
  108. Another Trade List by Seph
  109. Looking for legacy but mostly Power UP
  110. I Need 2x Revoke
  111. Token's Trades
  112. Trader Feedback **5/20/2011**
  113. Zardis' Trade Thread :)
  114. Shenron's Trade List!
  115. Street Fighter League Cards - Need your help!
  116. Trades?
  117. Grizzlegrom's Trade List
  118. Where is Trade Rikuo?
  119. TargetX's updated trades
  120. rAn's Trades
  121. Have and Want bad cards! That's right, look here.
  122. Wants: Female Characters - Haves: Lots of old UFS Cards
  123. Does Anyone have Elena (Warrior's Dream)?
  124. Promo Zi Mei
  125. Looking for 4x Full Moon and 4 x Death Copter...
  126. Shacklez Trade Shack
  127. Jav's Trade List
  128. Raikou is looking for Yugioh
  129. Looking For Sovereign's Glory
  130. I am looking for Chibi Naruto cards!!!
  131. ChaosFlash's Trade List! WOW!!!
  132. Have canine strkes, want Sovereign's glory
  133. Falcore's Trades (Almost all Legacy)
  134. Need moar legacy v2.014 Beta (patent pending) All rights reserved
  135. 777's Legacy/Extended Want list. Will update accordingly.
  136. Fluxings Trade Thread!
  137. Crazy Elf/Theo's trades.
  138. Aceman's trade list !!!
  139. Trader Feedback **7/27/2011**
  140. Spiritplayer's Trades!
  141. Shane's Trade Thread
  142. Yoko's Charming Tardes
  143. Ken_Master's H/W List. Now with Current Content
  144. Yoko's Charming Trades
  145. alamaro trades
  146. Paid to Protect
  147. Mirage200's Trades
  148. Trade thread for great hype. By Halbard
  149. I need your old characters!
  150. Eldelays trade list
  151. Need some stuff to complete a coupla decks! Help!
  152. Trade list (work in progress)
  153. Joe Hill anyone?
  154. (trade list in progress)
  155. Cetonis' trade thread
  156. The Godfather's Castle of Cards, orange and blue bricks like i'm slanging crack son!
  157. Help! I need 3 Harnessing Chaos by Fridayyy-
  158. Stuff I truly want
  159. First trade binder...dont laugh
  161. Sawyer Street Trading Thread (Rochester)
  162. A few wants
  163. Looking for JIN
  164. Street Fighter Mat.
  165. Shadowar Uncut Sheet
  166. Desperately looking for Jin Kazama, Astrid** and Paid to Protect !
  167. Smithy's Trades
  168. VaporGecko's Trade Thread
  169. Piglet can't find Pooh's Honey
  170. Amy Pierce Staff Card
  171. Looking for Wonderworld Comics, some Red Horizon,and some Legacy
  172. UFS Capitalism American Made by ATLpiglet
  173. michaels trade binder.
  174. trading for playmats
  175. Things needed for completion of 5 point cards!!! :)
  176. Hellion's Search
  177. Knight Breaker
  178. Have: Lots of Old Stuff
  179. I need old playlets
  180. Michigan's 2nd Largest Playgroup? Lots to offer!
  181. Wonderworld Comics
  182. Melakai's Trades so far :D
  183. W: Soul Powers and Power Up / H: Everything in Standard (EVEN JINS!)
  184. The Hunt for 5-point Champion Cards
  185. Trader Feedback **4/17/2012**
  186. Where is Traveling Talim ?
  187. Nubian God's Trade List
  188. My Trades (Lots of ToV)
  189. Knightmare's Trade List
  190. Kor'rins Trades - with ToV
  191. Birch's New Tradey Thread. Also Michigan's ACTUAL 2nd Largest playgroup ;)
  192. Looking for a champ card
  193. I need quick exits.
  194. Looking for Flexible Body
  195. Target X's trade list
  196. Need some Zoey stuff
  197. Cplwilks (UK Trader) Wants & Haves List
  198. Looking for Together Again's
  199. Trading for Out of Your League and Divine Tribulation
  200. Need Kazuya(s)
  201. FLagnine1's Haves and wants.
  202. Street Fighter Mat. For real.
  203. Will be putting up tons of ufs on ebay, mostly legacy. Look inside for standard too.
  204. Wants: Info on how to get champ cards...
  205. Grandmaster's Trade Dojo: Now with KoF XIII Promos
  206. Trader Feedback **8/20/12**
  207. I NEED Life Counters!!
  208. Have new promos, standard and tons of legacy Want: tons of standard and legacy
  209. Anyone have the foil terry and willing to trade?
  210. Looking for SNK Cards
  211. I Need Your Terry!
  212. Finally, The Kilik Has Posted A Trade Thread! (Insert Eyebrow Raise Here)
  213. A bunch of new beginnings
  214. Superior Techniques
  215. Drew's Trades
  216. GenCon Kyo***
  217. Need some stuff! Trade Me!
  218. Need Some FIRE Punches (Galactica Phantom**)
  219. have little need lots.
  220. Non-Foil Mai
  221. Any extra Segaki Offerings anywhere?
  222. Anyone Have surprise Punishments for trade?
  223. found a binder of old UFS cards in my basement
  224. KoF Mai***
  225. Power Up
  226. trades
  227. The Captain's trade list
  228. updated trades list
  229. does any one have any extra Paralyzing Touch
  230. can any body help me on the search for Paralyzing Touch
  231. HAVE LOTS OF NEW PROMOS, standard and legacy NEED: tons of standard, some legacy
  232. Eldelay's House of Cards
  233. i still need 4 Paralyzing Touch please help
  234. i am looking for the new kof promos
  235. Church's trades, haves and collection online!
  236. Nasuko needs cards!
  237. Looking for Type 2 Magic stuff, have almost everything standard for trade.
  238. A Dark Side's Trades
  239. Familiar Faces
  240. i am looking for 2 clandestine research
  241. Anyone Looking For Mai's?
  242. My UFS addiction: Determined to be the best.
  243. does any one need segaki offering
  244. Drinzen's trade place
  245. Turbo's Terrific Trades
  246. About Face, •Mina• and ••Karin••
  247. i need 2 Good & Evil ill trade well for them
  248. Rider's trades
  249. Lantern's H/W
  250. KOF promos for trade