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11-11-2015, 11:45 PM
First, a little background about me. I played UFS for a bit when it first came out. It seemed like a cool game but I didn't like the execution back in the Sabertooth days. Cards were either unplayable or completely busted which didn't make for very many fun play experiences.

Fast forward to earlier this year; in a thread on FB about the possible relaunch of a different game I used to play, UFS was mentioned as another game of the past. A certain Joe Tonello mentioned that UFS was, in fact, still alive and kicking and had just released a set based entirely on Mega Man. I was curious so I poked around and checked out some of the new character cards. Funnily enough the deal sealer was the Snake Man character. He had one of my favorite levels from the old Mega Man III Gameboy game I played as a kid and I thought it was cool that he completely centered around throwing low attacks as a representation of his crawling Search Snake from the game. I talked to Joe a bit more and he said that the balance was a lot better than the early days with most symbols being competitive and with a lot more focus on attacking and blocking than when I had previously played. I took the plunge and got a few Mega Man tins.

I got a friend to start playing with me, but to this point we haven't had much luck getting a local group going. We hope to try again whenever the next set comes out. My friend has made a few trips to tourneys, but until this past weekend all I'd done was play the occasional game with him at the kitchen table.

When I heard about the Rochester PTC a few months ago I really wanted to go as it would give me a great excuse to go back up to Rochester where I lived for three years, but my work schedule wouldn't allow it. When I heard about the 2k coming up I made sure I could clear my schedule up for the trip, but I still had no idea what I was going to play. I had finally gotten my hands on a set of Kersplats that I wanted to play and I'd heard murmurs on the boards that Guts Man had some potential, but I hadn't seen anyone actually doing anything with him. I had a loose skeleton together already so I figured I'd just refine that a bit and take my chances. I knew Ever Hopeful was going to be a big problem for a 5 HS character, but I also felt like I wouldn't have to worry about diversity at all if I played Guts Man which was a plus.

We picked up Shane and the rest of the Hanover guys on Friday afternoon and made our way up to Rochester. I was apparently already coming down with my annual cold and had to go pick up some Robitussin and cough drops at a Wegmans after whirlyball ended. I also needed to figure out what to do with my sideboard. The only card game I'd ever played on a moderately competitive level was VS System which had no sideboard. My biggest concern was staring down an early Ever Hopeful and just taking a game loss based on my hand size. I figured I'd use the opportunity to switch into a character with a bigger hand. I was playing a life deck so it had to be a character with life. I figured I'd go with Ring Man and toss in a few more big attacks that didn't have low blocks since 9 of my attacks already featured low blocks. In retrospect I think this was a mistake.

Looking at my deck's construction and attack selection now, it primarily relied on Guts Man's First E ability to stack on damage and stun. The most similar character is probably Yellow Devil. Even a character with reusable damage/speed pump like Fire Man or Time Man probably would have been a better choice, but that's why you should test your deck before you go to a tourney. On a related note, I was never a very good Boy Scout.

Ultimately I went into the day with two goals: 1) Win at least one match and 2) Have a good time.

Here's the list I played with in case you haven't already seen it.

Guts Man

Foundations (46):
4x 8000 Degrees
3x Frightening Appearance
2x Quick and Precise
2x Dream Thief
1x Egotistical
1x Fool Me Twice
4x Summer Heat
4x Kyokugen Disciple
4x High School Crush
4x Hidden Laughter
3x Dust in the Wind
3x Caught Red Handed
2x Hatred of Autumn
2x Merciless Master
1x Alone with My Joker and You
1x Shanghai's God of War
2x Peaceful Messenger
1x Surveyor
1x Nobel Prize
1x Clever Strategist

Attacks (16):
3x Aerial Ring Boomerang
3x Heel Slash
2x Shiranui Ryu Kunochi no mai
2x Super Arm
1x Venom Shot
1x Fire Storm

Actions/Assets (8):
1x Talbain's Nunchaku
2x Sweet Baby Challenge
2x Templar
3x Revoke

Total cards: 70

1x Ring Man
1x Venom Shot
2x Haou Raiou Ken
1x Finishing Shower
1x Hatred of Autumn
1x Nobel Prize
1x Peaceful Messenger


Round 1 vs Sabino Cuomo (Ryu)

This was an interesting matchup. Because Ryu can stack his checks he doesn't need to build a big staging area to function, but against Guts man that's just asking for trouble because he'll stun you out in a hurry. I don't remember much of the first game. I hit a good mix of foundations and attacks. Kept him stunned down and won game one. Game two I mulliganed a hand with a bunch of attacks into another hand with a bunch of attacks. Luckily for me he threw a turn one Hurricane Upper to get some free momentum. I blocked with a Heel Slash, attempted a Kersplat reversal, and checked my needed 5. I whittled away a little bit more picking up another Kersplat along the way off of a Guts Man R. The final turn I threw something that he half blocked with a Lab Assistant. Threw the Kersplat which I believe he failed to block and followed with a Venom Shot for 14 and the game to win 2-0. I had achieved my first goal already.
Record: (1-0)


Round 2 vs Jeffrey Kahn (Snake Man)

As soon as I saw the name on the matchup sheet I knew what I'd be facing. Kahn is a bit famous around these parts for his continued success with Snake Man much the the chagrin of some. I learned a few lessons the hard way in game one. After a few trades I reversaled him for 7 taking him to 9 on his second attack of the turn. He got a free Snake Man E on my Reversal and played a Murakumo for the Desperation 4 that I didn't know it had. With three multiples the attacks were for 6, 7, 8, and 9 damage. I was at 20 so I would have needed to block two of the multiples to live, but could barely manage one. I felt like I might have taken the first game so I neglected to side in Ring Man. He dropped a first turn Ever Hopeful and put on Kyo's Jacket soon after. I got scooped up pretty quickly.
Record: (1-1)


Round 3 vs Andrew Force (Lord Raptor)

I wasn't flying quite so high now. I thought I might have a good chance vs Raptor and his 19 vitality though. Turns out I was wrong. With Shield Ram, Hell Dunk, and Ultimate Undead he had lots of good high blocks to combat my heavily high attack lineup. He also had Ever Hopeful and Black Justice to make my life even more difficult. He got the first game. I stubbornly stuck with Guts Man feeling that one good attack string would scoop him up. The second game was even worse. He built like a mad man and had some Ever Hopeful support. It got to the point that he was just building one or two foundations and holding 6 cards just waiting to hit a critical turn. I couldn't build a lot or I'd get run over. I got run over anyway. He reviewed a Soul Beats got a Hell Dunk activation and eventually full multipled a Hurricane upper that were all 4 speed 6~7 damage thanks to some Flawed Energy Cores. I didn't have an answer.
Record: (1-2)


Round 4 vs Alexander Kayser (Snake Man)

First round after lunch and we were both a little sluggish and playing a little sloppy. I had learned a few things from my match with Jeffrey and took game one. Game two went a long time and I was getting low on life. I was worried that I was going to lose and there wouldn't be time for a game three, but a big string finally came together. I had two attacks get hit by Sweet Nothings activations, but got a No-mai off to draw up a new hand. I started a new string and got lethal damage through. Back to even.
Record: (2-2)


Round 5 vs Jason Moore (Ryu)

Feature Match! I guess the people wanted to see Guts Man... Unfortunately, we gave them a fiasco. I'm still not sure what happened in game one. He had hit me with two attacks one of which was a Segaki. He used Ryu's form and drew a card. I looked down and saw him with no momentum, but his other attack was in the discard and there was no Segaki. Somehow it had ended up back on top of his deck and he had drawn it. We called the judge over and because we had caught it before it altered the game state he discarded the Segaki and drew a new card. Since he had no momentum where he had had two I had him draw a second card for two momentum and we continued. I was down to 10 vitality and he was about the same. He threw a Segaki and ate one of my +1 blocks. That plus a Ryu E got the attack up to 11 damage. I had a +3 High block. I needed a 9 for a full block. I had already tried two High School crushes and hit back to back 3s. I figured I was due for a foundation. Nope, a third three. With 4 ready foundations and my character I was one short and lost. I don't remember a lot about the second game. I couldn't lose so I had to play carefully. I took the game, but we only had 5 minutes left in the round. With him starting at 28 vitality and me starting at 32 there was basically no way we could finish game three. We knew a draw would leave both of us with no chance to top so we tried to rush out as many foundations as possible to see if either of us could assemble anything. He realized he had two Ferals out on the field and said "you know what? How about I just concede?" I was floored. I asked if he was sure and told him that I wasn't above a little charity and would absolutely accept if he was serious. He was. I took the win and gave him the pack that was supposed to go to the match winner. The possibility of topping was slim, but there was still a heart beat.
Record: (3-2)*


Round 6 vs Brett Blaze (Iori)

My deck decided it wanted to go off this match. I went first and built 4. He built. I built two more plus a Sweet Baby and picked up an attack. He built three or four. I had a fist full of attacks and a No-mai. I went attack, Kersplat, he blocked the Kersplat and went nuts with a Nivose. I passed on pretty much everything and he got it all the way up to 20 damage and sent it in. I had other plans that I couldn't muck up by blocking so I took it all straight to the chin and sent a third attack capped by the No-Mai to draw 8. He scooped. Game two he had a good build and had a turn where he threw 4 attacks and used a guitar to go back up to 12 or 13. I lead with a Venom Shot to stun 5 and followed it with a few more attacks that he couldn't handle. I lamented that this hadn't been the feature match so I could have actually made the most of the spotlight and waited for final standings.
Record: (4-2)


Somehow I had the tie breakers to squeak into 8th place. There were four or five of us with 4-2 records and if I remember correctly, 8th, 9th, and 10th place were separated by just a few tiebreaker points. Ninth place was my friend who drove up with me so if anyone is salty about my potential asterisk in round five just find some peace in the fact that I ended up screwing over my friend worse than you. \_(ツ)_/


Top 8

As the anchor I had the privilege of facing Kahn's Snake Man again. I felt like I had learned a lot from our previous run in. I would not reversal if it wasn't for lethal and do my best not to leave him in desperation. I won the die roll and had a great build. Between High School Crush and Summer Heat I was managing to out build him and still maintain my hand. We ended up going back and forth in a close game he multipled out a Murakamo I took the first hit believing I would be at 10 and he was at 5 when I was informed that I had missed an attack earlier and was in fact at 5. I was holding a low block and had been digging with two High School Crushes all turn for a reversal in hopes of throwing it at him if he did a big multiple. On my last High School Crush activation I hit a Super Arm. I mulled over whether to take it and try to block two 5 speed lows with +3 blocks or risk digging a few more cards to see if a reversal showed up. I eventually took the block and managed to block the last two multiples with my last two cards. I drew two attacks the next turn. He could only partial them. I was in the driver's seat. In game two I finally decided to go over to Ring Man. I hadn't done it at any point the previous day so no one would see it coming. When I turned up my new character Jeffrey was surprised. He ended up mulliganing a somewhat weak first hand that had an Ever Hopeful. He said he would have kept the hand if I hadn't changed characters and I was pleased with my choice. He started off cautious playing a 2 difficulty foundation and was rewarded when he checked a Murakamo. I applauded his caution, but was also happy to see it go as he had mulliganed one in his opening hand as well. Two turns later he checked another one and I was feeling good. There was only one left in his deck for a long time as he wouldn't be cycling any time soon. Though I had increased my number of attacks when I sided I was checking them not drawing them. I made a mistake when I dropped a Revoke on something relatively insignificant and then got hit with the last Murakamo for lethal. I had gambled that he didn't have it, but that wasn't the case. Game 3 I kind of wish I had just taken my chances and gone back to Guts Man but I thought Ring Man might be able to assemble a kill turn faster by seeing more cards. Sadly my attacks had other ideas and each time I checked an attack I wished I could just pick it up. I was taking some hits and he finally threw a full Murakamo as his second attack with a full multiple with me at 11 vitality (with my lack of familiarity I forgot to draw my card for Ring Man's R). I played a Revoke (checking the Super Arm that I would have drawn) forcing him to use his Fighting as One. I had a second Revoke though and was able to negate the multiple. After taking the 4 I was at 7. At this point I had one card in my hand. He mulled over whether to go all in. He decided he had to and threw a Jirashin for 5. I took it to go to two. He threw his last attack. Skull Barrier. I showed him the Venom Shot in my hand and conceded. I then looked at the top 5 of my deck and saw all the attacks I was waiting on. Then again if I had managed to block the Jirashin he would have had a Skull Barrier with two momentum so I probably wouldn't have been able to finish him off anyway.


I took some solace in the fact that the first game of top 8 was almost certainly the best game of UFS I've ever played. I think Guts Man has some legit moves. His ability to turn his checks into attacks is terrific as it lets him play like a 6 HS or even a 7 HS on defense. The best cards in the deck for this were absolutely Kersplat and High School Crush. With two Kersplats you can easily go Kersplat -> Kersplat -> anything -> No-Mai for a huge string that hits for 9+ stun and 31+ damage and with a momentum will reset your card pool and draw you 8 new cards. Aerial Ring is also good for backing up a poke since you can throw it second and then stack it on top knowing you will check a 3 and then just play a foundation to draw it back up. Then you can hold it as a block, a reversal or force it through to turn a 2 attack hand into a 3 attack hand. High School Crush can net you extra foundations when it clears and lets you make a ton of checks to either make your blocks easier or to get blocks/attacks off of Guts' R. The only game that felt truly unwinnable was the game where I just got walled by the Raptor deck. I should definitely have been maining/siding copies of Self Destruct! For that possibility. Additionally, whenever Spiders & Dragons comes out this is an auto include for Guts Man. I wish I had it right now.

I should put out a thanks to Joe Tonello for the heads up that the game was still going on and more balanced than when I briefly played years ago (maybe I'll see you in Nashville next month). Shane and the Hanover guys for making good traveling crew. Scott for taking up the game with me down in Baltimore, hopefully we'll get that local group going at some point. Jason Moore, I owe you one. If you need anything out of Battle for Power I'll keep an eye out and the next time we're staring down a draw you can have the W. Also huge thanks to the Rochester crew for hosting. Sean O'Brien and the RochesterCCG guys really did it up. If you're on the fence about making the trip to one of their events just go. Even if you scrub out they will hook you up with all the mid round goodies. I'll definitely try to make it out to any future events.

I guess that brings us to goal two for the weekend. Have a good time. I think I ended up accomplishing that one too.

11-12-2015, 04:56 AM
Yeah, I was the opponent in the Clusterfark Ryu match. Don't know what I was thinking...or wasn't thinking at all most likely. But I made two critical errors and because my likelyhood of topping was very low (I was 2-2 at that point), I just conceded because I felt bad thinking that the tie game would have any way resulted from my mistakes. A tie would have got neither of us in top cuts for sure, so I felt the onus was on me to concede due to the f-ups.

I was happy when I found out you made top cuts. Seeing Guts Man in play was cool. If people are salty that my forfeit may have screwed them out of a top spot, I apologize, but I thought I was making the right call. :P

11-12-2015, 11:18 AM

That being said... the Top 8 matchup against Giggles was not something my Mature deck as constructed at the time had much of a chance of winning I don't think given it's low block situation (and this pilots flawed ideas of how to go about the match) so it's better you made it in than me.

If anything I'll more direct my pile of salty butthurt at the final round matchup between Jack and Jesse. :p I think if that thing ended in a draw like it almost did we'd both have made it in.

11-12-2015, 12:03 PM
If people are salty that my forfeit may have screwed them out of a top spot, I apologize, but I thought I was making the right call. :PI was fine with it obviously ;-) more than anything I went into the detail I did because people will eventually be able to watch the video and if we ended up with no sound it might be confusing what ended up happening. If it had been a regular match I would have glossed over it a bit more.

@Scott- just looking at that picture is elevating my blood pressure...

11-12-2015, 12:58 PM
Apparently the "no sound" thing was a codec issue on the laptop; once Matt gets the videos cut, they'll be up on Youtube with audio

Good report and congrats on the performance at your first UFS major! Best of luck building a group and I hope I'll see you at another tournament soonish :)

11-12-2015, 01:45 PM
It was a pleasure tagging along to the 2K, thanks again for driving us!

I really like your Guts Man list. Congrats on Top 8, and I'm sure we will see each other again :D