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04-16-2014, 03:29 PM
My long and adventurous weekend started on Friday morning, I was meeting up with Ricky and Rio at the train station at about 10 am so I left at about 9.15 am and got there about 9.50 and they were already there waiting for and from there we headed to London which was nice and easy, when we got to London we then got the underground to London Victoria where the coach station was and when we arrived we checked to see what time coach was leaving, as we arrived rather early we had something to eat and then waited for out coach to arrive after 30 mins our coach began its long journey Sheffield after a few hiccups we got to Sheffield at about 6 pm. We then got a taxi to the hotel and from there rested fro a few minutes then headed round to Patriot Games were some of the guys were playing/chatting. We headed back at about 8.30 as we were tired from the long day.

The next morning I met Ricky and Rio in the reception and we then got breakfast and then headed to Patriot for game of Resident Evil the deck building game with a full mansion I was hoping to beat my record of 298 but I managed 249 which is still impressive but not enough soon after we finished Mike(Doji Mike) arrived and we then waited for Baz to finish work and we then went to Pizza hut for dinner which despite our friendly rivalry (Sheffield and Colchester) it was a really nice evening many discussions were had about Bacon Garlic Bread and how awesome it is, after the meal I was uncomfortably full which I was hoping to avoid lol but worth though we then went our seperate ways and prepared for the following day.

After some last minute modding I was ready to begin the UFS UK Legacy Nats 2014. I decided to play Joe Hill water using Tornado kick as well as Head Crush Loop I originally intended on using ..Dhalsim.. but he took to long to set up kill turns and Joe could set up a lot quicker.

Round 1 vs Mike Hardiman/Rose...

I had never played Mike although we had both spoke about it before the event and I thought there would no better time to than today and I was one of the toughest games I have played.

Game 1

I manage to build a some what decent which he destroyed with Start Over and then after another build turn I got a 19 dmg Tornado Kick to connect and he then destroyed my staging with another Start over but I then managed to chip the last of his vitality with 2x Head Crush.

Game 2

There was not much time left in the round I have a feeling since he had character blocks he would side into Divine Tribulations which I sided into Strife's Patronage to keep him from killing me.

As time was called I was already 1-0 up so the match went to me yay, but very tough.


Round 2 vs Paul Wadsworth/Maxima ROT

Game 1

I get a good start and he then almost empties his hand early and I then get 2 Tornado kick in hand and then go for game which works.

Game 2

He opens a lot better and I open ok but not great he then punches enough damage through for the game.

Game 3

I get a better start and go for the aggro early but I check a 4 on the kill turn which if I rolled a 5 I would have won the match but that's how luck is I guess, he then draws enough attacks to kill.


Round 3 vs Ben Davis/Seung Mina

Game 1

I heard this deck won the event last year so I knew I had to get a good foundation base down early which didnt really help against a Blazing Storm lol, I managed to gain some enough life back to get a Head Crush loop for the game.

Game 2

He gets a big advantage early with 1 Blazing Storm used twice which I could not do anything about soon after some Mina Frankensteiners finished the job.

Game 3

Same as above.


Round 4 vs Xander Ford/Vega..

Game 1

I saw this deck in the last round and new I had to beat it early, I managed to fire out 2 mid 4 for 15 dmg Tornado kicks 3rd turn for game.

Game 2

He managed to get his combo before I did he made an unblockable Tsunami Sabre which killed me.

Game 3

He managed to get part of his combo out really early so I went for it and got a mid 13 for 28 dmg Tornado Kick for the match, well played Xander good games.


Round 5 vs Jay Lee Purcell/....Felicia....

Game 1

I had seen this deck on the Friday evening it could through out turn 1 righteousness into a Feline Spike, I managed to stop him from gaining momentum with Tag Along long enough to Head Crush loop for game.

Game 2

All I remember from this is that he goes Righteousness + Righteousness + Feline Spike / multiple 2 to which I die a horrible death.

Game 3

I got Big Dreams and the Don's Right Hand Man out nice and early so i just need to keep enough high blocks in my hand as he could throw out a Feline Spike at any time, he through out 1 with full multiple and I managed to block the lot so he responded with ANOTHER ONE, luckily I had schoolgirl Innocence out to keep me from dying, I then drew the Tornado Kick and then 2 mid 4 for 15 dmg attacks later I won the game and the match.


So overall I would have liked to have done better but I am glad that Ricky and Rio made to the top 4 unfortunately they had to play for the right to get to the final.

After all was said and done we all said our goodbyes until October and then Myself, Ricky and Rio headed back to the hotel were talked about new future deck ideas once we got Megaman in Colchester.

The next morning we headed back at about 10.30 am to get our coach back to Colchester we got back at about 5 pm.


Seeing all the regular Sheffield UFS players
Bacon Garlic Bread
Ricky and Rio doing really well
The coach journey back to Colchester


Going 3-2
Not beating my Resident Evil record
The coach journey to Sheffield taking 2 hrs longer than expected

Ill see you guys in October for Standard Nationals..