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09-08-2010, 04:19 PM
Seriously, I'm impressed! This is a really invigorating sight that this new Nehtali card, I love the new format, more slick, more stylish, more modern. The art is gorgeous, whoever artists you got for this you better kept them, they have skills.

So yea, looking at it, it seems like Jasco is moving in the right direction, and Thanks God you guys avoided the death trap that Shadowar is. I can't say how happy I'm about that!

Now all you guys need to do, is make the game FUN. DO NOT screw game balance, make sure the set will create a healthy environment at all cost.

OH and please if you want a lot more boosters packs sold, make this game works with Limited. As a game store owner, you guys must know how interested people are for Limited. With the resource rule as it is right now, it's too cumbersome to make limited games possible.

09-16-2010, 09:07 AM
Now all you guys need to do, is make the game FUN. DO NOT screw game balance, make sure the set will create a healthy environment at all cost.

Indeed. Fun has often seemed to me an afterthought when it comes to UFS, and it's one of the things that has always kept me from investing as much as I could into the game. I'd love to see all the characters be able to compete on more or less equal turf. Give me a game that deserves my hard-earned cash, and I promise to respond appropriately.

09-16-2010, 09:25 AM
The "new" format for nehatli was a gencon promo.

I believe the card format/template is unchanged for the RH set

09-16-2010, 11:06 PM
I actually haven't had any problems with UFS limited...except convincing people to play it.

Generally speaking, UFS was always _better_ in a limited format, in that overpowered cards (of which there've been many over the years) and degenerate combos (of which there've been many more) were a non-issue in a draft format, and usually limited constructed, too.

The biggest problem is not the resource rule, but the pack size. With 10 cards, pods have to be limited to 5 people at the most (3 or 4 is better).

I've seen a lot of folks solve the resource rule issue by getting rid of it completely for draft, often getting rid of Character Only keywords as well. I'm of the opinion that this is dumb, as it completely takes away the skill and art of drafting: everyone just takes the best card in the pack, no need to ensure that the cards fit together (as with mana symbols in Magic).

The traditional solution (the one I've generally used, and the official one, the last time there was an official draft format, way back in the day) is a lax resource rule:
* Every card you play has to match a symbol with your character, but it doesn't have to match with preceding cards in the card pool.
* Any foundation can be used as your character, though it should be clearly marked (e.g., alternate sleeve), and it is considered to have a blank textbox, 6HS, 25 Vitality. (The 25 vit. is my modification, to make it weaker than the Univ. Fighter in the next rule, since the foundation generally has a flexible 3 symbols to work with.)
* You can use a Universal Fighter as your character: blank textbox, 6HS, 30 Vitality. The Universal Fighter has ONLY ONE resource symbol, picked at the beginning of the game. That means all cards in the deck have to have that one symbol to be playable (with the next rule being the exception).
* You can play any card face-down as a 3-diff, 4-control blank foundation with no resource symbols.

These worked okay for the most recent sets: in Tekken it was tough to scrape together 29 cards from 6 packs that each shared a symbol with the 30th card, but the blank foundation rule and certain assets made up for that. Nina and King were pretty powerful. But there were some sets (both Darkstalkers sets) that worked _really_ well with these rules, and actually could have functioned with the normal constructed resource rule intact.

Also note that cycling should be modified in limited play. For 40-card decks (starter + 3-pack constructed), cycling should be "Remove 5 cards from the game" instead of "Remove 10". For 30-card decks (5- or 6-pack draft or constructed), cycling should be "Remove 3 cards from the game" instead of "Remove 10".

I've found that modifying the way draft works also helps:
When you open each pack, set aside one rare (there's usually only one, but packing errors occur) in an empty wrapper. Once all packs have been drafted, treat your pile of rares as a final mini-pack and draft that. This ensures that everyone gets their pick from a chunk of potential "chase" cards--it lets them build towards specific characters, and generally everyone's happy with the results.

09-17-2010, 07:44 AM
Or play for position in a rare draft at the end.