View Full Version : Decks of UK Legacy nationals 2014

04-13-2014, 04:43 PM
Hi everybody, we had a respectable attendance of 23 players for this years legacy nationals. Here's a list of who played what.

Decks for legacy nationals

Paul Wadsworth - maxima*
Phil Harris - nightmare***
Alan witherden - Clark*
Nathan squire - mature*
Ricky gopaul - m.bison*
Liam millard - karin**
Luke Duncan - ken**
Rio gopaul - king* (m)
Zander ford - vega**
Daniel squire - nehtali**
Dan Austin - joe hill*
Dave Hancock - joe hill*
Justin Parker - nehtali**
Michael mcewan - Lilith*
Ben Davis - seong mina***
Nathan dodsworth - hugo*
Michael hardiman - rose***
Jonathan Daniels - adon****
Jay lee Purcell - felicia****
Ley shade - morrigan*
Roo - demitri*
Jordan sawicz - Chester*
Richard Bassindale - vespera*

A very open field with only 2 points of diversity in joe hill and nehtali. Their were some amazing builds that I'll be putting lists up for hopefully tomorrow, suffice to say I think some will surprise you :D