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Sato Arashi
11-24-2010, 11:47 PM
Seeing that how my Zero Anima thread failed, I've decided to make a new one, but taking this slow and easy. I'll be posting one character at a time, hopefully get discussions about the character then slowly develop the supports. Being that, I'd love to hear your suggestions, comments, etc. I won't do a backstory of the setting yet, but if anyone is interested, I will get one done. Without further ado, I will begin with the main character of the story.

6/6 *Kivorav* 6HS 28V +0M

At the start of the game, put 5 Soul tokens on this card.

F (+X), Commit: Remove 1 Soul token, play 1 Weapon attack with X difficulty or lower from any discard pile to your card pool. You may play this card as an attack (no control check neccessary). X equals to the control check made for this ability of your choice. If the attack is your opponent's card, it is cleared from the card pool after it is resolved.

G: M
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 212
BT: ??

The goal of this character is the focus of weapon keywords at which plays like standard Xianghua's R ability in the sense. I want him to focus on attack recursions for him to use, allowing the player to use the opponent's weapon attack against them. Drawback wise is that the attack is discarded from the card pool after resolution primarily because it would be bad for the resource restrictions. Even if the resource matches what you need, that also takes away the capability to use combo attacks off of your opponent's attack. The other being the cost of a token which I had that there since it would be a nice refresher course of having them since T. Hawk, Sanjuro, and Ivy. He will have support those that will allow you to regain the tokens needed. The only problem is that they seem to be a must in the deck if anyone is planning to use his ability to full effect.

As for the resources I've chosen. I picked these in the favors of where weapon attacks are common for the deck itself. Obviously Tekken 6 is not one of the sets with weapon attacks, but he does have some synergy with most of the characters in the standard set.

All: Mitsurugi, Ivy, Astrid (very much!)
Death: Ragnar, Nightmare, Yoshimitsu, Tira
Earth: Astaroth, Ragnar, Siegfried, Lizardman