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Unbridled Instinct
01-19-2015, 07:20 PM
Here's the decklist that I used. I'm open to suggestions to modify the deck in any way. The reason that I played him is that I feel that he is one of the biggest dark horses in the format right now.

Player:Bret Blaze

1x *Iori*

4x Kin 1218-Shiki-YATAGARASU
4x 203-Shiki-Tsuchi Tsubaki
3x Ura 1029-Shiki Homurahotogi
3x Chasm Buster
2x Ura 1207-Shiki Yamisogi
2x Nivose

3x Iori's Guitar

4x Revoke

4x Violent
4x Embracing His Curse
4x Vengeful Intentions
4x Where the Sea Meets
4x A Girl Like Any Other
4x Worthy Initiate
3x Irritable
2x Flames Restored
2x Unbridled Instinct
2x Final Betrayal
2x Instability

2x Team Yagami
2x Freeze Over
2x Stoic & Cynical
1x Team K'
1x Final Betrayal

Swiss rounds results
Round 1 Sasquatch/Good W(2-1)
Round 2 **Paul Bittner**/All L(2-1)
Round 3 Huitzil/Fire W(2-0)
Round 4 Morrigan/Death L(2-0)
Round 5 **Mature**/Evil W(2-1)
Top 8 **Paul Bittner**/All L(2-1)

Notes on the tournament

Huitzil- Glad that the void build didn't show, my weakest of the three flavors to deal with. Needs to win a big tournament before banning the robot out of the game.

**Paul Bittner**- I felt that I was evenly matched but poor judgement calls in game three both times cost me the match. Trinity Geyser is too easy to play in this deck.

Angels- When will rotation occur to get rid of these unholy beings.

Phil Birch- Nice to see him stay home where he belongs.

Sasquatch- Poor Giggles forgetting about my anti-commit ability along with calling wrong with Zing every time cost him the match.

01-19-2015, 08:03 PM
Nice looking deck. very similar to one I ran locally for a bit. nice to see Iori doing well.