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09-16-2010, 09:51 PM
Gnome equals Ivy. Trying to make her competitive and so far its working, at least from how she seems to work with the build I've done for her.

Need help with this one as well and suggestions. Maybe it could become better.

1 Ivy• (All/Life/Void)

4 Switching Weapon Styles (All/Life/Void) (4/4)

4 Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight (Air/Death/Life) (3/5 +3M Terrain)

4 Cross Madness (All/Life/Void) (0/3 +2H 0M3 Weapon)
4 Evil Sparrow (All/Life/Void) (3/3 +2M 3M3 Kick)
4 Howling Spirits(All/Life/Void) (3/3 +1L 3H3 Ranged)
4 Pommel Smash (All/Fire/Order] (2H1 [B] Weapon Stun: 1[/B[)
2 Raging Gnome (All/Life/Void) (3/3 +2M 3L7 Ranged)
4 Razor's Bite (All/Life/Void) (3/3 +2M 4L2 Weapon)

4 Genius Alchemist (All/Life/Void) (2/5)
4 Hunt for Jin (All/Good/Life) (1/5 +2L)
4 Know When to Talk... (Good/Life/Water) (1/5 +3L)
4 Regretful Existence (Earth/Good/Life) (2/5 +3M)
4 Researching Anywhere (All/Life/Void) (2/4)
4 Soul that Protects (All/Life/Void) (1/5 +3H)
4 Torn Hero (Earth/Good/Life) (1/5)
1 Tower of Souls (Death/Life/Void) (2/5 +3H)

Deck: 60
3 = 22
4 = 8
5 = 29
6 = 1

0 = 4
1 = 16
2 = 13
3 = 22
4 = 4
5 = 0
6 = 1

-No side-board as of yet. Can't think of one.
-"Hunt for Jin" works well with Razor Bite.
-"Evil Sparrow" means first turn hand discard to draw more stuff during the next turn, be it opponent who started or me.
-Can't get my hands on a third "Raging Gnome" yet...
"Tower of Souls" to make the deck 60 cards and random foundation to pitch back Terrains.

Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!

09-16-2010, 10:49 PM
I like the use of Tower of souls.
You should probably drop 1 of the terrains. Four is too many, and you can recur one you've checked.

Battle tested + Unrefined
Maybe Eiserne
Valentine is kinda sikk

The build looks really good though

09-16-2010, 11:31 PM
There's no reason why Drossel isn't in here. It's got a good block, good check, and two amazing abilities, both of which are more or less free. +2 speed on the 15 or so attacks you're throwing a turn is nice.

09-16-2010, 11:41 PM
I think more attacks should be used. You can easily use 35 attacks if you wanted, just because you only need like 3 foundations for their abilities. Switching Weapon Styles + Genius Alchemist + Artificial Soul = Win. Let them block the first 3-4 attacks you sent and them have them block 3-4 more.

09-17-2010, 07:54 AM
Perhaps Needs a Challenge?

NaC + Cross Madness = profit.

09-17-2010, 08:46 AM
Wow, didn't expect this much in one night, hahaha.

I left four of the terrains because the use I give it are too many, and the sooner it comes out the better. Being able to ready a foundation works to my advantage too much be it for "Hunt for Jin," Ivy's Response, "Researching Anywhere" and even "Genius Alchemist" if I didn't get to draw "Switching Weapon Styles".

Tried using "Valentine" but since I wanted to try and kill as soon as possible it either came out too late or don't have enough foundations to abuse it. I actually might put it in for a Terrain now that I think about it, I'm just not sure if I left them... ^^;

"Eiserne Drossel" I used to use it but it didn't help at all. Most of the time I have no problem pushing damage through since my opponent usually runs out of blocks too fast.

"Battle Tested" and Unrefined is not a bad idea. The problem would be the amount of foundations I'd need in play to make it work. Knowing how many decks right now go for the win turn 2 to turn 3 makes "Unrefined" + "Battle tested" too slow for me. It might actually work with the Terrain but that's three pieces out on the Staging Area I'd need. I'd actually try it out though don't get me wrong; only problem is I don't have any of the two and the friend which used to play with us started studying somewhere else so I'd need to wait a few weeks to meet up with him to get them. ^^;

I actually used to use more attacks. Problem is when I did either I got a hand full of attacks or had no alternative kill because I didn't draw "Genius Alchemist" or "Switching Weapon Styles". Going too look by All if there are better attacks out there and try to increase it. But as I mentioned before liek with "Battle tested" I don't have a lot of cards from "Quest of Souls" since most of them were traded... a weird trade I did with another friend from the same group which I asked for a bunch of cards and in return I'd give him a Booster Box.

Heeeeey, "Needs a Challenge" its actually very very good for Cross Madness. When I get my hands on it I'm definitely putting it in.

(Time to make a list of all the things I need to get...)