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01-18-2015, 04:18 PM
Despite getting a late start due to the troopers on the Thruway, we had 22 players come out for this event. The venue was Professor Bond's Emporium in Amsterdam, NY. Here are the Swiss results:

Aaron Lindo: Hutzil
Ryan Field: **Paul Bittner**
Kevin Broberg: Syrithe
Mason Schmidt: *Mai*
Tim Keefe: Morrigan
Matt Hughes: Athena
Brett Blaze *Iori*
Jared Bohizic: Reese
Jim Rufilson: Goro
Sabino Cuomo: Vincent Grey
Jeffrey Khan: Sasquatch
Jerry Alkinburgh: *Mature*
Christine O'Brien: **Mature**
Richard Goetschius: Huitzil
Sean O'Brien: Raiden
Nick Ganzer: Elisabeth
Jack Hale: Athena
Eric Andrzejewski: King
Kelly Hornick: Elecman
Justin Riddle: Ralf
Marie Greco: Iceman
Keith Baker: Reese

Top 8:
Aaron Lindo (2) vs. Jared Bohizic (?)
Ryan Field (2) vs. Brett Blaze (?)
Kevin Broberg (2) vs. Matt Hughes (1)
Mason Schmidt (?) vs. Tim Keefe (2)

Top 4:
Aaron Lindo (2) vs. Tim Keefe (1)
Kevin Broberg (2) vs. Ryan Field (0)

Final Round:
Aaron Lindo (2) vs. Kevin Broberg (0)

Thoughts from the sponsor:
No Phil Birch. Two players reported did not play Phil Birch because they thought Sean or Kevin would be running him.

Huitzil is very strong. Based on what I saw the deck did not run a lot of power rares or champion cards.

The angels are still very playable. This deck spends it's time negating their opponent's games. The Angels are at the mercy of their top deck. However, you can never sit back and get comfortable against them. Crime Fighter makes them very difficult to beat.

Paul Bittner. Ryan Field has had a ton of success with All decks (Reese, Shen, and Phil Birch). It's a mix-up for him to play the nut draw YOLO strats all character. At first glance, this character seems to be the the most unfair. Trinity Geyser is great for this character.

Athena. Athena can rip apart your hand being able to resolve the ability on the Silent Assassin twice in a single turn. She also has harnessing chaos to make sure her moves hit. Psycho Medley 13 hits like a Mack truck when executed. Athena needs to make sure to always protect her life total with it being so low. You always feel behind against Athena because of her ability to build foundations.

Deck lists to follow.

01-19-2015, 09:18 AM
I managed to cut the giant in game 2 of the top 8. But I'm officially on the ban wagon for this guy. I'll go into the details of my two matches with the Earth Huitzil in a TR I'll post, but I don't think I've been so infuriated over a card since Kaplow. I thought Iori and K' were brutal and I defended against the K' ban, but this character is just ridiculous. But more on that later.

01-19-2015, 10:08 AM
Points update! Not quite sorted out on the makeup of the Amsterdam teams from Beacon, please help me fill in if you know.

11 points

Ryan Field (4-4-3)
Kevin Broberg (3-4-4)

7 points

Aaron Lindo (2-0-5)

6 points

Shane Duckworth (5-1-0)
Christine O'Brien (1-4-1)
Sean O'Brien (3-2-1)

5 points

Tim Keefe (1-1-3)
Mason Schmidt (0-3-2)
Brett Blaze (0-3-2)
Jared Bohizic (1-2-2)

4 points

Matt Hughes (0-2-2)
Rich Goetschius (2-1-1)
Brett/Mason's Teammate (0-3-1)

3 points

Adam Sontag (2-1-0)
Jack Hale (1-1-1)
Nick Ganzer (1-1-1)
Marie Greco (0-2-1)
Sabino Cuomo (0-2-1)
Jeffrey Kahn (0-2-1)

2 points

Jesse Cervini (0-2-0)
Jordan Markle (2-0-0)
Kelly Hornick (1-0-1)
Keith Baker (0-1-1)
Keith's Teammates (0-1-1) x2
Slappy (1-1-0)

Anyone who has appeared at only one event (and not made cut) - 1 point

01-19-2015, 10:51 AM
Thank you for the results - how many Empire Circuit area players are heading to Vegas this year?

01-19-2015, 05:52 PM
From Rochester it will be Kevin Broberg, Jeffrey Kahn, Ryan Field, Christine O'Brien, and Sean O'Brien. Don't know about the other stores.

01-19-2015, 06:34 PM
Here is the more important question:

Will you be sporting wicked t-shirts again?

01-20-2015, 11:34 AM
Hell yeah