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06-23-2010, 10:28 PM
I figure we could help out Jasco a bit by telling the reason we first came to this beautifull disco dance of awesome. I figure they could use this as like market research or other lawyer words.

I'll Start
I started playing because I always like card games and a card game with Street Fighter ( Ken Masters) had me drooling like a fool. That was the draw for me but I stayed playing because of the games epic win and the player play group I was blessed with.

So share your stories of the time long past, and reminisce for awhile.

Sato Arashi
06-23-2010, 10:55 PM
Before I started playing UFS close to a year ago, I was a Magic player. Of course it sometimes bores me to be playing Magic as if it was my life. I happened to gain interest when I saw the starters decks like Yoshimitsu, T.Hawk, and the Siegfried vs. Sophitia duo decks. Until I had the convictions to realize the interest I've gained, I end up buying the Yoshimitsu deck (crappy deck too I have to say) and learned the rules of the game. It was then that I heard that there was a small group of players playing on Thursday nights, so I joined up, told them I was new, and they were nice to help me out. Over the year, the group dwindled to the point it was only me and one of the players as the others were quite disappointed with what FFG did. One time, I went into another city for the Tekken 6 release and hanged with the group for a little bit, but travel can be a pain. Even with the downtime that happened early in the year, me and my friend were still dedicated to the game.

That's my story.

06-23-2010, 11:14 PM
A worker at a local card store asked me if I wanted to play a game of UFS with demo decks (Taki/Chun Li). So i sat down and played and really enjoyed it. He then told me the prerelase for World Warriors was the following weekend, so I showed up and had a blast.

The thing I enjoyed the most about UFS was the weekly tournaments and promos. I was fortunate enough to live in an area where there were 3 stores that would run tournaments every week. One on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and the Saturday. Winning the promos was great. I really liked the tournament software and how I could check my rating on Sabertooth's website.

06-23-2010, 11:29 PM
Back before set 1 came out I had seen some ads for a new Street Fighter AND Soul Calibur gamein some comics and decided maybe ill try it out. Then one day I went to Toronto with a friend of mine and we were in the card store there where we saw the starters and we were sold. Now I play cuz the game is amazing, with or without the licenses

06-23-2010, 11:36 PM
Honestly the things that brought me into the game initially were a mix of fanboyism (<3 Nakoruru... I started very soon after Set 3 saw the release of Naks support along with the wicked good Naks promo) and a fascination with the game's pacing and incredibly unique rules.

I've been playing CCGs a long time, and prior to getting into UFS, I'd seen the original decline of Pokemon, the rise and fall of Yu-Gi-Oh (Chaos destroyed any semblance of balance that game may have once had, and it still hasn't recovered as far as I'm concerned), and after I finally couldn't stand how terrible YGO was anymore, I was introduced to UFS by my good friend Devon, and introduced to the playgroup at the now-gone Spellbinder Games in Cape Coral, FL - and the competition was FIERCE. I LOVED how strong the playerbase was, and it was possibly the single biggest reason I wanted to jump right into the game... I love playing on a highly competitive level, which until relatively recently I couldn't do in Yugioh because the game was trash and couldn't do in Pokemon because a lot of Pokemon players don't like playing on that level.

I studied the game, bought some cards, did some trading, and with the help of the store owner Bill and the epic Brown dude you all know so well (<3 Vik), I dove in and actually ended Vik's 22-match, no-vitality-lost winning streak in my first ever tournament. Booyah.

Hooked for life! Love you guys. :]

edit: Just thought I'd add this... man... I just have to say that from what I remember of the metagame back before Set 4, that was probably the closest UFS has ever been to a decent aggro/rush/control/combo balance... there were brutal hybrids across the whole spectrum, horrifying aggro decks spearheaded by bruisers like Sagat, Adon, Vega, Hanzo... sick control from Dhalsim, Nakoruru, Tira... and for anyone that disagrees with me, I'll point out that Dhalsim and Nakoruru only won a very small handful of FoP events. No, the game's balance wasn't perfect at the time but the chess matches that occurred during that time frame were incredible, even in control wars you never really felt that hopelessness the 4-point format introduced, where the wall of grey was so thick that eventually you ran out of options. The only playstyle that simply couldn't compete at the time was Enhance-centric pump aggro because of everyone's favourite 4/6 foundation, and that was mainly because STG didn't seem to care enough to release actual answers to Yoga (that didn't share Void and Death, at least...).

I really believe that if done right, stronger control CAN return to the game more like its inception, but it just can't get to the chokepoint level that the latter 3-point and then entire 4-point formats became.

edit, addendum to the above: my good friend Mike pointed out that if it wasn't for Rolling Storm and RAS, the set 1-4 format would've been even closer to perfect, since aggro decks gained cards like TYPFG and 8th Bill of Funishment to beat up control decks ignoring Yoga Mastery.

06-24-2010, 01:32 AM
me, Simple, Raw Deal was dieing in my area(Revolution format was about to take a foothold very soon) and i heard about this game, and saw that my fave character from SCIII was in the game(Taki at the time) and Chun Li was in the game and decided to start playing, many fun things have happened since i've started playing including coming SO close to winning a mid-major tournament(Middlesboro AOP 2nd after swiss finished 5th{SCREW YOU IBUKI}) and really hope to see a lot more happen with the game.


06-24-2010, 03:44 AM
Bored, looked interested. ShadowDragon showed me the ways and put up with my antics.

06-24-2010, 08:05 AM
1) My roomate won worlds.
2) My roomates played all the time.
3) Zangief.

06-24-2010, 09:40 AM
A Gather the Soul card from SC3 set 1 somehow made its way from IL to WI where I play, and I recognized Cassy and started looking up the cards on ebay. After seeing there were some Tira cards I bought some singles, and later bought some boxes of set 2 (the latest set at the time). From there I got a friend interested and we started building decks and playing around. The next month I went to a FoP event, freaked some people out with my Stun4 Cadenza-Cadenza-ShadowBanishment deck and got hooked even more. 2 months later I went to the set 4 prerelease, met the Green Bay group and Dave Freeman and got a huge stack of promos including some not released at the time. I got second in the 1st event, and 1st in the second, winning me a framed uncut sheet signed by a bunch of the staff members. It wasn't long before I started going to bigger events~ I'm better at sealed than constructed though, and the best I think I've done at a contructed (major) tourny was that I missed t8ing at the Path of the Master event with Astrid by 1 point.

06-24-2010, 10:08 AM
PA Battlepack, February of 2006.

06-24-2010, 10:25 AM
I'm a HUGE arcade fighter fan, and have been playing Street Fighter since it was the OG Street Fighter and the only 2 playable characters were Ryu and Ken, and Ryu wore kung fu slippers! Lolz!

Bought a Dark Path Ryu and Chunners Starter deck so a friend of mine and i could learn the game; he's as big of an arcade fighter junkie as i. Loved the game, so i scouted where we could go to play in actual tournaments (and, consequently, learn just how MUCH of the rules we'd gotten wrong! Lolz!). Rediscovered just how competitive i truly am, and decided to make this my game hobby of choice (over DnD).

Competed at the Hayward AoP in 2007 with a Fireball Kohls deck, and lost to a Ruler of Southtown Guile deck in Top 8. Finished 5th overall (out of 18).
Competed at Santa Clara AoP in 2008 with a Chaos Guy deck, and lost in the T4 match to the o.g. Promo Athena deck. Finished 4th overall (out of 32).
Competed at KublaCon in May 2008 with the same Chaos Guy deck. Did horribly: finished 13th overall (out of 14).
Competed at the West Coast Championships in 2008, with Fire/Order Promo Guy: finished 48th overall (out of 56).

From those last 2 experiences, i learned a valuable lesson: It's so important to define for yourself just what style of Kung Fu works for you! Kubla and WC Champs had me playing decks that other people designed for me; those decks weren't my playstyle, and it ended up showing in the results. Since then...

Competed at the Silicone Cup SF Bay Area Regional event in April 2009 with Tri-Symbol Terry. Finished 5th overall (out of 20).
Hosted and Competed at Santa Cruz Throwdown Invitational this past May with Life Misturugi. Finished 3rd overall (out of 12).

So, yea...LOVE this game! And, what i love most about it is that i get to play my favorite fighters, BUT i also get to design their own unique brand of Kung Fu!!

Nubian God
06-24-2010, 06:50 PM
Penny-Arcade, actually. I saw them do a news post about it waaaaaaay back before Set 1 came out, so I e-mailed STG for my free demo decks and finally managed to con my friend to test it out a month later. Then the 2 hour drives for tournaments began... =S

06-24-2010, 07:03 PM
I saw a add for it in game informer magazine and was like holy crap a sf card game? I'll buy it just for the art even if it sucks. Little did I know I was about to play the most fun game of all time. The player base at my shop was awesome besides this one dood who won all the time. I beat him and made him quit and our meta went on strong for a very long time. We are hopefully going to build it back up and get the ball rolling again.

Ufs is just so much fun, so many dif types of decks can win and are crazy. I started back with extreme rivals and I built ibuki off life to start. Then I played void for a while and fire aggro. Good ole days of dhalsim, adon, elena and tycho. When block 2 came around I feel in love with the blue hair monster and played him all the time.

I'm glad ufs is back and is supporting older formats that have the characters I want to play. I love legacy and extended looks fun and actually pretty balanced.

06-24-2010, 08:07 PM
After the fall of Raw Deal I caught an advertisement from FF on the TCO website to send in old decks and receive a UFS deck. And after looking the game over I found out I could play as Ryu. And that was pretty much it. I love Street Fighter. And getting the chance to rock Ryu in a card game sold me from the start. I ended up getting Sakura and Akuma starter decks which very quickly got me into buying older sets, a few starter decks and then a good portion of new stuff. I'd say without the inclusion of Street Fighter I wouldn't have ever looked at the game. I would have missed what I've found to be a very fun card game, so thankfully Ryu was there to lure me in.

In general, the licenses have been a great way to get me hooked into buying the cards. As I said I'm a huge Street Fighter fan. I was very dismayed to find out I wouldn't be getting chance to see an El Fuerte character card. And then I saw there were Darkstalkers, and Soul Caliber and even KOF ( Samurai Showdown never got to play). Tekken was a great addition. I'm not a huge Tekken fan but I do love King. So he would have been one of those characters that could draw me in to at least look at what a new card game might have to offer.

I've played Magic, and Pokemon, Overpower, Raw Deal, a little bit of Versus and now UFS. Most of those have been based on licensed characters so it's certainly something that catches my attention.

06-24-2010, 09:15 PM
For me, it was my love of both fighting games and card games. Something that could bring the two of them together just seemed so obvious to me.

06-24-2010, 10:23 PM
One day during a Raw Deal tourney at my local shop I noticed the set 1 starter decks and my jaw dropped. I was like "No way a Street Fighter card game?!" My next question was if Vega (my favorite fighting game character) was in the game but much to my dismay he was only a promo and an expensive one at the time. My friend Jeremy was waiting for Kilik so we decided that we would come into the game full force at Origins 2006 because there was going to be a preview event for Set 2 each and every day. This was when STG ran those kickass $3 sealed tournaments that were very new player friendly but bad for vendors. It was at Origins that STG staff member Josh Morris gave me the 8hs rare Vega from set 2 and I decided at that point I would stick with the game till the bitter end.

06-25-2010, 01:25 AM
My friend played the game, and it seemed interesting. I never paid much attention, but i learned that some of my favorite characters where in it from licenses such as Soul Calibur, Dark Stalkers, and Samurai Showdown (<3 Nakoruru). My first deck i used was the four-point Seong Mi-na which he eventually gave to me with reluctance lulz. When they made an announcement that five-point cards where only tournament legal like 7 months earlier than they should, i quit because i had all this really cool stuff i couldn't use anymore. When the game ended, our playgroup stilled played Legacy format, so i recently jumped back in learning the ropes again. I also love the artwork on cards. Censorship = fail.

Currently trying to get stuff for Nakoruru...the one that puts stuff down that she doesn't like :p. 8 handsize is none to shabby neither.

06-25-2010, 06:55 AM
The local store owners are huge UFS fans and were going to do the 3rd Anniversary Event. They gave me and a friend a demo deck each, and told us there would be a sealed deck tournament the following day. They also told us that UFS included a lot of characters from fighting games, including Taki from Soul Calibur (Yay! \o/), which sufficiently interested me to go to the sealed event and try out the game. I got starter Akuma6 (who is btw too OP for us, I don't understand how he isn't banned even though he's one of my fav cards) and ended up being hooked into the game ^^

06-25-2010, 12:02 PM
\ It was at Origins that STG staff member Josh Morris gave me the 8hs rare Vega from set 2 and I decided at that point I would stick with the game till the bitter end.

BAD ASS! dude 8hs vega was who i ran forever back in the day off life, what a broke ass lol. Kunai on a stick and 8hs. He was also the nuts off air too. So many good old school throws.

06-30-2010, 12:02 AM
Just after the first SF/SC set was released I watched friends play and I was hooked. My first deck was a starter taki and the second was a combo deck...yea im weird like that :). Went to a con in Anaheim, can't remember what it was called but I believe it was the first place to get FoP. It was called the Soutern California Championship. Sometime after 3 in the morning I managed to squeek out a first place playing promo dhalsim vs sagat. There were 80+ ppl more than worlds and nationals (maybe combined) it was SO much fun. I got to meet Nintendoman, Armed_Pirate and members of team Cabal.

Six to twelve months later I piloted promo dhalsim to first place in the Northern California Championship. There were 60ish ppl there. Two other members of Team Shoryuken also made top 8 it was sexy. The third big tourny I played in was a FoP in sacramento and going into it I wanted to chance to prove I could do well without dhalsim so I piloted the 'everythings a throw' Tira. She is a beast and she elbow dropped her way to first, narrowly beating my teammate Brandon. He had me sweating bullets it was a good match.

Right now I'm trying to see if it's possible to go to worlds for the first time. If anyone in cali is going shoot me an email.

06-30-2010, 07:43 AM
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.