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10-21-2010, 08:23 PM
Do note before I go on; this is a fun deck and is in no way competitive (although it COULD be but be warned at the risks involved)

So we all know about the accursed 2 control in cards, so that made me build a deck which has no 2 control cards, but a bunch of ones. Its a very fun deck to play for its weird build and its infinite loop, but alas, not very competitive and maybe a bit slow. Runs by the Air resource symbol.

1 ::Taki:: (Air All Order) (6 Hand Size | 23 Vitality)

4 Instant Hell Murder (Air Death Evil Void) (1/3 +3L) (4/3 4M3 +3L Stun:2)

4 Fatigues (Air All Order) (0/3) (4/3 2H3)

4 Blazing Cadenza (Air Evil Water) (5/1 5M4 +5M Stun:4 Weapon)
4 Eye of the Tiger (Infinity) (0/1 2H4 +3M)
4 Rocket Uppercut (Air All Earth) (5/1 4M6 +3H Multiple:1 Punch)
4 Seal of the Fire Dragon (Air All Chaos) (6/1 4M6 Desperation:4 Taki Only Weapon)

4 Circuitous Prancing (Air All Fire) (1/3) (4/3 2M2)
4 Demon Hunting (Air All Order) (1/4 +3M) (4/3 2M4)
4 Envy (Air Chaos Water) (1/5 +3H)
4 Ibis Minuet (Air Death Water) (2/5 +3L Breaker:1)
4 Ideas of the Wind (Air) (1/5)
4 Intuitive Observation (Air All Order) (3/5)
2 M.I.A. (Air Chaos Good) (2/5)
4 The Girl Dancing with the Devil (Air Evil Fire) (3/4)
4 Traditional Style (Air Evil Water) (3/4 +1M)
4 Whereabouts Unknown (Air Chaos order) (1/5 +2L Breaker:2)

Side Board
4 Valeria's Shop (Infinity) (3/6 +0H)
4 A Singing and Dancing Musical Sister (Air Good Water) (3/3 +1M)

-59 cards; might put the last card as M.I.A. although I don't have 3...
-Traditional Style all the way as easily predicted. Control 1 attacks make it very easy to play big attacks later on.
-Thanks to Traditional Style, Ibis Minuet, Intuitive Observation, Taki and Seal of the Fire Dragon, we have an infinite loop (as long as you don't run out of cards in your deck).
-Random momentum gain such as M.I.A., Whereabouts Unknown and The Girl Dancing with the Devil basically increases my hand size. M.I.A. becomes "F Destroy this foundation, commit your character: add two cards from your discard pile to your hand". The Girl Dancing with the Devil is a very easy Momentum gain card, and Momentum Discard if needed (as long as a player has 0 Momentum) and also, its a free R so its committable later on. Whereabouts Unknown I don't need to mention.
-Demon Hunting increases my hand size and has a random attack on the other side.
-Circuitous Prancing is an ok foundation, but with an attack that if it deals damage goes to my momentum immediately.
-Envy helps to get back foundations I lost which I needed, such as Traditional Style, Ibis Minuet or Intuitive Observation. heck, even M.I.A. if I'm desperate.
-Fatigues is an ok attack, but the Asset side helps too much by being able to pick up any block card from my discard pile.
-A Singing and Dancing Musical Sister becomes a second Taki or a second anything from my Staging area; easy cost thanks to Whereabouts Unknown and Seal of the Fire Dragon (since both generate 3 momentum).

That's basically it. If the Air Attack of Power has a control of 1, it goes directly to the deck.

And I repeat for the last time; its a fun deck, not competitive!

10-22-2010, 08:55 AM
The only suggestion I can make it at this point is to possibly find room for Trade Your Passion and Rekki Mekki (old one that readies stuff). That would progress it slighty towards a more competitive build but can help you muderate easier.

Neat concept though!

10-22-2010, 09:07 AM
Thoes I did consider, but they are very hard to get at the moment... either sold out in stores or probably have to give out too much for them.. ^^;

Let me see if I can get them in the trades section; would really want to try them out.

10-23-2010, 08:06 AM
play more 0 difficulty foundations
like powerful style, infected, and rootless

10-24-2010, 05:27 PM
The thing is all of the foundations support the others or the character itself very well (except Ideas of the Wind and Intuitive Observation).

I don't think I'll have a good replacement for 0 difficulty foundations. ^^;

10-24-2010, 07:00 PM
As long as the deck checks well it dosn't matter. I just find decks with alot of one or two checks build much better with access to multiple 1 and 0 difficulty foundations.

10-26-2010, 06:21 PM
Only one I can think of so far which may work is Personal Style. Know of any others?