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12-20-2010, 02:56 AM
1 Sogetsu non promo
3/* - 12
4 an efficient method for slaying people
2 experienced combatant
3 war between sisters
3 the blue dragon
2/* - 16
4 abelia’s friendship
4 familial loyalty
2 light on one’s feet
4 mishima zaibatsu leader
2 martial arts champion
1/* - 9
4 aqua kinesis
4 selfless giving
1 take responsibility
0/* - 8
4 saikyu ryu
4 the man behind the mask
attacks - 14
4 dark geo da ray
4 spinning demon
2 lunar slash
4 kuzuryu reppa

Is there anything missing from this void draw/discard themed deck besides paid to protect

12-20-2010, 12:54 PM
abellia's is banned, also it's better to write it in the following formt for people to look thru your deck list

action name x# diff/contol keyword if any Block[Breaker #]

asset name x# diff/control keywords if any block[Breaker #]

attack name x# diff/control SZD Keywords block[Breaker #]

Foundation name x# diff/control keywords if any bock[Breaker: #]

Splits(if any)
name x# main side diff/control/split diff [if attack SZD] keywords if any block[Breaker #]

that'll help people read the deck.

also i have my own build of Sogetsu in lackey lemme extract it to help ya out.