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06-27-2010, 08:28 PM
A version of this deck was up on the old FFG site, but due to the recent bannings (and well, lack of feedback), I'm posting it again with the changes made so far.

1x Taki (SC IV)

3x Acrobatic 2/5 +1L

3x Eiserne Drossel 3/5 +2M
3x Rekki & Mekki Maru 2/5 +2M

4x Playful Slice 4/2 +2L
4x Assassin's Strike 6/3 +1L
4x Oratorio Halcyon 5/3 +2M
4x Ninja Cannon: Fury 5/3 +2M

4x Carefree 1/5 +1M
4x Quick Exit 1/5
4x From the Hawk, Alertness +3M
4x Mishima Zaibatsu Leader 2/5 +2H
4x Just Kidding 2/5 +3L
3x Nursing a Grudge 2/5
3x Loves Her Blade 2/5 +2L
4x Deceptively Quick 2/5
3x Musoh-Battoh-Ryu 2/4 +3H
3x Trained Far and Wide 3/4 +4H

2x Quest of Souls 3/5
3x Wonderworld Comics 2/5 +3L
3x Knows Her Objective 2/4

Deck tries to be as aggressive as it can early game. Playful Slice is my favorite attack in standard, as it enables early aggression and puts your opponent into an early tough choice. If they block it, there could be far worse combo attacks coming, but if they don't, a card like Rekki and Mekki Maru will pick it up and throw it at you again. Trained Far and Wide and Nursing a Grudge both play on the Combo part of the deck, along with the attack lineup.

Average check is 4.48, which is a nice large number. Air is severely lacking in 1-diff foundations, hence why From the Hawk is in the deck. Deck is a bit light on High blocks, but there's not a ton Air can do about that issue. Acrobatic is a nice card, for both stopping things like Fury of the Ancients or Spinning Demon, but also for the silly high damage finishers like Knight Breaker or Seigfried's Earth Divide.

Until I get my hands on the Quick Exits (if I can, heh), they are subbed for Evil Destroyer, as that card scares the pants off of players playing against Taki, and is usually the one flipped over in fear of their board disappearing quickly on my kill turn.

06-29-2010, 10:05 PM
I would also consider doing a Playful Slice -> Assassin's Secret -> Dragon's Flame. You get both combo E's in one turn, a decent 15 damage flame with the regular E, and two momentum for Rekki & Mekki Maru. With the momentum, you could also use Flexible Body to block fast attacks. Just something to consider.

07-03-2010, 07:26 AM
The difficulty of having Dragon Flame as the finisher is that you then have to get the exact right cards in your hand to kill someone, slowing the deck down. The deck has Mid Weapon attacks for the most part on purpose, as you don't need to be picky on when you throw 12 of 16 of the attacks. If you just have 4 Assassin's Secrets, then if you throw that w/o the threat of having Dragon Flame, it's gonna get blocked every single time, making it harder to justify.

Flexible Body is a bit hard to justify. Remember, you're playing Taki here. Your foundations are also going to be fodder for your opponent to turn over. Hence, there's not a good reason to put in any silver bullet foundations that your opponent would just turn over. Previous version had Stand Off, and that was always the first target. Cards like Flexible Body and Mesmerizing Dance would get turned over immediately against certain decks. The deck's power has to come from it's Assets and Attacks, and then have a board which your opponent has to really worry about which card to turn over from an offensive (either board or attack) level.

07-03-2010, 08:49 PM
It is good to see you back to UFS land

07-03-2010, 09:17 PM
You use lots of Weapon attacks. This is great. But there's also quite a few speed pumps in the deck...why no Waterfall?

07-05-2010, 01:37 PM
It's been a thought to replace Ninja Cannon: Fury with Waterfall. It's the same zone, same block, same check. The reason I chose to pick Ninja Cannon: Fury over Waterfall is the long-game kill condition. In that case, usually the targets of an opponent will be turning over my speed boosts instead of other cards, with Drossel being unaffected. In that case, you're simply going to end up with a 6L12 attack that's 1 more difficulty. However, you can get more damage out of Ninja Cannon in a game that lasts more than 6 turns. You're likely going to have 8 or more face-down foundations that you already committed. So, with a Powerful:2, you've then got a 5L21 damage attack which would then need to get full blocked in order to survive.

But, it's not a bad idea. The -3 to multiples is useful against Minuette Dance, Fury of the Ancients, or Spinning Demon in bunches. It's E is cheaper in turns of not having to blow up your own foundation base. But, if you're gonna use the Powerful part of Ninja Cannon, you're planning on it being the last attack you throw that game.

07-09-2010, 09:05 PM
Your list is very good IMO =)

But, why Oratorio Halcyon in the attack lineup, for the high speed? For me Waterfall is a must, is useful in offense like a mini finisher (faster than Ninja Cannon like you said) and in defense to fight against multiple too. 4 Waterfall is too much but 2 is a good number, and in the other 2 slots maybe Dream Scroll? I think is a good attack and if you play it just before Waterfall/Ninja Cannon you are ensuring your high speed.

-4 Oratorio
+2 Waterfall
+2 Dream Scroll

What do you think?

I want to build a Taki so your comments will be apreciated too =)


07-19-2010, 04:16 PM
Couple of reasons why I wouldn't really do that.

First, Halcyon fufills two purposes. It's a weapon and a combo card. This lets you combo easier with the other cards in the deck, and you now get 12 cards you can play before Ninja Cannon which all do 4+ damage on their own. Also, there's cards in the deck that work with combo, such as Trained Far and Wide (really underrated) and Nursing a Grudge. Yes, Nursing a Grudge works with weapon as well, but what's more important is that it works with combo, something that lets you pick up Ninja Cannon.

Second is the same reason Dragon Flame isn't in the deck, is that if you get too worried about following a very specific combo, your deck is too slow, especially when you've got one shaky recursion (Grudge) and one very good form of recursion (Taki's weapons). The only other card draw available on Air is Wonderworld Comics, which is actually in the sideboard. If there was better access to more card draw or recursion, I'd probably be more apt to do make these changes, but having to wait for Dream Scroll (and Dream Scroll has to do damage) AND Waterfall is a bad idea.