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01-06-2015, 10:11 AM
Hello everyone,

I've been working in the UFS world for quite a while now with a hand on the Poughkeepsie, NY banner. I've been meaning to put up tournament reports in the past, but never quite got to it. Would have done this sooner, but the forum died a few days after this tournament. But enough Jibber Jabber! On to the good stuff!

Team Honey Badger: Myself (Jared Bohizic), Marie Greco, Sabino Cuomo

Air Reese: Piloted by me

1x Reese

3x Playboy
2x Pulled to Majigen
4x Last Ditch Gamble
4x Hand of a Tyrant
4x Perfect Accuracy
4x Flawed Energy Core
2x Fearless
4x A Girl Like Any Other
4x Forgotten
3x Made For Speed

2x Ryo's Motorcycle

3x Templar
3x When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain...

3x Chivalry
4x Gauntlet Flurry
3x Ko-Ou Ken
4x valiant Assault
3x Sovereign's Glory


1x Templar
2x Nailed It!!
2x Lion Stance
3x Scorned Beauty

Water Vespera: Marie

1x Vespera

2x Giant
3x Where the Seas Meet
3x Granted a body
4x Red Handed
2x Man Hunt
3x Left for Dead
3x Celestial Being
2x Kitties
4x Mourning
4x Into the Sunset
3x Rebirth
3x Alluring Temptress

3x Kalahntra
3x Moon

3x Mug Shot
3x Cascading Fear
3x Cut Slam
3x Rolling Cutter
3x Kersplat!
3x Grasping Widow

Vincent Grey: Sabino

1x Vincenzo

4x Directing an Empire
2x Silence
3x Sweethearts
2x Kitties
4x Orders from Heidern
3x Getting a ride
2x Agent Team
4x Inner Struggle
4x Nievete
4x Into the Sunset
4x Sole Purpose
4x Instability

3x Nailed It!!
2x Military Uniform
2x Showdown

3x Spinning necro
4x Psychic Upper
4x Power Wave
4x Head Crush
3x Hyper Bomb

I can't attest for the other players matches, but here's the Reese writeup with round records at the end.

Round 1 VS PoTown Throw Down! Featuring Tim Keefe (Death Morrigan), Richard Goetchius (All Takuma), and Sir Slappy (Void Huitzil)
Of Course, facing a team that had my two former teammates from Nats last year in the first round.

I'm Paired off against Slappy with the Huitzil Madness, Marie with Tim, and Sabino with Rich

Game 1:
I believe I went second on this one, and Huitzil just went off like a bomb. I simply couldn't defend myself well enough for the sheer damage output this guy had, and Slappy played it excellently Turn 2 when I had one card in hand. After turn 3 I was overwhelmed and killed outright. At this point, I wondered if this guy should get banned.

Game 2:
Going first, I had a great build with decent defenses and pulled ahead after he couldn't draw the attacks he needed to shred my face. Eventually, Reese did his thing and took out the robot.

Game 3:
Unfortunately a little more of the same for Slappy without drawing any orange cards. I walled up and went for the throat.

Side Note: I'm on the fence with Huitzil. Every build of his is viable, and the damage output is pretty ridiculous at times, but he seems to get more unlucky than anything else. He'll truck through you one game, then get lost wonder what he was doing later on.

Marie Loses with Vespera, and Sabino draws with Vincenzo Grey. 0-0-1

Round 2 vs New Jersey (forget the name, and player names. Sorry guys). Me vs. Evil Ash* (Stacking others), Marie vs. Bare Bones Protoman, Sabino vs. Jack Lambourne

Game 1: I start to go wild with Reese, and the unfortunately get smacked with a Final Betrayal Screwing Everything up. I try to power through and end up falling on my face, ripe for the murderous rampage of an Evil deck smelling the opportunity.

Game 2 and 3: I learned my lesson, and began baiting the betrayal and powering through it all. Game 3 was more tense with time running out, squeeking out the win with, I believe, a pair of sovereign's Glory's with a few lucky checks at the end with just enough to pass them.

Marie Draws, Sabino Loses, 0-0-2.....

Match 3: Buy :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Team Honey badger now 1-0-2

Match 4 VS. Lil' 'Chester Featuring Matt Hughes (Void Lilith), Jesse Cervini (Fire Huitzil), and Giggles (something)
Me vs. Matt (his pick), Sabino vs. Jesse, Marie vs. Giggles

Game 1: Just about any Void deck is a tough matchup with Reese, but luckily I have a ton of experience in dealing with almost this exact deck locally, and void decks in general. The void Lilith build is pretty sweet with the block bait for Segaki Offering in high demand with Piercing Howl and Merry Turn leading off.
I forget the details of Game 1, but I walked out battered but victorious. Game 2 was the real pain.
Game 2: I believe he side boarded in Caught Red Handed, and things got real interesting. Matt went a little crazy and went for my throat, and it would have worked if it wasn't for one little mistake in the wording of Swift and Nimble he didn't realize, leaving me at 1 Vitality. This was literally my only chance to take him out. Drawing an all new hand, I had no Moons, Valiant Assaults, or Sovereign's Glory's. All I had was a few punches and a board to commit to draw cards. Matt had himself I believe 1 block and a Revoke to stop my card draw from V. Assault. Jokes on him, I don't think I saw one all of game 2 outside of my discard pile. I lucked my way through to a victory. Better than nothing.

Sabino Wins, Marie Loss. Record: 2-0-2
Reese final Swiss Record: 4-0-0

Top 4 match: Amsterdam Crew

Me vs. Good Kim, Sabino vs. Life Mai, Marie vs. Evil Iori

Game 1: All the coffee of that day must have hit me before I started the match, and the Coffee Bean Sleeves didn't help either. But the only real thing I remember as far as the first game was that I got too paranoid about opening up one of his foundations to block Sovereign's from Ko-Ou Ken, so I skipped opening up Flawed Energy Core for the extra damage boost which turns out, would have killed him. I left him at 1 Vitality and proceeded to die.
Game 2: I sideboard in Nailed It!! and hope to keep myself afloat with all the speed reduction and card draw. Unfortunately, I couldn't break through and left myself open for the backswing. Nailed It!! was on the board, butA moon would have helped too, but I didn't get what I needed to survive. He finished me off game 2, slaying the undefeated rampage of Reese for the day.
If I hadn't gotten a little self conscious Game 1, I think I could have managed to kill him off in Game 3, but alas, crap happens.

Marie Loses to Iori, and we are out of the running but an excellent day nonetheless.

Thoughts on Reese:
The Air build is very stable. VERY stable. The Minimal 4 Checks because of Girlie Girl and Forgotten doing more than enough to deal with most anything that comes your way and making Muay Thai an afterthought. The only other 4 check card I would think of is Unknown Motives, but stability is key and it is MAYBE sideboard material.
Pulled to Majigen is quite a dangerous card. It's synergy with Reese support is pretty good. Look at the top card, Commit Playboy and ditch a card, draw that card. Chivalry 4+ to ready playboy. Or keep the opponent guessing to what it and my plans are. It's quite versatile. I would run more if it wasn't for the major non block situation I already have.
I thought this deck would have had more issues with Caught red handed, but it doesn't really. I'll either get you to use it on Templar, P. Acc it away, or just deal with it. I have other ways to get what I need done. Reese afraid of much since he can work around pretty much everything. There's plenty of ways to deal with someone's shenanigans, and failing that, just get a little lucky.
There's plenty more, but I've said enough.

Thanks for reading everyone and especially thanks to everyone who showed up! It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the next event!!!

01-06-2015, 07:31 PM
Have you seen RockStar's take on Reese, with a fairly similar foundation base in Air but using All chains on offense with Kuuga and Shoryu Dan? Seemed like an interesting idea to give the deck a slightly different angle, and keeping the awesome Flawed Energy Core / Playboy combos flowing

Thanks for posting, I'm almost embarrassed by how much I've missed having random UFS :):):):) to read