View Full Version : Evil/Water Reversal Nehtali

01-23-2011, 11:15 PM
Characters x1

Actions x7
Showdown x3
Flowing Strikes x4

Assets x4
Ostreinburg Castle Throne Room x4

Attacks x 17
Chi Disruptor x2
Bullet Barrage x4
Shifting Technology x4
Cleansing Flame x4
Wrath of Heaven x3

Foundations x 31
Sheep's Clothing x4
Alluring Temptress x3
Juggle x4
Sign in Blood x4
Together Again x3
Into the Sunset x3
Puppet Master x3
Treacherous Offspring x3
Sweet Nothings x4

I haven't tested this deck with proxies yet, but I really like this deck on paper. With an ungodly ratio of 7 handsize and 21 Health, Nehtali will be a monster once the set hits and I think this is just one incarnation. There are so many interactions to pull off on the opponents turn.

Shifting Technology -> Flowing Strikes -> Cleansing Flame -> Clear cardpool -> Reversal
Showdown Block -> Cleansing Flames -> Shifting Technology
Treacherous Offspring + Sweet Nothings = Gone Attack.

Sign in Blood + Throne Room + Together Again + Nehtali = Cheap Block and mid Reversal. You don't even have to commit Throne Room since it adds to Nehtali's check ability, and then your reversal is that much harder to block.

This deck has A LOT of ways to punish an attack, and if they want to turtle away, you can blast them with a Wrath.

01-29-2011, 11:30 PM
I'm interested in building a deck like this with either Nehtali or Morathi; have you thought about including Cute Prankster? I think returning Shifting Technology would be pretty good in setting up a soft lock.