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06-19-2010, 06:58 PM
I wanted to bring up the topic of limited tournament formats for discussion. My playgroup has been running weekly limited format tournaments for the last 3 months or so. Almost each and every week we have created and tested different drafting, sealed, and limited rules. Throughout the time we have had a number that were wild successes (along with the requisite number of abject failures). I wanted to post our successes here so that people can take them and run with them. We plan on continuing doing this because it really has allowed us to play the game we love and even see some cards and strategies that don't see play in the constructed game.

Here are some of our most successful formats. Some of these can be translated into a truly competitive game and others can be used for some fun changes to your fun games.

DoublePack Draft:
Character Draft - Each player is dealt 3 random characters. (Usually we use the characters from pulled from the previous week's packs, but this is not necessary) Each player selects one character that they do NOT wish to play against and removed it from the draft placing it face down in a pile in the middle. The two remaining characters are passed to the left. The next player selects one of the two and passes the final character to the left. This should leave each player with two characters to draft for. Characters may be drafted from the packs as well if the players choose to do that during that portion of the draft.

Pack Draft - Each player starts with 5 packs. They open the first 2 packs to form the double pack. They select one card from the 20 cards available and places it face down in front of them. Once each player has made their selection, all players pass their remaining pack to the right. This process continues with players selecting a single card from the pack and passing the remaining cards to the right until there remains 10 cards in each pack. When 10 cards are passed in the pack, each player takes the next unopened pack and adds it to the remaining 10 cards to renew the double pack. Players make a selection from these 20 cards and pass the pack back to their left. This process is repeated until all cards are exhausted. Once there are no new packs to be opened at 10 cards, the draft direction does still reverse and cards are selected until none remain.

Once the draft is complete, each player will have 2 characters and 50 cards with which to make a 30-card minimum deck. All rules of UFS apply fully (including resource restriction!) with the exception of when a deck is exhausted, players remove 3 cards rather than 10. (Note: It is 3 rather than 5 because, although the decks are halved in size, your handsize remains the same and drains your deck just as fast.) After the decks are complete, each round happens exactly as a normal UFS tournament. All cards not included in your deck are considered part of your sideboard and may be used according to normal tournament sideboard rules.

3-pack Shuffle-Up:
Each player is given exactly 3 packs. They open the packs and shuffle them face down sight unseen to create their deck. At the start of each game, the top card of the deck is placed where the character should be. This card is representative of the character and has a printed hand size of 6 and vitality of 20. This character has all symbols printed on it and is considered to be every character for the purpose of playing cards and abilities. The symbol chaining rule is ignored during the game and when a deck is exhausted, no cards are removed from the game (Players can still have their decks exhausted from abilities that remove cards from the game or if they play too many cards, and do not have a deck remaining). Play proceeds after this as a standard tournament with these 30 cards as the deck.

Additional Optional Rule - After each round of the tournament, a new set of 3 packs is given to each player.

3-pack Shuffle-Up EVOLUTION:
The rules of the tournament are followed as listed above (Do not use the optional rule). After each round the winner looks at the loser's deck and selects 5 cards to add to his/her own deck. The loser examines the winner's deck and selects 2 cards to add to his/her own deck. Once this is complete the winner selects 3 cards from his/her own deck to give to the loser to maintain 30 cards in each deck. These new 30 card decks are taken to the next round to compete.

Semi-Limited Format: (more fun style)
Players are given 5 packs before the tournament. From those 5 packs they must use a minimum of 30 cards to create a 60 card deck making up the rest with their own collections. Due to the fact that players are making their decks at home, there must be a bit of an honor system in this tournament style. The only special rule besides this is that there can be only one of each card in a deck. If you get a great card in your packs, you may not use another copy from your collection. Players bring their decks to compete at the tournament. No sideboards.

There may be more to come. We still have a fair number of packs left. Anyone else have any ideas?

06-23-2010, 04:38 PM
No one is interested in drafting UFS? I'm shocked. We have had huge success with this. We've had bigger tournaments drafting while the game was in hiatus that during the last year. Players that had not come by because they would simply get spanked by the latest jank have shown up and had a grand old time.

Has no one else done anything like this?

06-23-2010, 05:10 PM
Each time we've drafted UFS, it has been an exercise in tediousness. So no, I'm personally not interested.

06-23-2010, 05:35 PM
I can see that. A number of people at our store were concerned with that, but with the formats above, we have had some really rollicking games. I promise it won't be what you expect.

06-23-2010, 05:52 PM
Drafting in UFS is hard to do. The best option really is to just do a block draft to keep the symbols together.

Nubian God
06-24-2010, 06:55 PM
We've had some moderate success in drafting. It was a great way to burn through the extensive backlog of rotated sets that the shop owner kept insisting on ordering (and charging full price for, to boot =S) and it introduced some older cards to my newer players while making some of the veterans learn to utilize some lesser known cards.

To counter some of the crappy pulls, I've dug through my older cards and randomly compiled some decently stat'd attacks and foundations, and randomly gave 5 of each to each participant. It tended to smooth some things out, overall.