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06-24-2010, 12:48 AM
So here's the new Xianghua deck i built for Legacy simply cuz i really miss this character. I havent played Legacy since well... 1st rotation lol. Tips and such is cool by me.

Characters [1]
1x ***Xianghua***

Foundations [38]

2x Ninjitsu 1/3
4x Unrequited Love 1/5 +3M
3x Battle Prowess 1/4
3x Torn Hero 1/5
3x Friends and Rivals 2/5 +2M
3x Journey Of Repentance 2/4
3x Idyllic Kamui Kotan 2/6
3x Deceptive Look 3/4
2x Trade Your Passion For Glory 3/4 +2M
2x Superior Balance 3/4
3x Revenant's Calling 2/5 +1M
3x Abelia's Friendship 2/4 +0H
2x Armored Defense 3/5 +2L
2x The Gorgeous Team 3/4 +3H

Attacks [18]

3x Senkyutai 5M3 4/3 +3L
3x Widow Maker 3M3 4/3 +2M
3x Close Throw 4M4 5/3
3x Nagase Spiral 2M4 3/2 +3M
3x Ukyo's Short Slash Attack 3M2 3/3 +3M
3x Heel Snipe 4L5 6/3 +0H

Actions [9]

3x Kung Fu Training 2/5 +1M
3x Temporal Ascension 2/4 +3M
3x Acrobatics 2/5 +1L

Assets [4]

1x Path Of The Master
3x Seal Of Cessation 3/3 +2L

Sideboard [8]

2x Chinese Sword Style
3x Bounce Back 2/5 +2M
2x Fierce Competitor
1x Nakoruru

06-24-2010, 06:10 PM
You need to up Deceptive, Idyllic, Unrequited and Trade Your Passion for Glory all to four, you also need to add in whimsy. You need to have a better fight against control in this format, as it is everywhere. Tapping your stuff down and blowing it up will happen alot, you need to be able to recover from that and get your kill threats back out there the very next turn and put pressure back on them.

It looks really good though, I like the attack line up alot.

06-25-2010, 03:53 AM
I like this build; my build back in the day had a life/death dual symbol, using 4x TYPFG and 4x Roam the World. Hotness on her man. Hotness.

06-27-2010, 03:32 AM
Thanks a bunch guys, ive looked over some things and realized that Legacy IS all control lol. so I made a couple changes, but no 4x cuz the decks a lil too big as it is. And Scott I wanted Whimsy in really really badly but theres so much high difficulty as it is i cant justify it.

2x Gather The Soul >> 2x Abelia's Friendship (not enough high blocks, lesser diff, card draw, and life gain. Ill get my momentum with my throws or not at all)
2x Menuette Dance >> 3x Ukyo's Short Slash Attack (higher check, block, significantly lesser difficulty, and no need for momentum gen that got taken out)
3x Knows When To Talk >> 3x Revenant's Calling (I need to be able to commit reusable things like yoga mastery or multiple problem cards)

1x Perfect Sense Of Balance >> Nakoruru (w/e the busted one was, obv reasons)

07-03-2010, 11:55 PM
I like a lot of this deck but I really hate the numbers. As Scott said, there is are certain cards that you need to max out on. For one, you might be able to get away with 3 Deceptive Look because of the numbers and momentum cost (especially with Kunai out), but you must max out on TYPFG and Whimsy. These are absolutely critical cards or you will lose against a single Yoga Mastery getting online and being protected. Void trio is strong primary because Ring Vet and Lost Memories eliminate answers to YM and Xianghua is a character that is absolutely enhance heavy. Your attack base is nice but do you really need Nagase Spiral? I would cut it all together and max out on Widow Maker (a key attack in Life especially for setting up your massive speed/damage attacks) and Ukyo's Short Slash attack. Fierce Competitor is another damage booster that absolutely has to be dealt with immediately or those attacks get out of hand quick. Kung-Fu Training is another max out card. Tag Along and Inflitrating among other actions will absolutely ruin your day in Legacy and KFT is the single best universal answer to all of them along with being an amazing offensive booster in its own right. It's a Deceptive Look deck, lol, make that speed boost count!!!

07-23-2010, 12:31 AM
Yeah I know all that should be 4x and such but I built the deck just to have fun with so its not a big deal. On a side note I just realized I need to fit in Friends and Rivals!!