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04-17-2014, 10:21 AM
Hi Everybody.

Normally I'm the guy behind the Judges hat at all the national events in the UK so I don't often get chance to play in the big leagues but with a little help behind the scenes I was able to play on the day as well as judge the event. I had other scouts on hand to help with rules lawyering in my games but luckily nothing ever came up :)

I'd built many decks leading up to legacy nats for local players to bounce off of including an infinite loop Victor which had to be dismantled to build Paul's 4 check aggro Maxima. I then switched to Reverse Waterfall Raiden which went well until Ben needed to lend my Shooting Capoiera and Aquakinesis.
I managed to acquire a set of The King Of Fighters a few days before nationals and figured I might try something with them but it wasn't until I went out for a meal with Dan, Ricky and Mike the night before the event that the deck idea came together over a plate of bacon garlic bread. truly the 3 finest words in the english language :D

So I went home and proceeded to build my deck that night. Unfortunately the problem with building a deck the night before an event is your bound to miss a few cards that would have saved your arse on the day.

The key to the deck was generating momentum through the devil of daybreak and the next level while you stay alive with defensive tricks until can set up a multiple p.touch with the king of fighters.

Round 1 (2-0)
Vs Justin Parker playing Nehtali**

I'd seen this deck at last years event and so was well aware how much damage it could throw out and given my decks untested status I was a tad worried. Luckily for me his deck decided to screw his early checks on both games, despite there only being 8 2 checks in the deck he managed to roll them turn 1 both games which gave me enough time to assemble a decent amount of defense which backed by back to back Freeze Over to ensure I could block however big his attacks were.


Round 2 (2-1)
Vs Daniel Squire playing Nehtali**

YAY! another Nehtali :( this deck was based around the combo of Pirate Raid and Seeing You In Action Is A Joke to repeatedly ready Nehtali to play as many free attacks as you can draw. Any damage I take this game is entirely my own fault for introducing him to Pirate Raid.
I got lucky and managed to get enough defense out before he combo'ed out for the first time. looping P.Touch and using Stunning New Look to clear my card pool let me survive long enough to kill him on my turn.
Game 2 he hit the loop and destroyed me. simple as that.
Game 3 was similar to game 1 with me being able to survive his first barrage while generating plenty of momentum with The Devil Of Daybreak and The Next Level. His next onslaught was weathered for long enough for me to hit 6 momentum and just as I had to call time I blocked and reversed his 6th attack of the turn with P.Touch, Enhanced with 3 TKOF to give it multiple:6 (2/2/2) for the win.


Round 3 (0-2)
Rio Gopaul playing King* (tekken)

This was quite the beating. I got thrown up and down the room with next to nothing I could do about it. King with Signature Style to ready him and play many throws for free each turn is nasty. I didn't roll enough attacks on either game to assemble any kind of defense so I got squished in short order.

At this point I really wish I'd remembered to put Strange Fashion in my deck but that's the benefit of hindsight.


Round 4 (2-0)
Vs Jason Purcell playing Felicia****

I built this deck so knew just how nasty it could be. Turn 1 Righteousness into Feline Spike is not something I ever want to be on the receiving end of again, but as fate would have it he failed his 1st check both games which gave me enough of a chance to build before the heavy hitting started. He generally didn't care about having a board and for the most part breaker didn't phase him so I had to block as much as possible and go on the offensive to try and get some damage to stick. in fact in order to prevent his attacks from dealing damage I recall fully blocking all 3 parts of a Feline Spike with the same Mug Shot cleared with Ibis Menuet then recurred with Vespera as I had no other cards in hand.
Eventually I forced through a multiple:2 P.Touch in reversal to a Spike for the win.


Round 5 (1-1)
Vs Mike Hardiman playing Rose***

This was originally eventual champion Dave Hancocks deck before he decided to go ahead and play Joe Hill all the way to a championship so I knew how nasty this deck was, especially played by another former champion in Mike. I knew I had my work cut out for me and getting mullered into the floor game 1 pretty much confirmed my view that Start Over was going to be a massive hurdle for my deck to overcome. Game 1 he soundly trounced me and game 2 went long with us both not drawing enough attacks and me being able to block most of what he threw at me. eventually after another Start over (I think either the 2nd or 3rd that game) I got lucky and hit him with a power dunk as reversal to kill him just as time was called leaving us at a draw and both on the same record.


At this point we cut to the top 4 and Mike beat me into it by the narrowest of margins on the countback. I'd done very well with a deck built at the last minute with quite a few glaring flaws but I was damn proud of my effort and proud of Mike for making it in my place. Plus I knew I had not a rat in hells chance of taking down Rio or Dave so I was pretty relieved I could stop and get some trading done :D

So that was my day, I'd like to congratulate our new champion Dave Hancock for his fantastic deck and awesome flowchart presentation in leiu of a tournament report :)

I'd also like to thank the following people:

Paul for having a magnificent beard and for coming up with one of the coolest decks I've ever seen.

Justin Parker for killing Apple with Rai Kou Ken's Enhance just as time was about to be called.

Dave for demonstrating the full Dramatic Monologue loop by playing 19 Shield Bash's in a row.

Ley Shade for proving that Morrigan*** makes a mockery of Nehtali** by letting you hit them back for free.

Jim for letting us use Patriot Games for another great event and everyone who travelled from around the country to come to my little old tournament :)

See you all again soon good sirs