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02-16-2017, 06:24 PM
So this is gonna be a totally slapped together, awful write up. Its been like a week and I had no intention of doing but I'll probably still manage to ramble out a chunky post.

:):):):)ing (http://www.ufsultra.com/deck.php?deck=JmMZFpdknpJINrEqQMsnRShcQvkfZR)
·Bælkhor· x1

Clash of Colossals x1
Callous Leader x1
Dark Sight x4
Blind Rage x1
Consumed by Malice x1
A Big Job x3
General of the Abyss x4
The Mysterious Mr. X x1
Reformed Scientist x2
Defy the Devil x2
Know Your Objective x3
Double Crosser x4
Nimble Assassin x2
Never Stumbles x3
Simple Request x1
Egotistical x1
Pure Violence Fighting Style x1
Ruthless Woman x1

Dragon Slayer x4
Leap Into the Fray x4
Nivôse x1
Ein Trigger x2
Coffin Nails x3
Death Row x2
Ten Thousand Souls of Hell x2

The Golden Ticket x2
Homemade Explosives x2

Race Against Time x1
Revoke x3

STOP! x2
Self Destruct
Presidential BBQ x2
Out of Your League

Might be a slight difference or two changed from the morning of. For example, Stop! was originally mainboarded until I remembered that Stop! is a sideboard card not only because it's off symbol, but Stop!'s place in the format is to force you to play around it. Case in point I got Stop!'d once as Morrigan and just responded to it, and once as baelkor when I don't think I wanted to attack anymore anyways.

So the choice to play Baelkor was that I couldn't come up with anything to play. I had tried to get hype for this event. I wanted to. I wanted to post once a day on the forums, I even gave out free tacos but couldn't get any interest outside of a normal Vegas UFS schedule. I haven't been able to really play since BO came out due to work schedule and transportation so I came in to the PTC much softer than I thought. I felt like I was completely cut off from the meta at one point.
So I scratched my head on weird crazy :):):):). I landed on stuff like Air Man, Saiki, Dr. Wily, Morrigan, Ulrik, Benimaru, Kula, Joe, Proto Man, Kyo, Mega Man, Sasha, Proto Man2, and finally after a strange fateful night at a Blueberry Hill at 1 am, I played Chris Pratt's Nehtali3 and loved it. It's offense was intricate, but straight forward and it's defense was extremely powerful. Between the ability to run lots of Ever Hopeful copies and Dodge! it made short work of establishing the control game. But then it got bopped by Zoey turn 2 like 8 games in a row. Made some tweaks, and it only got worse.

So I looked for something simple but effective. That brought Earth. Earth has a lot going for it right now. It has speed hate, momentum tutors, easy damage, etc etc. I didn't want to look at powerful attacks so I looked at Baelkor.
I noticed the attacks I really wanted to play were Leap into the Fray and Dragon Slayer. Looked at the slams on evil and decided i liked the fact that coffin nails can't be partial'd. Seemed really useful at the time. Not really sure if it is or not when your whole deck is just mids and Coffin Nail is the big one naturally. The best evil spam was synergistic with CN too.

So I made a hateful deck. It hates on your checks, it hates on your life total, it hates on your hate. But it doesn't do it to the expense of 5's and blocks. Which is neat.

General of the Abyss was a bad card.

I only needed 3 attacks to kill most people turn 2 or 3 depending on how many activators I get. I lost to Turbo Man, Saiki and Hsien-Ko. Bane of the mid game.