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  1. Are legacy cards worth anything (within the context of the game)
  2. Green vs. Beginner's Luck?
  3. Sets to buy for someone who is returning
  4. Ruined foil card or "How I learned to despise the impossible packaging of boosters"
  5. UFS Smash Nerds Friend Code Exchange
  6. UFS Smash Nerds Friend Code Exchange
  7. Does Jasco produce "god packs?"
  8. An interesting Story about HS Football and adversity
  9. UFS Players in Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. WWE supercard players?
  11. Monster hunter 4u players - get in here and hunt some freaking monsters!
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  13. playufs.com
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  15. Went to DBZ regionals yesterday
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  18. Favorite video game series?
  19. Estival Versus NA trailer
  20. Want to contribute to an anime abridge?
  21. westcoast road trip to gencon? 2 empty seats to fill
  22. People say CCGs are a mixture of chess and poker...
  23. Custom Playmat Cry For Help!
  24. Presidential card sets?
  25. The Fighting Games You Play and UFS
  26. Bleach TCG cards
  27. Any former or current yugioh players that switched to playing UFS here?
  28. What is your Favourite Anime and Manga?
  29. What is your Favorite Light Novels?
  30. Do you like to read Manga?