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10-12-2010, 09:43 AM
Air Temujin - Dragon's Flame

1x Temujin

Attacks 15
4x Assassin's Strike
3x Mark of the Beast
4x Assassin's Secret
4x Dragon's Flame

2x Drossel

4x Communing With the Ancients
2x From the Mouse, Humility
4x Mishima Zaibatsu Leader
4x Solitary Assassin
4x War between sisters
4x CareFree
4x Deceptively Quick
4x Just Kidding
4x Loves her blade *
2x The Forgotten Technique
2x nursing a Grudge
4x War Between Sisters

Let me start by saying that I would never play this in anything major (at least not until air gets some better cards) I'm not a fan on mark of the beast in here, but I couldn't find another good AIR (mid weapon) at least not a better one, maybe I missed something.

so the idea is dragons flame for upwards of 20, sometimes you just double assassin's secret and get there with powerful for +12. Temujin's F makes it pretty easy to get around things like know when to talk... but Cold and Indifferent (or really, flexible body) just owns you pretty hard anyway.

there is a good case to be made for flexible body in here, but I didn't want the 4 check, and I have almost no way to gain momentum other than the turn when I am combo attacking. (I also didn't want to pull them out of actual competitive decks)

It's a lot of fun to shoot fire at people for infinity damage :D

10-12-2010, 10:13 AM
What I saw by Air, Mid and Weapon weren't good ones either. Playful Slice, Seal, Shredding Vibrato (which you won't be able to use) and Twisting Lotus Flow (which you can use thanks to Assassin's Secret being a High Attack).

The only real good one you can consider is Twisting Lotus Flow because you can combo to it easily, increases all your attacks' speed by on while its in your card pool, and if you combo, you and your opponent get to pick up your respective Card Pool to your hand for a round two.

I'm surprised you aren't using Trained Far and Wide. Ninja Tactics you could use but you aren't using Dragon Lifter so not a good idea in the meantime.

10-12-2010, 10:32 AM
Yeah I thought about lotus flow, but ultimately decided dodge 2 checks to be more important.

trained is a 3 diff has a 4CC, and I have a lot of 3 diff foundations already (so it's a little scary, some terribad opens can happen lol) the benefit doesn't seem that huge most of the time either, maybe if temujin was a 7HS I'd be spamming enough attacks for trained's form, basically it's F commit +2 on dragon's flame's check, which hasn't really mattered yet, but certainly isn't bad.

I'm thinking about more nursing a grudge (since secret shares combo with flame) but then I am kinda counting on them NOT blocking secret, and it's the easiest one to block! >_> where as I can just use forgotten technique to bring back flame after I use the combo E on secret. the 3 diff just worries me slightly.

10-12-2010, 12:33 PM
I look forward to playing VS this new deck of yours with Siegfried Kicks that you helped build for me.

Maybe even tonight if your still at Misty at 7:40ish

10-12-2010, 12:50 PM
I'm surprised you aren't using Trained Far and Wide. Ninja Tactics you could use but you aren't using Dragon Lifter so not a good idea in the meantime.

Ninja Tactics is absolute awesome in this deck.

You know, I'm gonna play my Air/Fire Temujin tonight as opposed to a half-assed Astaroth deck.