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06-25-2010, 02:24 PM
So, what do you think of her? Basically, combo your way to Curse of Ancient Mariner and pump its Powerful off to high heaven (my own record is Powerful:6, 7 momentum)

Kula (Chaos Evil Life) - 7HS/20PV

** Attacks : 22 **
4x 3/3 Evil Mist (Chaos Death Void) +0M - 3H0 - Ranged, Stun:2
3x 3/3 Zi Mei's Wheel Kick (Air Chaos Fire) +2M - 2H1 - Stun:3, Kick
4x 4/3 Assassin's Secret (Air Chaos Order) +2H - 3H4 - Kick, Combo(Weapon)
4x 4/3 Wild Storm (Chaos Evil Void) - 3H4 - Weapon
2x 4/3 Midnight Launcher (Death Evil Fire) - 3H7
2x 5/2 Shadow Flare (Chaos Evil Void) +3M - 4H7 - Weapon
3x 5/2 Curse of the Ancient Mariner (Chaos Evil Void) +2M - 4H5 - Combo(High,High)

** Foundations : 38 **
4x 1/5 Treacherous Offspring (Chaos Death Evil)
3x 2/4 Father's Tragedy (All Chaos Void)
4x 2/5 Loves her Blade (Air Chaos Life) +2L
2x 2/5 Mishima Zaibatsu Leader (Air Chaos Void) +2H
2x 2/5 For the Money (All Chaos Fire) +3M
3x 2/5 Dread Pirate (Chaos Evil Void) +3H
4x 2/5 Maniacal Laughter (Chaos Death Earth) +3H
2x 2/5 Chasing After the Power (Chaos Evil Void)
3x 2/5 Driven by Ambition (Chaos Evil Void)
3x 2/5 G-Corp Leader (Chaos Death Evil)
4x 2/5 Body of Souls (All Chaos Void)
4x 3/5 Communing with the Ancients (Air Chaos Fire)


07-05-2010, 11:21 AM
That's a lot of attacks. I would maybe max out on For The Money but looks solid otherwise. I think you would get run over by Fire though, its way too fast and consistent right now and this deck looks a tad slow to be able to deal with it.

07-05-2010, 11:35 AM
Thanks for answering I was getting worried there ^^
I'll max out on For The Money and Chasing After the Power when I get the chance, I've only got two of each which is why there's only two in the deck ^^
I indeed got ran over by an Old Dogs New Tricks Fire Sagat, but that deck was crazy consistent, had excellent cards and built way too fast for me to manage ;)
This deck uses a lot of attacks so as to be able to kill by T3. It can even manage to combo T2 with the right draw, and unless I get really bad luck I usually manage to initiate a kill chain very quickly.
One card that's going out is Father's Tragedy, as it's just not needed in the deck and could even be called a handicap (4-check, no block).
Do you think there's a way to get it any better?