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06-23-2010, 02:45 PM
Anyone got suggestions.

06-23-2010, 04:34 PM
Everyone seems to run him off of Fire as that is the current power symbol. I like to be a bit off kilter and run him off of Void. I've had some success with this line-up. With some serious play testing and some tweaks, I think it could handle people. 12 damage that they can't block even saving a card to block with is so nice with the Dark Geo Da Ray. It even builds defense in. Woot!

Kyoufu x1

Dark Geo Da Ray x4
Flooded Nile Throw x4
Wipe the Floor x4
Mt. Devil Divider x4
Close Throw x4

Ka Technique x4
Keep them Down x4
Mishima Zaibatsu Leader x4
Paid to Protect x4
Meditating in Battle x4
Risky Fighting Style x4
Sacrifices for the Cause x4
Enemies now Friends x4
The Man behind the Mask x4
Researching the Past x4
Fatherly Love x4

06-23-2010, 05:51 PM
the Yoshi lookalike is a Female btw... i have a rough idea for her off fire, gimme a few minutes and i'll update this with a deck for her.


06-23-2010, 06:08 PM
She plays very well with a standard fire line. She LOVES Lawnchair Breaker and probably does it better than any fire character in the format.

4x Hammer of the Gods
4x The Boot/Mark of the Beast/Neutron Bomb (Really depends on preference and metagame. Mark is great with a chaos heavy meta while boot and neutron are great against fire.)
4x Midnight Lawnchair
4x Knight Breaker

3x Gianznadefkjdlfjkfld;sjksfld;j Nova and Jimmy Kimmel (Best asset in the format IMHO)

4x Brooding
4x Hope for One's People
4x The Strength Within
4x Hungry for Battle
4x Financial troubles
4x For the Money
3x Enraged Golem
3x Defeated the Rifle
4x The Ultimate Team
3x Unstoppable Warrior
3x Rivalry with a Bear

Very standard fire list. If you don't have launcher breaker you can easily do like Wheel Kick into Lifter or Turn Thruster. But this will be a decent start.

06-23-2010, 06:20 PM
grr damn you drew... you posted that right as i attempted to post my idea...



Warrior's Path x4 2/5 +2M


Glaizende Nova & Frischer Himmel x2 2/5 Unique +2M


Blazing Fist x4 5/3 4M4 Punch C(Punch, Punch) +2L
Hammer of the Gods x4 5/3 3M4 Punch Stun: 2 +2H
Pomel Smash x4 3/3 2H1 Weapon Stun: 1
Sweeping Tail Strike x4 3/3 2H3 Punch C(Weapon) +2M
Tandoya x4 5/3 3L5 Punch Stun: 1
The Boot x4 4/3 3M5 Kick Stun: 1 +1L


Best Friends x4 2/5 +3H
Body Transformed x4 2/5 +3M
Brooding x4 1/5 +3H
Communing with the Ancients x4 3/5
Defeated the Rifle x4 2/5
Determined to be the Best x4 2/4 +2H
Enraged Golem x4 3/5
For the Money x4 2/5 +3M
Needs a Challenge x4 3/5 +3M
Sisters of Battle x4 2/5 +3M
The Strength Within x4 1/5 +2M

Martial Arts Champion x4 2/4
Soul Wave2 x4 5/4

just pick and chose what ya think is the best for the deck, a good thing with her is to if they block too much and you can get a couple cards in their card pool and then ya throw at them Blazing Fist with Combo and full multi, those Punches are coming anywhere between 9-15 damage EACH, and you can almost ensure one goes thru with Kyofu's first ability.


06-28-2010, 12:53 AM
Be a little risky and play it of evil. Kazuya's and Nightmares 4/2 attack with very decent stats will wreck their day.
+ going of evil will make opponents confused and not able to predict you as much. If I am up against a fire deck I can deduce after a few moves what their entire
deck looks like.

11-06-2011, 03:18 PM
I am thinking she is really great off of void. Harnessing chaos has so much synergy.

11-06-2011, 03:50 PM
off void or evil play harnessing chos great fun

11-06-2011, 04:28 PM
I've been playing her off of void and she's been working fairly well. The biggest problem I find is just throwing enough damage out there (since void really lacks any damage pump other than PH). I do really like Annihilation Quake in her though, since its something your opponent normally wouldnt want to bother blocking, but outside of damage reduction will always cost them a card.

Foundations: 40
4 The Man Behind the Mask
4 Chasing After the Power
4 A Girl Like Any Other
4 Paid to Protect
4 War Between Sisters
3 Ka Technique
4 Body of Souls
4 Protect Your Master
3 Excellent Theif
3 Dread Pirate
3 Mishima Zaibatsu Leader

Attacks: 19
4 Concussion Blast
4 Piercing Howl
4 Harnessing Chaos
4 Annihilation Quake
3 Wipe the Floor

3 Ancient Burial Site

Side Deck:
4 Shifting Technology (Anti-multiple 1)
3 Power of the Edge
1 Rashotep

Im also thinking of trying out an evil build I have for her using the Evil AOP, once I actually have the time to build more decks. Either way, HC is really stupid with her.

Fire is the obvious way to go, especially with the up coming set, but its also really really boring and very predictable