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01-19-2015, 02:02 PM
Sorry ahead of time for the Huitzil rage I'm going to drop in this, but I really hate this character. Anyway, onward to the report!!!

1x Reese

3x Playboy
2x Pulled to Majigen
4x Last Ditch Gamble
4x Hand of a Tyrant
4x Perfect Accuracy
4x Flawed Energy Core
2x Fearless
4x A Girl Like Any Other
4x Forgotten
3x Made For Speed

2x Lion Stance

3x Templar
3x When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain...

3x Chivalry
4x Gauntlet Flurry
3x Ko-Ou Ken
4x valiant Assault
3x Sovereign's Glory


2x Nailed It!!
3x Kuuga
3x Scorned Beauty

There were a few modifications to the deck, like the drop of Ryo's Motorcycle and bringing up Lion Stance to the main, dropping the fourth Templar altogether and bringing 3x Kuuga into the board.

First Match: vs. All Reese

Out of the gate I pull the mirror match, but better to get it out of the way I suppose. The All Reese is pretty good and draws a lot of cards, but I feel it's turn 2-3 kill potential is a little lacking due to the unstable amount of 4 checks it requires. But turn 4+, it can do quite well. Anyway, I win the roll off and go first.

Game 1: I pull four foundations in the first hand and get them all out. Pretty much all defensive foundations plus Playboy. He builds up a few foundations, then my turn 2 grip was loaded with attacks with Draw and Ready power. Reese decided to check perfectly across the board and lead into the Sovereigns kill at the end. A good strong start.

Game 2: This was the proper match where luck didn't take over and we both get boards established. Around turn 3 or 4 he starts his shenanigans. Danken is a pretty decent card in Reese since just about nobody would block the 2 damage, especially with Hand Of A Tyrant speed boosts. Draw 2 off of that, then draw another 2 off Valiant Assault. He certainly jumps ahead in the race for cards. I make some choice blocks and survive the constant attacks. Unfortunately he went for a final attack and failed the check. My backswing was pretty ruthless with double Sovereigns Glory to end the game.

Second Match: vs. Earth Huitzil

This match was all a Blur because of the rage I experienced, and my back end is still sore from the Robot bending me over.

And just as a side note, Iím the guy that assembled this deck since Aaron didnít have all the cards to put it together so I literally know this whole deck inside and out.

Game 1: I win the roll off and go first. I get a few foundations out that Reese really likes to have. Huitzil plays two foundations (Prototype and Champion of Muay Thai) and fails a cheap attack just because why not throw a turn one Lunar Catapult? Luckily it fails. Turn 2Ö.. I get no attacks. No Moon. No Templar. Just high and mid block foundations. My only luck to survive was the Lion Stance, and I play my no block foundations. His turn 2Ö.. Spinning Necro Driver. There goes that plan. He roughs me up something good and pops me into desperation. I live!!!!! And he still only has two foundations. Turn 3 I attack a little, but bad checks, no moon, and no valiant assault made my attack string a feeble attempt at doing something. His Turn three, he rips me in half and gets damage out the wazoo and doesnít even pop Prototype to finish me off. I REPEAT! HE DIDNíT EVEN USE HIS LOADED PROTOTYPE ON TURN 3 TO KILL ME! It was there to pass a check and thatís all it did.

Game 2: I go first. I died somewhere. More of the same crap. Screw this character.

Third Match: vs. Good Sasquatch

Thank god I get paired against Giggles. After seeing red from dealing with Huitzil, I needed fun times.

Game 1: The good Sasquatch is really dangerous. Blizzard sword, Leona Blade, Zing, murder machine is just crazy, but rough to pull off. My head still hurt from laughing at all the starfish jokes (take a wild guess), but I believe I win the roll off and go first. I had one hell of a Build on Turn one and cut him down on turn 2. He responds with the brutal Blizzard Blades combo and cuts me down really quick, but I manage to finish him off in the next turn or two. Iím probably missing a thing or two of detail in here, but eh, on to:

Game 2: Giggles goes HAM on turn 2 with Blizzard Blades ripping up two momentum and building a little more. I build up the air wall with Lion Stance and Forgotten to prep for the coming storm if he manages to bring it. He does and Iím in a bit of trouble. He leads off with a Blizzard Sword which I pull off the full block, then Lion Stance the multiple for nothing. Leona Blade comes in hot and I keep the speed at 3 hoping for the full block with Templar. Check a 3 and take the whole 9 to Reeseís pretty face bringing me to 9. Giggles smells blood and goes for it with Super Mega Buster, Checks the 2, has to commit out, and pitches the momentum for lethal damage. Incoming Templar number 2!!!! Check the 5, commit Reese and my back end is saved. I draw up double Sovereigns and end the Match.

If it wasnít for bad luck checks on Giggles part, I was totally boned on the second game. I would have made the same call he did on the SMB since it was still lethal and a Templar was lost.

Fourth Match: vs. Evil 7HS Mature

This deck is brutal. Evil defenses and hardcore attacks are a beautiful mix in this lady. I learned at Worlds that you do not leave her in a range that she can cut herself in desperation. You have two choices: Kill her in one go, or let her cut herself down to an easily killable range and finish her off. But Iím not patient and opt for the former.

Game 1: There isnít much detail here unfortunately. Reese decided to not screw around and shred everything in his path in only a few minutes. ButÖ..

Game 2: Christine decides to make it tough for me and blocks damn near everything I throw at her when I decided to try and finish her off. Eventually I put her at 9 vitality with no cards in hand. All I have is a gauntlet flurry and foundations. Drop her to 5 and get a lucky hit off the top deck with a chivalry.

Iím a big fan of the Evil symbol and really want to try my hand at this deck. Itís too much fun!

Fifth Match: vs. Angels

It had to be Kevin!!!! I call rigged!!!
Anyway, Angels are powerhouses, but they only get silly busted when Omneil pops out, and this match is a perfect example of that, even though I lost both games.

Game 1: We both start our respective builds with myself going first. This was one of the longer more drawn out battles of the day. Kevin never manages to pull the Animate Fusion out, so I see my chance and take it. I get to a point where Sovereigns will finish the day off, but Kevin was holding back one of those delicious Revokes for a special occasion. I believe I left him at 4 vitality, tried to attack in a Hail Mary attempt to kill him and failed miserably. He shows me the double tribs and Iím a goner.
Note: I had plenty of attacks in hand, and normally I do everything in my power to get my opponent into the pickle of using most of their resources before the sovereignís comes in. But the constant check hacking had me on a timer and I was too paranoid I wouldnít get the chance to do it. Next time, keep going for the throat until they canít defend anymore. But now my knees are trembling in front of the Angels.

Game 2: I drop four foundations on Turn 1, and Kevin drops the Luck on me. He builds up, gets Allahra out, and Fusions soon enough for Omneil to simply consume my very soul.

As much as I would like to complain about the Angels, I really canít. I ultimately lost to great UFS playing and a guy that was able to see straight through Reeseís game plan, and I was too paranoid to try and power through it all.

Final record at 3-2-0 and managing to top cut in at 8th place. And my opponent in the topÖ

Top 8: vs. Earth Huitzil

Alright, enough screwing around. Iím not taking this one sitting down.

Game 1: I actually get the tools to take this guy on in this game. I defend against his onslaught of low and throw attacks, but leaves me at desperation. Around turn 4 I get the grip of attacks that Reese can easily kill anyone with, but thenÖ. A Wild Trap Shot appears! Multiple 3 all out too. So Iím sitting at Desperation staring down 4 attacks that can go from anywhere from 4 to 7 damage a piece, statistically. Iíve seen a no damage whiff maybe once in all my experience with Huitzil. I clear the card pool and double Templar to survive. But thatís my turn. He swings on his turn and kills me. This is totally a fair character.

Just for fun, hereís a visualization of game 2 and 3.

Game 2: I hold low blocks for days and he doesnít manage to get through the defenses. I threw my spear and put that damn bot in the ground. I really felt like getting up and screaming obscenities at that infuriating piece of cardboard in front of me. Childish, yeah. But the tides are turning now!!!!

Game 3: I defend enough on turn 2 to survive, but Iím at about 11 vitality Iím sitting on a possible kill after I use the Nailed It!! Form to commit Champion of Muay Thai. I toss a Ko-Ou Ken at him, he half blocks. AND A WILD TRAP SHOT APPEARS!!!!! He brings out two multiples. I double Templar to survive yet again, but Iím at 4 vitality. His turn, I block his Genocide Vulcan, but Iím caught with only low blocks when he tosses a Lunar Catapult at me. Even then, Iím committed out and he has Prototype primed up. He threw I believe 6 or 7 attacks at me in total the whole of game 3. Sure, maybe boarding in Scorned Beauty, or having a Pulled to Majigen out would have saved my skin, but the chances of me getting the cards out were very slim.

So some notes on Huitzil:
1. He never needed Prototype to kill me (although on our final game he would need to in case I had a mid block)
2. Block, Block, Block, and Block! Even if its starting damage is two, it can get out of control really fast. Especially when thereís four of them, and thereís no enhance step. It doesnít matter if you need that attack to kill him next turn, because heís going to kill you now!
3. That $0.75 card just ended my turn every time. It has to be dealt with.

So if Phil Birch is busted to give an attack 2 damage on a guess and pick any one card he wants from the discard after matching two control checks, then where does this character fall???

Anyway, that was my experience in the event. Sorry to complain so much about the character, but he does way too much for way too little in my opinion. If Rise of the Masters doesnít do something to deal with him, Iím getting every copy I can get and burning it.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

01-20-2015, 09:09 AM
I get a few foundations out that Reese really likes to have. Huitzil plays two foundations (Prototype and Champion of Muay Thai) and fails a cheap attack just because why not throw a turn one Lunar Catapult? Luckily it fails. Turn 2….. I get no attacks. No Moon. No Templar. Just high and mid block foundations.And you're mad at Huitzil, not Reese? Sounds like only one of those decks dumped on you this match 8)

01-20-2015, 09:50 AM
And you're mad at Huitzil, not Reese? Sounds like only one of those decks dumped on you this match 8)

I read the report and, although I have no problem saying Huitzil may be a little too good (free damage E's/R's tend to lead to that), you seem to be playing a deck with very little response/answer to Huitzil - Air has bad low blocks, no throw defense was selected for this deck, no keyword hate or momentum destruction was selected for this deck, etc.

Really - Reese is just a race car like Huitzil but instead of 'any three' attacks being required to be a kill turn one needs to be Valiant Assault.

In any case... Nice report, but it doesn't lend any strength to 'reasons to address Huitzil'.