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04-12-2016, 02:30 AM
Going into the Vegas PTC I was pretty much locked into playing a combo-Athena deck. I enjoy doing incredibly degenerate things so drawing 3/4s of my deck (Superior Technique/Deforester) and having a Dark Ritual (Tama Yose) in my deck seemed SWEET. The only issue was that I was missing about 1/10th of the cards I needed for the deck. RochesterCCG.com (your one stop shop for all your UFS needs!) miraculously restocked literally everything I needed a week before the event, but USPS maintained their reputation of being colossal screw-ups and I was left without a deck the friday night before the event.

Plan B: If I don't get to have any fun then nobody gets to have any fun. One 3am (my time) conversation with a delirious Kevin Broberg and I had settled on the following list.

3rd Place - Brett Hillmann
Demitri (Life)

(1) Character
1 Demitri

(6) Actions
3 Templar
2 Revoke
1 Aura of Protection

(3) Assets
2 Sweet Baby Challenge
1 Super Hero Know-How

(18) Attacks
4 Darkside Master
4 Spinning Necro Driver
3 Negative Stolen
3 Death Valley Face Plant

(42) Foundations
4 8000 Degrees
4 Caught Red Handed
4 Dust in the Wind
4 Summer Heat
3 Shopaholic
2 Cursed Fate
2 Continuous Research
2 Fool Me Twice
2 Hatred of Autumn
2 High School Crush
2 Merciless Master
2 Scorned Beauty
2 Weight of Memory
2 Surveyor
2 The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
2 Arachnophobia
1 Patriot Stance

(70) total

(8) Sideboard
1 Revoke
1 Aura of Protection
1 Templar
1 Super Hero Know-How
1 Scorned Beauty
1 Weight of Memory
1 The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
1 Arachnophobia

Let me preface the rest of this report by saying that over the course of the tournament I became incredibly dissatisfied with this EXACT list. It's a bit too clunky at 70, the Arachnophobia+Merciless Master combo is garbage, and it's missing about 3 extra low blocks while having about 4 too many non-blocks in the main. Still, with the rest of the deck essentially being bonkers powerful and Demitri being sheer misery for about 80% of the field I knew I had a good shot of going deep.

Round 1 vs. Jamie Collymore with Void Metal Man. (1-1 Draw)

I don't take exacting notes during tournaments so I'll try to offer my impressions about a matchup. Metal Man, with his 29 vitality and capacity to relentlessly go after your life total should you not have the right mix of blocks, was quite a mountain to climb. Demitri form priorities went towards Curiosity, Deforester, Land of Makai, and Perfect Accuracy. I took game 1 off of triple darkside into whatever because triple darkside. He killed me game 2 with one minute on the clock off recursive top spins so we took the draw. Top Spin spam is what started the niggling idea that I didn't have enough low blocks in my deck and it would prove to be my undoing. I jokingly lamented having cut Conqueror of Night and Day from my deck because that cards seems like the stone cold business against this deck.

Round 2 vs. Tim Friedlieb with Void Combo-Athena (2-0 win)

The deck I wanted to play vs. the deck I chose to play because there was a possibility I would face combo athena and I don't want to lose against it. Demitri is basically a bag of hate for this matchup, and Tim didn't seem to be on top of his game so I feel I took this set fairly handily. #1 priority for Forms was Deforester, with Hanya eating every SND I could find. Not really much to say unfortunately.

Round 3 vs. JC with Evil Vincent Grey (2-0 win)

Evil Vincent Grey is kind of an old-faithful for me. I've played AS it and AGAINST it a bunch so I know all its tricks. Once you go past approximately turn 4, Vincent Grey's react becomes essentially irrelevant. When you prioritize Powerful Assassin->Inner Struggle->S Class Hunter you get all the time in the world to set up before eating all their Ophidiphobias and taking them down. This was actually the matchup where Powerful Assassin shot to the top of my hate list. As my first form in the matchup I chose to flip an Inner Struggle over a Powerful Assassin. In response JC promptly attacked me, picked up his Inner Struggle, and put it back down again (whoops). Feeling pretty stupid, I slowly ground his board into nothingness before Double Darkside->Kersplatt->Necro->Necro+multiple. Power Struggles for the initial Necro had me sweating a bit but 8000 degrees carried me home.

Round 4 vs Justin McBride with Air .Protoman. (2-0 win)

BadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBa dgerBadgerBadger SHIELD RAM! SHIELD RAM!

1) Shield Ram is a good card
2) Sovereign's Glory is scary when you already know that your deck is missing some low blocks
3) Sometimes you run good and the opponent doesn't have that last attack on a large string and then you draw an endless stream of Templars and Caught Red Handeds.

Justin acknowledged that this was a really bad matchup for him, knowing that I would never let him have access to his primary source of damage (Flawed Energy Core) or the pieces to make SovGlory truly terrifying. Ominous whistle also only ever gave him 1 attack on his flips, which was fortunate for me because I had extended fairly hard on a double summer heat draw and ended up with only enough defense to slow roll a SovGlory and block Concussion Blast. Every Shield Ram and Rapid Proto Buster was a lesson in judiciously using your life total. Had he drawn even 1 extra attack off his Rams or Whistles I'd have died fairly convincingly. RNJesus was kind to me and 20 was a fairly easy backswing to assemble with Revoke backup for his Proto E.

Round 5 vs. Chris Pratt with Air Lord Raptor (Win 2-1)


Another Shield Ram deck yaaaaaaaay. Only this one is MUCH weaker if you draw your caught red handeds+revokes. One game I didn't. The other 2 I did and he was basically relegated to poking at me with 4m8s and non-combo shield rams. These games really were that draw dependent centered around 3 cards (CRH for me, Perfect Accuracy/Ever Hopeful for him). CRH prevents him from going off, a PAC enhance or a snuck in EH lets him go off.

There was a really fun string where he attacked me like....4 or 5 times and I ended up taking a total of like 3 damage thanks to Templar/Negative stolen. He was pretty impressed by that...

4-0-1 Swiss Champ yay.
~Awkward photos were taken

I was kinda hoping that we would have had the turn out for 6 rounds, but with the lack of set releases the UFS hype has quieted down here a bit in Vegas. With the format, in my opinion, largely solved and unchanged since worlds (but not totally) and nothing concretely positive on the horizon the fringe players have drifted off and the hardcore are holding out for a miracle. Indines looks sweet though.

Top 8 Match vs. Daniel Schussler with Chaos Snake Man (Win 2-1)

Say what you will about Dan and his Snake Man, but you gotta give the dude credit for sticking with a deck he likes, plays well, and has success with. Grinding out game after game and acquiring more and more experience is how you learn to mise wins out of otherwise awful matchups and how to react efficiently to scenarios. I'm fairly sure the Dan is up to 90% muscle memory piloting this deck, and I really didn't want to face him in the first round.

Snake Man is one of those decks that, given the right scenario, cares very little about the cards it has in the staging area because it can just yahtzee a huge string of low attacks or power out an Amu no Murakumo with Out of Your League back up and you just die on the spot. Strength of Tail/Reactive Style were Demitri's prime targets to keep AnM contained while I pretty much sandbagged every low block I drew even at the detriment of a build or poke turn.

The game that Daniel took on me featured a very well laid out kill turn on his part. I had established a solid defense with multiple cards in hand and a Scorned Beauty in play. He led with a few small attacks to charge up his Snake Man E, then snapped off a Search Snake, which I had to Scorn or else I die. I don't remember quite what else happened but I know I died to the Search Snake somehow anyways, and he flashed me the AnM in his hand which was just extra daggers in case I somehow dealt with SS. You know the game is rough when Snake Man has no Kyo's Jacket in play but enough momentum to multiple out a SS and have momentum for the overkill AnM.

Game two I locked up perfect defense, rebought a bunch of Spiders and Dragons with Shopaholic, and Daniel never drew anything.

Game three Daniel caught me with my pants down on turn 2 with no low blocks. He actually had the capacity to kill me with a Search Snake+Multiple 1 but he misdid the math earlier in the turn and actually ended up hiding the SS in his momentum. Everything came up Millhouse from there. Necros for his Jackets, Demitri kept his Powerful Assassins and momentum generation under control, and I had blocks for whenever he tried to get in so he couldn't rebuy an attack from his momentum. Once I saw his singleton Skull Barrier in his discard I went full HAM and brought him over to the Darkside.

Semi-Finals vs Ryan McClain with Evil Alice (loss 1-2).

I don't know if ya'll know this.
But this deck is savage. In matches that “count” I'm 0-2 life time against it as goodsir McClain took me to task at Team Worlds as well.

This deck is real, and it's pretty sweet. You're trying to asssemble enough damage to climb that 29 mountain, but you can't because he's pretty much always spot on for at least 5 damage if you want to get at him. Then on defense he'll have the soul read on Templar or he'll just name the low block you're most likely to have x4 of in your deck. From there he chips you out with Choke Throw recursion, Alice Burn, and a slew of efficient low attacks. The deck rewards scouting your opponents discard, recognizing what pieces your opponent needs to function THAT TURN, and disrupting that piece. It can also just randomly Havoc Call/Psychic Upper you out of the game.

These games were so rough that the only way I won 1 game was by Fool Me Twicing a bunch of attacks to the bottom of my deck, and then face tanking everything he tossed at me and hoping he didn't have another attack. He didn't so I at least salvaged a little bit of dignity.

I lost game three when he double dropped triple Hakkeshuu of Death on turn 2 and started Choke Throwing me. Can't flip all of 'em in time with Demitri's form, drew no Spiders, drew no Caught Red Handeds, drew no low blocks for the onslaught that came 2 turns later and I quietly exited the tournament.

While I am dissapointed I didn't win the entire thing, I'm also happy that I made it as far as I did with what I consider to be a sub-par build. Ryan went on to win the entire thing, making him the the first player to win anything with Alice ever, and I pulled a Skull Barrier out of my prize support which isn't awful but I'm seriously sick of Rise of the Masters for prize support by now.


Ryan McClain for winning.
Chris Pratt for putting the fear of God into everyone with Lord Raptor.
Jamie Collymore for playing 24 attacks in a deck and getting in there.
Zackary Apperson for making everyone else miserable with Andy.
Kyle DeBray for bringing a little Rio into Vegas.
Daniel Schussler for not beating me with Skull Barrier, which he does literally everytime we test.
Justin McBride for topping with Protoman having only been playing for a few weeks!

A Gamer's Paradise for hosting us, Jasco Games for putting on a solid tournament (NO RE-PAIRS HOLYGODWAT), and Shane for being on point with his rulings.

All the California guys for coming out, especially Danny and Iari. <3 you guys.
Kevin Broberg for talking with me about Demitri friday night
Keving Broberg for giving me the idea for this report title.


The United States Postal Service for not delivering me my cards.
Me, for putting Arachnophobia and Merciless Master in this deck.
Kevin Broberg, for mentioning Arachnophobia and Merciless Master.

I'll be posting an updated deck list+Demitri primer soon!

04-12-2016, 09:11 AM
Ryan went on to win the entire thing, making him the the first player to win anything with Alice ever

Basilio would like to have a word with you

04-12-2016, 09:34 AM
Round 5 vs. Chris Pratt with Air Lord Raptor (Win 2-1)


It is such a well written report (and I honestly started reading from the bottom up). I am lucky I did because I stopped reading after I read 'this claptrap'; had I read from top down I'd have known you lost without reading further.

Hehe, I kid, I followed it all weekend. But seriously, my money was on you losing to Snake Man so you already proved me wrong. Hell, even though I was cheering for your opponent I thought you'd beat Alice too, again wrong. Then again I had no idea 'this' was your list (stopped reading at 2 Revoke and 3 Shop).

Fine, the only thing I was right about was you offering a draw in the final round ;)

04-12-2016, 10:16 AM
Thanks for the shout out, man! I <3 you, too!

05-05-2016, 03:06 PM
Thanks for the shout out as well!! It was great getting to see you and hang out even if the time was brief.