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Sato Arashi
10-27-2010, 11:26 PM
Here's something I thought of after looking at Mai 4 point. Right now I'm trying to find the right cards so that I can go into an infinite loop with her. With the banned list down as of now, if you see anything that is banned in Legacy, point them out to me.

Character: 1
Mai:.: 6 HS 26 V

Actions: 8
4x Kung-Fu Training
4x Kasumi Gaki

Attacks: 4
4x Chain Throw

Foundations: 48
4x Iga Legacy
4x Blood Runs True
4x False Pretenses
4x Ibis Minuet
4x Lost Memories
4x Megalomania
4x Ninjitsu
4x Ruthless Villainy
4x Shinobi Traditions
4x The Gorgeous Team
4x The Merchant's Message

Split Cards: 4
4x The Anti K'

Key thought:
Attempting for an infinite loop with Mai, Chain Throw, and Shinobi Traditions. Attack with Chain Throw, use Mai's ability to get a Chain Throw out of discard pile for free basically by commiting Shinobi Traditions. Play the Chain Throw I picked up, ready Shinobi Traditions, discard the first. Rinse, cycle, repeat. I just need to find the one card that allows me to discard the Chain Throws into the infinite loop. Suggestions along the way?

10-28-2010, 12:04 AM
trying to see how you're looping chain throw, dont see Ibis Minuette or anything like that to kick the card out of your card pool... meh, i know of a slightly better loop to do with her but you'd have to almost ENTIRELY re-write the deck to do it... and ya KNOW ya have to have a momentum to use her ability right(sees Merchants message) ok ya got that covered... The easiest trick with her is as follows, this is off Water/Life.

have 1 momentum

have 2-3 shinobi in play, have 1 raw tallent in play

Have 2 chops in hand

play chop, enhance, it turns face down after damage, play 2nd chop

enhance with Raw tallent kicking first chop out of your card pool, enhance with Chop's e, enhance with Mai, deals damage(more than likely) pick up chop from grave

rinse repeat till they are dead.

also i think Bitter Rivals was either on the chopping block or banned.

10-28-2010, 12:22 AM
I had thought of a different one:

Shinobi Tradition
Ibis Minuet
Agohani Geri

Play Agohani Gery as if there was no tomorrow. I had built that same one with Chun-Li by playing Fan Blade. I've gone for a far fun-er build by life recycling Widow Makers and Dragon Arc Kicks thanks to Schmetterling Fighting Performance Arts.

Oh how I hate ::Mai:: with a passion... and how ::Mai:: and :::Mai::: were never released.

10-28-2010, 12:39 AM
well another trick he COULD go for would probably be something along the lines of my Old chun Li combo which consisted of a Water Reversal Throw + Shinobi + Getting an Education, not much of a loop for Mai as she needs only 1 momentum and cant constantly get it... but still... And as to Mai4 and Mai6 never being released i think i heard its because they WANTED a Water/Life character in Domination and neither the 4 or 6 star the had planned had it... and rather than i dunno just switching the #s, they just got lazy and said ok Mai5 goes in, bleh... we need more MAI...


10-28-2010, 08:09 AM
Maybe you are talking about Koshu To? Sato Arashi could use it as well (although tis not Evil...) He always has access to Windmill Waster (even though its a 2 check, but the deck has only 4 attacks so who knows).

As for Mai... maybe if we get Dead or Alive or SNK again, haha.

Sato Arashi
10-28-2010, 08:34 AM
Koshu To is alright, but not worth running ability and stat-wise, I'd rather run Chain Throw over it. Windmill Waster is also one of those like Koshu To. Guess Evil lacks a good recursion technique, unless there is an evil attack that allows to discard Chain Throw out of the card pool. Otherwise, I think I should splash Ibis Minuet in, I've got plenty of Water cards that it will be alright.

10-28-2010, 10:34 AM
I remember I did something in last block in Mai with Visions of Destiny in play, a Kunai in hand or momentum, and one Chain Throw in hand and one in momentum or 2 in hand. If you had a Kunai and Chain Throw in your momentum and a Chain Throw in hand it goes like this:
-Play the Chain Throw and E on it,
-Use both Es on Visions to set you checks to 4,5,4,5 or the best you can (If you have Shinobis out it doesn't matter) and discard one of the attacks.
-Use Mai's E which you kind of need to save a Shinobi for or you can commit Visions for it and ready it without setting your checks
-When the Chain Throw hits you grab the attack you discarded from momentum and the attack in momentum
-Play the Kunai and throw Chain Throw and itself into momentum
Note you can do it with one attack in momentum and one in discard, but you go into your loop with Visions commited and not readied.

It was really complicated but I'm pretty sure by dipping into the legacy you can streamline the process (Add Psycho Focus to pass checks/save foundations for Mai). Don't know if this helps, but it worked fairly well in that Extended granted I had the option of siding in to Zi Mei just by siding in her and Melancholic Mercurius.

10-28-2010, 10:38 AM
LuchaHeroAl, do note we won't be able to do that combo since Kunai is Banned from the Legacy Format. There should be another way to make it work though... hmm...

Although Mostly fun, you can run The Girl Dancing with the Devil (oh how I love that card which nobody plays...). Good Momentum Control or Momentum gain when necessary. Only bad thing is the 4 control.

10-28-2010, 10:41 AM
LuchaHeroAl, do note we won't be able to do that combo since Kunai is Banned from the Legacy Format. There should be another way to make it work though... hmm...

Although Mostly fun, youc an run The Girl Dancing with the Devil (oh how I love that card which nobody plays...). Good Momentum Control or Momentum gain when necessary.

Yeah I never looked at the banned list for anything, but standard. I wonder why they decided to ban Kunai though. I know if you still have Ibis you're not stopping loops so was it momentum gain that got it banned?

Sato Arashi
10-28-2010, 04:21 PM
Yeah, I don't really remember what got Kunai banned, not that I'd run it in the deck anyways since I want the Chain Throw in my discard pile. One card though that would make a perfect addition to the deck, Kasumi Gaki. With that, I can put down Ibis Minuet during the turn I start off the loop and since it will deal damage most of the time, I get to ready a foundation. So for each Chain Throw, I get to ready two foundations, Shinobi Traditions, and something else that I need.

Sato Arashi
10-28-2010, 07:36 PM
Made an edit to the deck. Took out Iga Legacy and Red Lotus for Kasumi Gaki and splashing Water for Ibis Minuet. Kasumi Gaki is actually a very good action to allow me to drop a foundation ready, such as Ibis Minuet. Plus after that, play Chain Throw and I fulfilled Mai's R ability to gain me the two vitality back that I pay from Ibis Minuet to discard it. Now this has an infinite loop to work with. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Confirmation: Bitter Rivals is banned from Legacy, so I'm trading that in with Iga instead.