View Full Version : 7/21/2015 - UFS Standard Tournament - Wasteland Gaming (Duluth, GA) - Summer Heat!

07-20-2015, 06:47 PM

The first two weeks of UFS at Wasteland Gaming have had a solid turn out. 8 fighters on 7/7 and 9 fighters on 7/14! How many will join us on 7/21?!? Check out the current Local Leaderboard!

1. Phil Birch - 15
2. Andy Vess - 12
3. Edwin Aragon - 9
4. Alex Vess - 9
5. Daniel Daponte - 6
6. Ain Naghepour - 6
7. Alex Marco - 6
8. Caleb Grosh - 6
9. Dave Wagoner - 3
10. Fernando Aragon - 3
11. Josh Scott - 3

Summer Promos are in!

Every player who competes in Tuesday Night UFS at Wasteland Gaming at 7:30 PM, will receive 1 Summer Heat Promo and 1 Presidential BBQ Promo at the end of the 2nd round!

In addition to prize support (Amount of Prize Support based on attendance), 1st place will have their choice of Eva or Roy.
2nd place will have the option to receive the character not selected.

All levels of experience are encouraged to attend. Whether you are a new player, casual player, or pro player you will have a great time! Iíll have some extra standard decks on me so donít be shy to come out and learn.


How can I get additional copies of Summer Heat or Presidential BBQ?
Come help us demo on Sundays at Wasteland Gaming and receive 1 Summer Heat Promo and 1 Presidential BBQ!

If you can't make it, join us next week on 7/28 and prep for Gencon!!!

Any questions?
Contact Fernando@superaragonbrothers.com