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03-23-2015, 03:38 AM
5 Difficulty. +2 Low Block 3 control.
3 Speed low 3 damage.
All earth good
Safe. Multiple 2.
Continuous ability: Multiple Copies of this attack has no enhance step.
Continuous ability: you may discard foundations in your card pool as well as momentum to pay for this card's multiple cost.

E: if this attack's multiple copy is blocked you may turn it face up in your card pool.

Obvious synergy is obvious. It's a shame they never printed power geyser but have some of Terry's attacks including his Wild Wolf attacks.

03-23-2015, 08:48 AM
That's a pretty cool, natural continuation of Terry's theme. I've really liked the tricky choices in the "play foundations during your attack turn" support, and cards like this suggest the depth to explore for that broad mechanic. (I'm specifically thinking of playing Trinity Geyser Skullman, where he needs attack + 2 foundations + Geyser, and you need to Review Step very carefully to assemble that; as well as Tornado Kick Joe Hill where each foundation gives the Kicks +1 "speed" +2 or more damage... at the price of 1 progressive. Really tricky math)

The E ability seems like it could be removed or reworked -- the card's text is already a little on the long side, and it's unclear what that ability actually accomplishes. The foundations won't go to the staging area when you clear the pool, the same way that Champion of Southtown's foundations don't go back.

It's cool that, if they block both, you have a natural segway to Terry's ultra Trinity Geyser, but wouldn't they much more likely block the first attack (which Terry probably pumped) and then eat the two 'Flash' slaps? My first thought is to ramp up the tension (and synergy with Trinity Geyser) by making them turn face-up simply if they deal damage.

03-25-2015, 02:08 AM
So I did this late at night at work just because I had a glimpse of an idea. I didn't really get to post a description or anything but here's the idea behind it.

Yeah the text is a bit much, but I don't believe giving the multiple's an enhance step is exactly healthy. Not many multiple two attacks are allowed to get pumped on all 3 attacks. That pushes it to the "play this by itself and pump" level, rather than a "hey this is a solid attack that also threats a great combo". I think it being able to pop foundations for multiple is essential, as getting foundations to momentum and knowingly using them for this multiple would be otherwise difficult.

Foundations only drop down at end of turn if played as a form, so I figured it'd be pretty clear. A Helping Hand enhances places itself int he card pool just to trigger Miska functions, but it doesn't drop back down since it wasn't played as a form. The enhance is an enhance because I believe it is a powerful enough ability that it should have some sort of counter-play via revokes and cancels. It also allows this card to combo with Mai support which is about flipping cards face up in the card pool.

The reason for making it when opponent blocks is essentially for the reasons you said. You can't pump the small attacks, so you want to block the big one. But taking 6 free isn't cool either. After looking back at it they could maybe use enhances, If they have enhances, both Terry's can use their enhance for at least one of the multiples which is cute. If you block the Power Geyser, you probably have a card in card pool, so Terry* discards it for pump. Terry** if my understanding is correct can pump the third one because its preceded by a non attack card in the card pool. However, as a player I like to create situations where my opponent might not want to block attacks. I personally like making my opponent make tough decisions. Block this attack and risk trinity geyser set up, or take 6 free(more if they have enhance steps)? 6 free isnt the worst thing ever, however this is also 3 low attacks. Safe because Power Wave is safe, and thats cute. I guess the multiples aren't safe so that might be mis-continuation of theme and can be removed for power balancing or added to multiples for theme. But if they get flipped off dealing damage, then I'm getting bonuses for my bonuses. I personally am not a huge fan of that. I'd rather shore up my flaws and force my opponent to take risks/resource management rather than just say "Well if things go good they go great!" For example Ralf's character ability bothers me. You show a cheap block, which is a good thing. Then you get a better bonus the better the block is. It's plus for plus at the cost of revealing you can block. Flipping them if they deal damage is plus for plus. I guess you can consider the fact that they have to block them now as card advantage since if they block all 3 thats 3 cards from hand to 1, but it still kind of runs the same problem I see with the attack. You block Power Geyser, you take the middle one, you block the third one. Now your card pool is Attack, Non-descript card, Foundation or vice versa. Unless you're running Earth Terry and run unknown motives you're not fixing that card pool for a Trinity as far as my limited card knowledge goes.

Though I do understand the ramp of full on commit to push these three through is a better resource race, but the original idea I had in mind was a resource management issue of "Do I really want to block this?" It doesn't help that I don't have a ton of card knowledge so I don't know how All Earth or Good would combo with flash cards I suppose.

I just really want to see a Power Geyser foil ;_; and I love the theme of playing foundations during my attack turn.