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  2. Taking a poll: Player locations and willingness to travel to tournaments
  3. Mid-West Coast Championship III - April 2011
  4. PTC-Texas Anyone Interested?
  5. UFS returning to NWA
  6. Monthly/bi-monthly UFS in sacramento
  7. Ikkicon - Austin, TX Dec 31-Jan 2nd. Texas players?
  8. New York PTC Event Rescheduled!
  9. Red Horizon in the ATL! - Feb. 5th!
  10. Red Horizon Pre-Release in Blacksburg, Feb 4th
  11. Red Horizon Pre Release - Scotts Valley, California Feb 4
  12. South West Virginia Release
  13. Red Horizon Pre-Release for RIW Hobbies - Feb. 10th
  14. Millennium Games and Hobbies Event Schedule
  15. Black Thorn Games Dickson TN AOP Fire and All Jan28
  16. Attack of Power Release Schedule:
  17. Black Thorn Games AOP March
  18. June AOP, Thoughts?
  19. Southeast UFS Presents Atlanta Ranbat #1 on Sept. 29th!
  20. Nysc ii
  21. Southeast UFS Presents Dickson Ranbat #2
  22. Winnipeg Regionals, November 17th!
  23. MAG Fest -- Jan 4-6 2013 -- Any UFS players going?
  24. San Antonio Fight Night!
  25. UFS Murfreesboro Demo
  26. Schaumburg IL, Revival GO GO GO!
  27. We are not yet dead! (UFS TN)
  28. Vegas PTC
  29. Abilene Texas KoF Event
  30. San Antonio Weeklys
  31. Win a Playmat! Tucson, AZ @ Amazing Discoveries!
  32. Schaumburg Il Locals!
  33. Coming soon : UFS to AK Comics Beloit, WI
  34. Tournaments coming to AK Comics, Beloit, WI
  35. Chicago IL Suburbs League Nights!!
  36. Facebook page for Midwest UFS players
  37. Wichita Monthlies (Next Event: Dec 7- BattleBlitz)
  38. Big Ruler of Time draft in North Jersey
  39. North Kai Tournament After Party Sunday March 16
  40. MegaMan Pre Release Tournament! SAN ANTONIO
  41. Show of interest for PTC in Atlanta in Mid June?
  42. Events for Northern IL/Southern Wi UFS
  43. **CONTEST**Make the best of it, remember the open road.
  44. Calgarys fight for food tourney
  45. SoCal Riverside PTC Hype thread
  46. Socal - Temecula PTC November 1/2
  47. Ufs demo day in Schaumburg IL!
  48. UFS Demo in League City, TX (South Houston) Oct. 9th!
  49. UFS Two Pack Draft 10/23/2016 at Empire Central in League City, TX
  50. UFS Standard Tournament in League City, TX 2/5/2017
  51. Events in Hampton Roads Virginia