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05-20-2015, 06:20 PM
I found some info on the events at Origins Game Fair next week(end).

PTC 6/03/15 09:00 AM ($22 entry)
1st June PTC stop of the month! Pit your talents against the best in the midwest for your chance to be a PTC Champion and win a flight voucher to UFS US Nationals or UFS Worlds at GenCon Indy!

Extended Swiss 6/04/15 08:00 AM ($24 entry)
Extended is back! Participate in the return of UFS Extended for a chance to win your very own Action card, which is completely legal for tournament and casual play! Donít miss out on your chance to be immortalized as part of UFS!

...and finals the next day 6/05/15 08:00 AM ($8 entry?)
Itís time to see who the best of the best is in the Extended Format. The Top 8 finalists from Thursday get to fight it out to be crowned Extended Champion!

Turbo Worlds 6/06/15 08:00 AM ($28 entry)
Jasco Games is proud to announce our first ever Turbo Worlds. In this premier, put your skills to the test in this double elimination, bracket style tournament for your chance to be crowned our very first Turbo Champion.

There are 4 MegaMan draft events for $26 entry
Play in the Universal Fighting Systems booster draft! Sit in draft pods of 8. Build your deck on the fly and pit it against the other pod members. Get new cards and cool swag!

These run at
6/04/15 04:00 PM
6/05/15 04:00 PM
6/06/15 04:00 PM
6/07/15 09:00 AM

All information taken from the Event Grid at http://originsgamefair.com/events/