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06-23-2010, 08:12 PM
note we play extended not standard.

Character: Kula Diamond2

Sazan x4 3/3 2L3 +1H
Leg Slash x4 4/3 3L5 +2H
Titan Axe x4 5/3 2M4
Lion Slayer x4 4/2 4M5 +1H
Critical Cold x4 5/2 3M5 +2L
ZD's Poison Touch x4 4/3 2H4 +2M

Past shrouded in mystery x3 3/5 +3L
A Beautiful Nightmare x4 3/4
Rookie's Fortune x3 2/5 +2L
Hungry for Battle x2 2/4
Vengeance x4 2/5
No Longer Controlable x4 2/5
Anti K' x4 1/5 +3M
Intimidating x4 2/5
Corrupting x3 2/5
Body transformed x2 2/5 +3M
All Life is Prey x4 2/5 +3L
master of ostrheinsburg x4 2/5

now you may be asking if i'm running extended why no power EVIL cards, simply because i don't own them and none of us usually run extremely powerful cards anyway, and i don't plan on buying a lot of the power cards either *no job = no money* the strategy is simple, blow up cards to make sure checks are successful, blow up foundations to speed up attacks, blow up more cards via abilities then eventually use All Life to pump the attack to fatal or near fatal damage, critiques?


06-25-2010, 11:08 PM
wow, no comments?