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Sato Arashi
11-28-2010, 01:33 PM
Okay, so pre-Jasco time there was only two formats: Standard and Legacy. Right now, Standard is in the Fire stupor feeling while Legacy is a grey wall with its Evil control with the side of Order and Void. Thanks to Jasco though, Extended has entered UFS with its format of playing four-points and five-points. I've made this thread as a discussion on what makes Extended available and what are its advantage that makes it better than Standard and Legacy in its own way. I also hope to promote it as I haven't really seen any talks about it being sanctioned in the last couple of tournaments.

Time to begin what I think about it anyhow. Extended as of now was my background story. My interest in UFS started of about a year ago shortly after the release of Flash of the Blades. After learning its curves, I've gotten pretty good with what I've got. My view on it as of now is, if Fire is Standard's alchohol, then Extended is Chaos. And back then, my favorite symbol was Chaos. With a ton-load of Chaos characters, most of them has a focus on momentum. Having the largest amount of momentum means a great edge on your opponent. It was cards like Charlie's Knee Gattling attack made it possible. Not to mention that Chaos is a brat about momentum too. Where it can gain lots of momentum, it can also disrupt your opponent's chance. Ikari Warrior with synergy with N-Type Human made it ridiculous. A couple of Siegfried's cards made it possible too.