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  1. So about this new set...
  2. Jasco Store
  3. Legacy and You - What would you change to make Legacy more fun?
  4. What do you hate/like about Standard?
  5. Revosion to the "3 Pass Rule"
  6. Do RH Character's "Avatars" have names?
  7. A request!
  8. UFS Collection
  9. Is there anyone from Florida going to GenCon?
  10. Proxying at GenCon
  11. Eva or Sophita
  12. Tides of Vengeance and Redemption skulls
  13. Padma... why!?
  14. Atlanta PTC predictions
  15. June/July State of the Game!
  16. What are cards worth.
  17. Kaden Vs. Miska
  18. New Format Idea for UFS.
  19. PTC Atlanta - Results and Coverage
  20. New ban list!
  21. Team Worlds Event, Gencon 2011 - I need some teammates!
  22. A New Format? Vintage.
  23. Vintage Format
  24. Looking for the Post...
  25. Unreleased promos
  26. The last problem card in standard?
  27. Evo Online: UFS Edition?
  28. What Banned Card Do You Most Miss?
  29. Characters (in particular the promos) and Worlds - Standard Discussion
  30. A PLee for a unbanning in Legacy
  31. Does anyone know how to get a hold of the Champions?
  32. Those Going to Gencon and Need Legacy/Extended Stuff
  33. Where did
  34. UFS Search Engine?
  35. agro nehtali
  36. 2009 Champion Cards Legal for GenCon 2011
  37. Gen-con Schedule
  38. New playmats
  39. At 2011 Worlds
  40. A Couple Questions Regarding Worlds 2011 at Gencon
  41. Checklists
  42. Champ Cards legal for GenCon- Images available shortly
  43. How Does Evil Kill?
  44. World's Teammate Free Agency
  45. Rochester NY PTC August 27-28 @ Millennium Games and Hobbies
  46. Kunai
  47. 2009 Champion cards are now up in the previews page
  48. Genesis
  49. Shadowar promos and standoff
  50. Im not sure if anyone noticed but...
  51. Redemption! A Few Questions
  52. Universal Fighting System "Chant" for GenCon 2011
  53. New to Legacy - HELP!
  54. And with this, I bid my final adue.
  55. No Equal
  56. Emergency errata before worlds!!!
  57. Final Fantasy 1 Remake: Featuring the 2009 UFS Champs
  58. How Do I Kill Lu Chen
  59. Rate your Favorite Standard Character
  60. Kazuya vs. Killer Android
  61. Using OCTGN
  62. Thinking of getting out. Wondering what my collection is worth if anything...
  63. Can we redeem Booster Packaging at Gencon?
  64. What is the best order?
  65. Extending the game
  66. Unreleased Donovan?
  67. Legacy Update?
  68. Playgroup in Charlotte?
  69. New Promos for you guys!
  70. Artwork From the New Sets
  71. The deck that would have won worlds...
  72. signing off for now
  73. Null Vortex, Playable?
  74. Looking to be a scout for you store, That does not already previously have one.
  75. OCTGN UPDATE: Search By Format Added
  76. "This one's for JJ!" or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Cut the Sheet
  77. Promo cards seen at worlds when are they legal
  78. Trying to get a Playgroup Going
  79. Anyone in Sweden?
  80. How to get Play Mats
  81. Character Run Through
  82. Extended, What do you think about it?
  83. Tournament Starting / Efficiency
  84. Is Reese actually good?
  85. Online deck builder?
  86. General Questions about current UFS
  87. Coverage from Worlds.
  88. Ancient Insight
  89. Standard Staples and Power Cards to Look For
  90. UFS Standard Worlds Standings, GenCon 2011
  91. Final Swiss Standing (Standard)
  92. Nehtali2
  93. Chun-Li 9
  94. God Packs in the new set.?
  95. Should We Drop Extended From Major Events?
  96. Champ cards
  97. Rochester NY PTC Roll Call
  98. Foundations of Power
  99. Jonathan Herr, Where Are you?
  100. OCTGN Tournaments
  101. You know what grinds my gears!!
  102. Rochester PTC
  103. How we could have more events at Gencon/Vegas without a time machine!
  104. Rh02
  105. Ny Comiccon
  106. More videos?
  107. New Player Recommendations
  108. Super happy fun time octgn Legacy tourney
  110. Which person is smarter?
  111. If errata'd cards are "nerfed", should we "buff" cards too?
  112. Tides of Vengeance Playmat Pre-views Are Up!
  113. Like Us On Facebook!
  114. Champ cards! I want...
  115. Advertising
  116. Release Dates and Nationals Dates
  117. Wallpaper?
  118. New Character Discussion!
  119. Alternate Win Decks
  120. Shadowar characters reprints
  121. RH Storyline
  122. Where are the AoP?
  123. US Nationals Events (January 27th-29th)
  124. Joe's here, Henshin-a-gogo-baby!
  125. UK and USA National Events
  126. Dots or Letters
  127. Starter decks and redemption promos
  128. A Reluctant Goodbye
  129. Universal Fighting System Tutorial Videos
  130. number of attacks?
  131. Release date?
  132. A UFS Card Database?
  133. 27 More Likes on Facebook for more spoilers!
  134. Jasco Games News!
  135. Jasco Games Release Update!
  136. Spoilers!
  137. UFS Wiki house cleaning
  138. Weird booster packs !
  139. Anyone artists good w/ small images?
  140. Starting Up
  141. New Spoilers are Up!
  142. Set Up a booth at US Nationals in Las Vegas!
  143. So does Red Horizon have a story?
  144. Impromptu OCTGN Tournament TONIGHT AT 6 (Eastern) WITH PRIZING
  145. UFS Starters Question
  146. The first Desktop Backgrounds are up!
  147. Weekly OCTGN Tournaments Starting Up
  148. Universal Fighter
  149. Something I found while snooping around
  150. Making a trade list Help/FAQ
  151. Control mirrors are gonna be INTRICATE
  152. Does Your Store Carry UFS?
  154. Angels hate tournaments lol.
  155. New Licenses?
  156. RH2 OCTGN Set
  157. RH2 OCTGN Prerelease TONIGHT!
  158. Which playgroups are playing the new set at this point?
  159. Lackey UFS
  160. Bastet not unique?
  161. My little take on Tides of Vengeance
  162. Whats happening?
  163. Tides of Vengeance Release Update!
  164. RH sketches.
  165. Happy Thanksgiving!
  166. OCTGN Tournament in the Chat Room Tonight
  167. I need a favor UFS chums
  168. Anyone got fan templates?
  169. Tides of Vengeance - News from the printer!
  170. New license : The King of Fighters XIII comes to UFS !
  171. What resource symbols are you
  172. Final Date for Pre-Orders!
  173. Last Day To Book Rooms for Nationals!
  174. OCTGN Tournament This Friday
  175. Holiday Cheer music
  176. Room for Nationals
  177. merry christmas one and all!
  178. Re-Relocated?
  179. Coming Soon?
  180. happy new year!
  181. Champion Cards Now Available for Limited Time Order!
  182. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Tides of Vengeance
  183. Bye Bye RIW Hobbies in Michigan
  184. Legacy Staples
  185. Champion Premier Pack Friendly Reminder
  186. Anybody know what's going on with csi?
  187. First New York State Circuit stop on Saturday in Poughkeepsie, NY.
  188. Pacific Gifts
  189. Release date?
  190. Where can I get the tov file for octgn?
  191. Any news regarding Tides of Vengeance starter decks release ?
  192. Swatting the Spider - Advice for the Pre-Release
  193. starter exclusive cards
  194. Looking for a complete set of scans of standard
  195. Petition to unban Hata with an errata
  196. My printer does not like the Redemption program
  197. What are your favorite Legacy cards?
  198. So what's up with ToV?
  199. So... Legacy
  200. Flavor text
  201. Reprints
  202. ATL vs Michigan, King of 2011 5v5 Challenge for Gencon
  203. Nats Footage?
  204. Character Bios?!
  205. New cards
  206. Thoughts on Jasco Games' communication
  207. Canadian Nationals?
  208. If you could re-design a UFS character, who would it be?
  209. Reprinted Shadowar Characters
  210. NYSC-Rochester Stop!!!
  211. Jasco Games Update
  212. New Starter Decks
  213. Prize Support (New Distribution)
  214. jin value
  215. What cards from tov are you most excited about
  216. Decks you would make if...
  217. most straight forward character for a noob
  218. New Master ruling list in the Rules Q&A forum now available!
  219. Champion Cards
  220. List of Warhammer cards
  221. The Case Against Financial Troubles
  222. Texas Regionals
  223. New UFS database !
  224. A thought on Knows When to Talk...
  225. ToV Metagame Predictions: What are we going to have to prepare for this season?
  226. Kaden's Last Mystery Card?
  227. Wanting to get into legacy
  228. Tides of Vengeance Release Update
  229. TN AOP shout outs and thank yous
  230. First Glimpse at the 2012-2013 Event Season
  231. UFS Ultra database - we need your help !
  232. Looking For Help To Make a Video!
  233. Tides of Vengeance on the Horizon!
  234. New Red Horizon Promo Set
  235. Time to revisit older characters.
  236. Tides of Vengeance: Card Rarity
  237. Red Horizon Production Proof Update!
  238. Updated 6-Point Promos for OCTGN (New Champs and Truong)
  239. Attention All Scouts!
  240. Printing new cards for legacy block.
  241. PTC Events
  242. New Organized Play Site
  243. Melakai's Dumb Dumbery :D lol
  244. Individual Starter Decks Available
  245. New bios are up!
  246. GenCon Poll
  247. Whoa!!! Coolstuff has tov singles listed!!!
  248. Errata Update
  249. News on next Rotation and Formats?
  250. Damnation in Tides of Vengeance