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09-15-2010, 10:26 AM
Okay, i have a question about Fury of the Ancients and it's Zi Mei E.

Fury of the Ancients // Zi Mei E reads: You may destroy foundations in addition to discarding momentum in order to pay for this card's Multiple cost.

My question is if this E allows me to fulfill 2 instances of Multiple by destroying foundations. For example, I call Zi Mei E and then call M:3 and destroy 3 foundations to pay the cost and create the m-copies. THEN, i commit 2 foundations to give it another instance of M:2. Would i then be able to destroy 2 more foundations to pay for the cost, since i already called the E that says i can do this? Or, is that E already expired?

There is precedent that says the E is already considered "played", and i cite Chunner's Hoyoku-Sen's E that discarded itself and it's m-copies if they dealt damage. As it was worded, it is in my opinion that ANY of those attacks that dealt damage should've been discarded. HOWEVER, it was ruled that once one of those attacks dealt dmg and was discarded, the other copies could NOT be discarded, because that particular E's effect was considered to have been fulfilled.

To this day, i disagree with that ruling. But, official ruling is official. <sigh!>.

So, I ask because i just posted a Zi Mei deck that i *might* take with me to US Nats, and got some truly amazing advice from this community, for which i'm thankful. But, when they collectively agreed that this particular Zi Mei E worked the way it does, and it got me excited...well, i just need some clarification, because the_last_thing i want to do is design and build a deck to work a certain way, and get to Nats, and find out from a Judge mid-match that Fury doesn't work the way it's intended in my design.

So, please please please....help a brotha out!! Thank you in advance!

~ RockStar

Nubian God
09-15-2010, 12:49 PM Effects of Enhances continue until the attack has fully resolved unless otherwise specified.

According to this, I'd say that you can destroy foundations to pay for any multiple cost you manage to place on the original Fury of the Ancients.

09-15-2010, 01:09 PM
The reason Hoyoku-Sen works differently is because it works on an "If..." statement. An Enhance that uses If... can only be satisfied and resolve once. For comparison, there are Multiple attacks that use "When..." instead of "If..." for such an effect - Cagemaster and Blind Slap Spin are two examples. These will continue to work for each copy that hits, not just the first one that hits.

With Fury, I'd say the Enhance should work for any number of instances of Multiple, since it sets up a condition that lasts through the rest of the attack's resolution.

09-15-2010, 01:33 PM
Thanks for that, man! That really helps me out BIG time!!