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06-27-2016, 02:26 AM
One year ago I played Elizabeth on water at my first PTC at Scott's Valley and got 8th thanks to diversity. IT was an amazing experience so I stuck with UFS and had a blast at Worlds and at Las Vegas PTC even though I didn't make top cuts. So I didn't have terribly high expectations coming into Redding PTC. I had been slowly working on Shen for about a year and had been using the earlier iterations to teach newer players how to play.

Swiss Rounds

Round 1 Daniel Schussler playing Felicia (Draw 0-0-1)
I took game 1 rather quickly by pushing my attacks past his wall as fast as I could. He made a handful of misplays in that game that made it just a bit worse for him. I was really afraid of running straight into a Nivose but it never showed up. In game 2 I side boarded against his reversals so I felt confident, but the game just took terribly long and I couldn't push anything through. By the time we finished up game 2 we had only 8 minutes left and we couldn't finish the match so it ended in a draw.

Round 2 Bryan playing Miska(Win 1-0-1)
I felt bad for my oppenent in this match. He checked more attacks than foundations in game 1 and couldn't really get anything going to try and stop Shen. Game 2 was much better.He got a build and threw attacks putting me down to 8 rather fast but in the end Magnet Missile twice pulled it out for me.

Round 3 Danielle playing Runika (Win 2-0-1)
I was dominated in game 1. I felt overwhemled on turn 2 when she sup techinqued 2 or 3 times and just wouldn't stop hitting me. I tried to fight back and get back into it and I just couldn't get back and ended up losing pretty bad. Game 2 I sided a card or two to try and slow her down. Shen decided to check perfectly and I took the game rather handily. Game 3 I tried to keep my pace from game 2 going. I put her down to 1 on one of my second to last turn and had to pray she scurvied. My prayers were answered when she only played 1 attack. On the following turn I won with Magnet Missile and What lies Ahead?.

Round 4 Alejandro playing Kim (Win 3-0-1)
Not much to say about game 1 except the luck came to my side and he lost his. He ended up failing 2 of his check on turn 1 and had to commit Kim and I swung through as hard as Shen could on turns 2 and 3. Game 2 I was not prepared for Kim things and easily outpaced me. In game 3 He had another stroke of bad luck and I pulled through with the quick game plan.

Round 5 Brandon playing Runika (Draw 3-0-2)
Brandon opened up with offering a draw, but I felt like I wanted to play more so we played a game. A 32 minute game. He won that game with a multipled Ice slasher while he had 3 battlefist. He again offered to draw and I accepted. for me it had been an exhasuting day and I new if I took the draw I was guaranteed to make top cuts so I accepted

Top 8
Round 1 Daniel Schussler playing Felicia (Win)
Well we finally get to see what happens when we play without a time limit. IN game one I opened up with turn one with Magnet Missle and Throw it Down for 8 damage which he took and followed it up with a turn two build and turn three Trinity Gyeser. the Gyser stunned what he had left after Shen things earlier and drew me 3 cards and no attacks. So I played a Valiant I had in hand. Drew no attacks. Played a summer heat and ripped a Magnet Missile off the top for the game win. Game 2 he was so much faster than me. I couldn't keep up and ended up checking poorly on my blocks. Game 3 rolls around and we had a longer game where he kept checking attacks and not being able to seal the deal. I had gotten him down to 6 and was able to push a Magnet Missile through. He and I had both counted wrong and thought he was at 5 so he "scooped" and we realized about 10 minutes later he would've been put at 1. I had 2 attacks left in deck and he had none when we checked so I guess I would've won that??? Anyways I feel bad for him still. I had a great time playing him twice this tournament.

Round 2 Tim playing Ring Man (Win)
This was the fastest match for me in top tables. I quickly pushed 27 damage through in a few turns while he (like many others) kept checking attacks. In game 2 I checked the handful of cards I had sideboarded in to try and help me secure the win. He ended up hitting me a lot harder than I expected and won rather fast. Game 3 I tried what I did game 1 but this time I had a Golden Ticket to help me swing a lot longer. The win came at a string of good checks on my last turn after committing out for a Tenshou. I really enjoyed seeing his life Ring Man in action and it was well deserving of being second place in swiss rounds.

Round 3 Brandon playing Runika (Win)
Another replay match from swiss. I was really excited to play Brandon for real this time. He had a rocking Runika All wall, but in game 1 he didn't check so well into my attacks early game and he couldn't quite slow down the rest of my deck, I ended up winning with using a Geyser again to commit his last card and drew into the winning Magnet Missile. In Game 2 Brandon had to mull his hand and still checked bad. I didn't get enough attacks to finish the game early on so I had to play the lame game. By the time he cycled I had an idea on what I could do and I rolled with it holding a gekiken for as long as I could. Somewhere along there I jumped the gun and tried to reversal a safe attack (I was winning and tired I'm sorry!) the ruling didn't affect me too badly I burned the check, foundations and the chain blade and it had to sit in card pool. Luckily he didn't have more attacks after that. I followed that up with Tenshou or Valiant ( I don't remember) and the played gekiken into him which he blocked and I recurred to play again. He blocked again and then noticed he had 3 cards in hand, 2 cards in deck and 1 card in discard pile and ended up giving me the game. This was another match I feel bad about. He just had bad luck and I had some pretty good luck.

All in all this was a much better performance than my fist time in Scott's Valley.

06-27-2016, 02:40 AM
Congrats and thank you for coming up to Redding for the weekend, it was great meeting you guys and i'm glad you had fun at Matrix cards and games.

06-27-2016, 07:10 AM
Nice report, NICE DECK, and congrats on the win!

Star Lord
06-27-2016, 07:39 AM
Grats on your win Will. I woulda liked to have played you. I guess if I wanted that to happen I shouldn't have gotten bodied by Brandon twice :p Maybe next time!

06-27-2016, 09:23 AM
Way to rock all weekend long, man! Fwiw, I'm proud of you!

06-27-2016, 12:51 PM
Congrats on the win man. I played an all Shen recently but it had neither the tuning or the cohesion that your deck has going on.

I have a couple different deck building questions for you also.

- What made you decide to include no speed hate in your main/side? Was the assumption that with 29 vit you could out aggro Felicia and Lilith decks?

- Any particular reason to pass on Kreutz and especially Merciless Matter (which seems like it would do so much work in this deck between the draw on valiant, geyser, and shen's ultra punch)?

- And finally why 3x Dragon Queen? I don't think you have any mid charge/slam attacks and it doesn't trigger Shen's R. Was it a tech choice for Demitri/Etincelles decks? Or does being able to turn on the draw E for Shen's ultra punch on a turn 1/2 build justify including 3x?

I dig running so many 2 check attacks though always fun to see.

06-27-2016, 02:03 PM
I decided to not include speed hate in my main or side on the assumption that I would not see many Lilith or Felicia decks, and yes I did bank on 29 bit being enough to last a turn it two against those decks.

I passed on Kreutz and Merciless Master because they were 2 difficulty foundations. I needed to have enough foundation spam so I could build well after an attack turn if I couldn't kill them that turn.

Dragon Queen at a three of was the right call because if I happen to get it turn 1 or 2 Tenshou E becomes active. It also is a foundation that isn't crucial to an attack turn so I could use it to pass checks without worry as well as have it be the card I stun or flip if I have to. It also serves a purpose for the lame game and as tech against recursion decks.