View Full Version : Evil Mai Shiranui deck (feedback appreciated)

12-08-2010, 11:42 PM
This is my current deck, but once RH comes out, I'm probably switching out for Lily. Just 'cause. I can't not use the chick dual-wielding guns.

Main Character:
Mai Shiranui x2

Actions: 5
Puppetry x2
Nefarious Deeds x2
Punish the Weak

Foundations: 35
Ninja Skills x4
Tensho Kaireki Jin x2
Seeking a Challenge
Trecherous Offspring
Dead Men Tell No Tales
S Class Noble
The Anti K`
Unbound Rage
Unconventional Martial Arts x3
Rookie's Fortune x3
Beyond Humanity x2
Driven by Ambition x2
Superior Witch x2
Shiranui-Ryu Ninjutsu x2
Feelings of Friendship
Pyrokinetics x2
The Gorgeous Team x2
Refusal of Power x2
Countless Days of Killing
The Girl Dancing With the Devil

Attacks: 18
Ichi no Tachi x4
Arakuma Inashi
Melancholic Mercurious x4
Sail Nautilus x2
Windmill Waster
Hane Ha x2
Stardust Drop x3
Dream Blossoms

'kay. This is my first deck, and I'm only using things I own. I do wanna run something like this though, so any advice, I would appreciate.