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01-14-2011, 02:02 PM
Well, this was discussed in the General Discussion already, but I've got some ideas for Stances.

Now, in real life, a stance in combat is vital, as anyone who's taken martial arts, or fought/sparred can tell you. They prepare you for a fight, ensure your limbs and body are in position. Otherwise, you wind up just standing there, arms down, as if nothing's going on... In boxing, the stance is you have your hands up. In karate, the most basic stance is the horse stance.... As for specific stances, some are used more in certain combat styles more than others. Karate, and particularly Kenpo, makes heavy usage of the horse stance.

In some video games, some characters can switch between stances. I don't really need to get into these, do I?

I believe these can translate into UFS very well. Particularly since the variety of characters utilize a variety of fighting styles. Ken, for example, in some of his cards references Shotokan, after all. So, I think with UFS, Stances should be assets.

Now, as true with any stance in real life, you can get knocked out of a stance, depending on how stable it is, and how aggressive your opponent pushes you. You won't be staying in a boxing stance for long if your opponent starts going with low Jiujutsu attacks, for instance.

To replicate this in UFS, I propose stances come with a rating. That is, some condition that knocks you out of your stance.... For example, "Stance: 3" would mean that if your opponent deals damage with three attacks, no matter how much damage it deals, you're knocked out of your stance. I would think, also, that there could be specific sorts of attacks to knock someone out of a stance. "Stance: Kick 2", would be knocked out of the stance after two kicks. They could even be combined, such as "Stance: Low kick, Throw, or 3", so a low kick, a throw, or 3 attacks would knock you off your feet.

Now, obviously, these stances would have to be Unique. I would also have to suggest only 1 can be in play at a time, barring a specific effect that says otherwise. Of course, other characters can imitate a stance, so they would have character specific Fs, Es, or Rs, and some generic other characters can use.

To give an example from the set I'm designing.... Edited for this post to use the stance rating idea

Name: 9 Gods Raging Star Style
Symbols [WIP]
3/4 H+2 Stance: 3 Unique
While this card is in your staging area, your attacks gain +1 speed, or +1 Damage (your choice).
E Commit, discard X momentum: Your kick attacks gain +X damage, and -X speed.
E Commit, discard X momentum: Your punch attacks gain +X Speed, and -X damage.
Mao Wu-Fang F Commit, destroy a foundation: Until the end of the turn, your attacks receive either +x speed, or +x damage. X equals the total number of preceding attacks in your card pool.

The character's combat arts are grounded in a combination of Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, and Tae Kwon Do. Other characters can imitate his style (thus using this Stance), but can't utilize it to it's full potential. See what I mean?

So, feel free to comment and give your own suggestions... But I think this is probably the way to go. Others have suggestions actions, with ways to stay in the card pool. I myself don't feel like this is true to what a stance is.

01-21-2011, 10:58 PM
Wow. That's pretty damned detailed.

By "knocked out of a stance", I assume you mean the stance is destroyed. The idea is very cool - another type of asset for sure, different than weapons or the non-keyword clothing stuff. Then again, they're already there, and encompass various Actions, Assets, and Foundations already.

Also, fighting games don't deal with stances too terribly much. When you get down to it, when Zangief gets knocked over, he comes right back again in all his I'm-gonna-grab-you glory, no matter if fighting ninjas, karate masters, yoga teleporters, or giant machines that really have no business being grappled (I'm looking at you, Sentinel). Remember how Mortal Kombat tried the stance thing? They were fun for a minute, but ruined the original gameplay (but still could've been great had the moves lists been longer and/or the styles been accurate). The more successful ones, like Mitsurugi's Mist stance, are only temporary unless you keep putting him back into it.

Actually, the more I rant, the more it sounds like you're onto something. They're temporary in nature, so are more like Mist anyway. The logical side agrees. So, to go along with these, I hope you have things like:

Base Stance - A keyword of some sort that, when used with certain symbol, or even specific, characters, the counters are reset to full at the beginning of your turn
Stabilize - As an Enhance, your character can commit to push his Stance counters up by 1
Stance Pumping - Due to being in a certain stance, your attacks aligned with it can be fueled by the tokens as if they were momentum (likewise destroying the stance). Kinda like Mitsu's big throws that or dividers that come out from Mist or whatever his other cool crab walk was.

Those would maybe overcomplicate things, but would be fun.

Have you ever looked at the Ultimate Combat! CCG from back in the day? It was a MTG ripoff with terrible artwork, but it used maneuvering in a pretty big way, which is equally important in real-life martial arts.

02-12-2011, 01:31 PM
you could also make the stance an action.. in asian martial arts, or fencing you switch guards all the time.. so having to put out an action to simulate that this is the type of attacks you are going for this turn sounds rather logical.
Mitsurugi got a few of this type in the last set, with the "choose attackzone" action or what it was.
On another note if they are going to be actions, I also think you should balance them out with saying "unique cardpool", and maybe add a static effect, ex
Action: 3/5 The Ox
all your high weapon attacks gets + 2 damage, and for every attack that deals damage they get +1 speed.
Static: If your opponent plays a low reversal while this card is in your card pool, discard this action from the cardpool

03-29-2011, 07:19 AM
Wow, I never realized this thread got replied to. I just got reminded of the whole stance thing when I was perusing over legacy cards, and was trying to figure out a way to use Offensive, Defensive, and Crouching stances in a single deck. And no, I've never checked out Ultimate Combat!.

I can see some stances being actions, which will temporarily override the stance asset you're using. I'll have to toy around with your suggestions eyp. As it was I was considering a way to recharge discarding momentum the only way to recharge stances, but I like the base stance and stabilize keywords. As for the stance pumping, that'd be stance specific and not many would use them. Perhaps a few would have an effect to discard it's counters to be able to pay for Multiple, another for Powerful, etc. One could even add +1 to the control checks.

I'll have to find my flash drive, where I'd put what I wrote up on my OIP fan set. I'll probably start throwing some up in the next few days.

edit: just did a search for Stances on CCGDB.... I am honestly quite surprised that there are only 5 stances in the game. Same with Items, only 5! I'm glad my fan set'll increase the numbers, and give some more usage for assets and actions as well (two characters that revolve around making assets more usable, the other actions).

08-08-2011, 10:18 PM
edit: just did a search for Stances on CCGDB.... I am honestly quite surprised that there are only 5 stances in the game. Same with Items, only 5! I'm glad my fan set'll increase the numbers, and give some more usage for assets and actions as well (two characters that revolve around making assets more usable, the other actions).
Mostly because the designers never really did anything with the keyword, when the keyword should have been introduced with Gen, of all people.

Personally, I think the idea in the original post is too complicated and gimmicky to see play. A stance should be something that is universal to your character. I'm more reminded of, say, X.C.O.P.Y. (which attached itself to your character and you had to spend 1 momentum for it to stay, or else it was discarded - Jolly/Gloomy Side is an example) than anything else, when I think stances. It'd give a passive buff to your character and could not be stacked with other stances.

08-09-2011, 04:30 AM
I like where you are going with Jolly/gloomy side. Some characters like mitsuergi, sigfried, Gen, and several KOF characters could really work with something similar. I think it's key that the character starts with it however.