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12-19-2015, 09:11 PM
Well this took a bit longer to put together than I planned, but with the holidays coming up I haven't had a ton of time. Here's a rough breakdown of my Nashville experience:

So my buddy and I played in the Rochester 2k a few months back and had fun. He pretty immediately was talking about going to the Nashville PTC. I was intrigued until I learned that it was a 10 hour drive from Baltimore and that he was planning to head down on Thursday. There was no way I was going to request more time off of work so soon. I looked at some flights but sadly it seems the days of 70 dollar Southwest trips are a thing of the past. I could get a one way flight for a hair over 100 bucks on Friday night and then hitch a ride back with him on Sunday, but that was pushing what I wanted to commit financially to the trip. A few weeks went by and my friend told me that he had locked in a hotel, I checked up on flights and it had jumped up to about 150 which was definitely not going to happen. I dug deeper and found a flight for about 100 that had a layover in Detroit and figured I'd just go for it.

I definitely learned some things at the Rochester 2k, but I wasn't crazy about playing Guts Man again. That said, I still feel like a bit of a noob so diversity looms large in my mind when I consider running some of the more established characters. I started messing around with Sevastian** off of water because some of the cool things he could pull off with his R, but the various iterations of the deck just felt like it lacked that extra gear to finish someone off. I was looking at a few other characters like Roy**, Victor, Demitri, Bomb Man, but I was really lacking in the necessary time to build and practice. Then the great un-rotation happened.

Sevastian** was back on the table in a big way with Nehtali support. Except, I don't actually have Nehtali support... I decided that it was just easier to take a deck that I knew was decent, update it a bit with new card options and things that I had learned from playing it in competition and just take my chances. I certainly wasn't worried about anyone else showing up with Guts Man.


The Build:

Actions (5)
3x Revoke
2x Luck

Assets (2)
2x Sweet Baby Challenge

Attacks (17)
1x Venom Shot
3x Splam!
2x Shiranui-Ryuu: Kunoichi-no-Mai
2x Aerial Ring Boomerang
1x Double Tap
4x Kersplat!!
2x Super Arm
2x Heel Slash

Foundations (46)
3x Hero's Training
2x Cursed Fate
3x 8000 Degrees
2x Quick And Precise
1x Fool Me Twice
1x Unwavering Resolve
1x Egotistical
4x Summer Heat
4x High School Crush
4x Caught Red Handed
3x Dust In The Wind
2x Merciless Master
2x Hidden Laughter
2x Kyokugen Disciple
2x Hatred Of Autum
1x Shanghai's God Of War
1x Patriot Stance
1x Young Mercenary
1x Thrill Of Battle
1x Alone With Joker
2x Peaceful Messenger
2x Nobel Prize
1x Surveyor

Total Cards (70)

Side Board
2x Self-Destruct
2x Scorned Beauty
1x Coltesti Fortress
1x Peaceful Messenger
1x Hatred Of Autumn
1x You Are Not Alone

I have to say that I still hate my side board. Self-Destruct is the only card that I 100% believe needs to be there. I didn't have it in Rochester and the games that I had the worst time against were 7 handers (especially with Ever Hopeful) that could just put up huge grey walls that made it tough for me to push through even with my stun. Splam and Double Tap were the big additions to the attack line up. I love using Splam to start attack strings since I can either use Guts Man's E and still have my next check like I played another attack or not use it and try to play Aerial Ring as my second attack while still needing to only check a five to pass it. Double Tap is a great one to throw as a third or fourth attack after a Kersplat to try and kill someone especially since it can create the momentum for its multiple.


Round 1 vs. Rodney Garland (Lilith)

Guts Man likes to see squishy characters without damage pump. I don't remember what exactly happened the first game it was standard throw the staging area at him. I remember in game two he picked up a Skull Barrier that he checked with Improved Design. The next turn I went in and he blocked with it and reversaled. He only had one momentum so I attacked again. He picked it up with Lilith and did the same this time using a Reactive Style to go up to two momentum. Not wanting him to nuke my next attack I burned a Nobel Prize that I probably should have used earlier, but better late than never (and also now after failing to kill him I wouldn't have to deal with it next turn). I ended up getting him down to 2 vitality. I was still in the high 20s so he couldn't kill me. The next turn I had a few more attacks and he was at 2 vitality so I just decided to make him try them all. I started with a Splam that I passed naturally. I didn't have a ton of foundations so I didn't throw the stun on it. He blocked. I followed with a Heel Slash. He blocked that two. Capped it off with a Venom Shot. He only had five foundations left after blocking the two other attacks so I added the extra stun and committed the rest of his staging area leaving him with just Lilith. With the two blocks in his card pool Venom Shot was effectively 6 speed. He didn't have anyway to block it.

Record: 1-0


Round 2 vs. Scott Dejarnette (Mature)

Well this sucked. My travel buddy and I had managed to avoid playing one another at the 2k but we would not be so lucky here. It was early in the tourney and with only 5 rounds it was too early to consider taking a draw in hopes that we could both get into top 8. We played it out. I took game one rather quickly. Game two went different. He had hit me with a Time Stopper and a Stun 4 Geyser that I failed my block check on. I some attacks, but not a full kill so I got him low. The next turn he had some more attacks. I don't remember exactly how it went except that he had a Big Blow for 20 something damage that I couldn't full block and even a partial would have killed me. We only had about 11 minutes left for game 3 so it looked like we might get the draw anyway, but I had a huge attack string come together quickly and finished him off.

Record: 2-0


Round 3 vs. Dave Wagoner (BB Hood)

I love Robot Masters so I love this deck. That said, when you have when you have 32 vitality you can absorb a random 7-8 damage attack without too much worry. It also helped that Dave's deck was not cooperating with him. I think he successfully resolved a Robot Masters enhance once in our two games, and he checked a 2 on 2-3 of his attacks. The Breaker 2 on Smile and Missle is annoying, but Breaker 2 on a Kersplat isn't all that bad. Also I'd rather Smile be used as a block than an attack. In game 2 I made a mistake where I threw a No-Mai as a third attack after a kersplat and the enhance got Revoked. My staging area was getting a bit low and I was worried if I played something before the No-Mai I might have trouble passing both if my checks went bad. As a result I came up short on the kill and had to weather another swing from him, but I did and had enough attacks to finish him off the next turn.

Record: 3-0


Round 4 vs. Danielle Tyler (Felicia)

This was really a matchup I didn't want to play. With Ss'n'Ds not being legal yet Guts Man on Life has pretty much no way to actively deal with Ever Hopeful. Felicia can abuse it the best because she can generate so much momentum and Guts Man wants to destroy his own staging area anyway so the combination of you taking your staging area apart while they do the same is a bad one. Then again, if Felicia doesn't draw Ever Hopeful you don't have to worry about it! That was how these games went. She also checked all three of her Robert Kicks in back to back turns so they only one ravaging my staging area was me. I got the 2-0 win against what I think might be my worst matchup and Danielle and I talked a bit about deck construction.

She was curious why I was playing Guts Man off of Life and what I thought of a possible Earth build. I like Life for cards like Kersplat and No-Mai which can mostly remove the concerns about progressive as you clog your cardpool for Guts Man's E. Aerial Ring is nice with Guts Man too as he can just stick it on top to check it and play it again if necessary or hold it for their turn. Obviously you also get Summer Heat and High School Crush which help Guts Man keep his hand full by drawing/filtering for attacks respectively. Really I see only one big positive for the Earth build which is playing two attacks with Guts Man's First E then using An Apple a Day to make two momentum from your cardpool to then play a Chireitou. Obviously that's a good combo, but the rest of the support doesn't fit together the way that I want to play him.

Record: 4-0


Round 5 vs. Tyler Clark (Goro)

Final round, table one, two five handers... What's not to love? I've never played a game against Goro and no one in my group is fond of the big guys so I've never even had the privilege of playing Guts Man against another 5 HS character. The only thing I really know about Goro is you don't want to block his attacks unless you can block them all. I don't have the best blocks in this deck since I normally only want/need to block one or two attacks a turn to throw a wrench into someone's plans. I quickly found that Goro's damage reduction R is just as problematic. While it says he has 35 vitality with that R it's really somewhere in the 40s. Add to that the fact that he was running Negative Stolen and I had a real mountain to climb. I managed to get him in the first game when I used a No-Mai to discard two Negative Stolen from his cardpool and go in for lethal. In game two I really wasn't able to get much traction. As he took chunks out of my vitality he managed to stay up around 25-30 vitality. I made the mistake of blocking a 7 damage Tenchi-Gaeshi with a Peaceful Messanger when I was at 10 vitality. He followed that with a Jiraishin which was exactly 10 damage thanks to the E on Gaeshi and Goro's R. I didn't have any blocks left and lost just my second game of the day. For game three I could have slow played a bit to guarantee a draw since we both had so much vitality and time was short, but that didn't feel particularly sporting. I played it out and was really getting into a whole. I wasn't seeing the cards that enabled me to keep my hand full and he was seeing his big attacks. Time ended up being called during one of his turns while he was already going in hard. I knew I wasn't getting another turn because I had gone first so really it was all about making it through the turn alive. I ended up in a weird spot where I was in single digits and I believe staring down a jirashin that was going to take me to 2-3 health. I didn't have an omni block so I was worried that if I didn't block and he followed with a throw I would lose. I weighed this against the odds that he didn't have another attack. I actually don't remember what I did, but I think I blocked with one of my +1 lows figuring that he was going to draw either way and he would need to probably hit me with two more attacks to kill me. Either way it didn't matter as he didn't have any attacks to finish me off. I took the draw and the (swiss) title.

Record: 4-0-1


Top 8 - Danielle Tyler (Felicia)

As my reward for having the first seed I got to face Danielle again. She had a way better game plan this time and had an early Ever Hopeful to back it up. I had a turn where I went in hard and I think I checked a No-Mai on the third attack. I needed to decide whether to over commit and put her into a deep hole or to fail it and still be in a rather bad position. I had 27 vitality left so I tapped out and took her to like 3. She played two attacks that took me to 15 then played a Nivose which I didn't even know was in her deck as I hadn't seen it in our previous games. I was totally tapped out and she had used Perfect Accuracy to blank my Hidden Laughter so it was just a matter of playing enough Es to load up the damage and she had that pretty easily plus it was going to end up too fast for me to block so I went down. Game two my deck was being really weird and giving me too many attacks early without the foundations necessary to force them through. She walled up and I had a decision to make. I was down to about half health and she had a ton of foundations. I had a Self-Destruct from my sideboard, but also 3 attacks. I ended up attacking and forcing her to block my last attack with a Robert Kick so she was at about 11, but I only had a single foundation left. She weighed whether to attack or not, but I guess fearing coming up short she built 4 more foundations. I had the Self-Destruct a foundation and a Heel Slash. I wasn't sure if to review the Heel Slash or not. I thought it might be nice to have one good mid block in case I needed to do some blocking so I drew two. I played the Self-Destruct and checked a Kersplat. With only one foundation and Guts Man I failed the check. She drew some attacks including a Nivose and we called it a match.


My traveling buddies and I got some great food afterward at Jack's Bar-B-Que downtown and wandered around a bit. Then hit the sack for the 10 hour drive back to Baltimore in the morning. Joe did a great job hosting the event. I would have loved to stick around to watch more of top 8, but that Felicia vs. Goro match looked like it was never going to end. Played against some cool people and got a lot of compliments on my Guts Man build which means a lot to me as I still feel like I'm trying to get a real grasp on the possibilities of deck building in UFS. Not sure the next event I'll make it to jsut because everything is a pretty serious trip from where we're centered, but there's at least a budding play group an hour up the road in Hanover so we might get a lot more practice and testing in for whenever we do make it out again. Maybe one of these days I'll make it out of the first round of tops.

12-20-2015, 10:57 AM
Congrats on your performance, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you take an event down the way you've been playing! We need to get some kind of event together soon, or maybe after Vegas

12-20-2015, 02:12 PM
Your decklist <3

Two tournaments, two tops. I was so stoked when I seen you ranked #1 after swiss. Congratulations Robert, and I'm sure we can expect more great things from you :)

Also, I am super glad to hear about UFS at Comix Universe. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get UFS going at that store, which left a bad feeling on me when I moved away. It is nice to know that my hometown card shop is starting to pick up UFS now. I must thank both you and Scott for driving up there and helping out with the UFS presence. It is a really big deal, and is one of the main reasons why the locals are quickly picking up the game. You guys are awesome!

12-20-2015, 07:22 PM
Thanks a lot guys. Definitely feeling the love. :D

Scott and I really mulled over traveling to Vegas for worlds after having a good time in Nashville, but it's just not gonna happen this year. It would be great to do something soon though. Poughkeepsie is the first PTC that's even a possibility and then after that I'm not sure what is feasible from a travel stand point until Rochester in like June.

We're even starting to get a little bit of traction with some of our locals now so if the Hanover people keep it up we might be able to get even more people involved down this way. Definitely trying to get some more decks built to give people an idea of the various game play possibilities. It'd be great to get a bit of a Mid-Atlantic scene going.

Blurd Visionary
12-21-2015, 12:59 PM
Gotta love them 5 Hander Brutes! I know I do.

Your deck looks awesome and I'm glad to hear you did well and had an awesome time.

I loved reading about the match you had with Goro, I must say that the slugfest matches seem to be the most explosive and interesting to me and at the end of the day you just gotta let the titans go at it.

It's a fighting game after all and I always appreciate it to hear about the players wh treat it as such :D

Awesome stuff man!

12-21-2015, 02:35 PM
We need to get some kind of event together soon, or maybe after Vegas

I know we all talked about this at the 2K with the weather and travel being awful up there during the early months of the year and it not being a good idea. With that said though I don't know about Robert and the PA guys but I'm certainly willing to brave the cold and come up there if you guys throw together an event.