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06-28-2010, 12:14 PM
I've read some articles that sort of break down a deck into sections and explains its strengths, weaknesses, preferred combos and things of those nature. But, it seems when deck building one of the earlier things to decide is what symbols to play. Problem for me is, some of those symbols still seem a little vague in terms of strengths/weaknesses.

I know Earth has some good damage pumps and a lot of access to throws. Fire seems to just be a beast with speed and damage pumps. Life is about vitality. Chaos deals with control checks. But Order, Balance, and the rest I don't get. I see some discard in death and void.

Also, how often do you go dual symbols vs Mono. Perhaps since my card pool (though varying across sets) is limited to the number of copies per card, I end up going slightly dual. I've either gone mono, or in cases where I need to try to focus on getting cards with both symbols and then spreading lightly out with cards that only carry the one.

06-28-2010, 03:06 PM
dual symboling isn't required as much as people think it is nowadays "Off-symboling" or playing off the main 1-2 symbols of the character is more common instead(see playing Ibuki2 back in the day off Void instead of Evil or Life for example).

as for the symbols each usually has a certain aspect about them:

note this is for extended:

Air - card pool clearing and momentum gen/manipulation, some speed boosts.
All - card draw, some vitality gain, some speed and damage boosts.
Chaos - Momentum, momentum, MOMENTUM, a little control.
Death - Discard, some hand control, general negation
Earth - Damage mitigation(Both bonus and penalties, usually large ones) throws, some control.
Evil - Control with some damage bonuses
Fire - a little of everything.
Good - Reversals, damage mitigation, a little card draw, card pool clogging control.
Life - Life Gain, Damage & speed bonuses(Small ones)
Order - Control + Card draw.
Void - Hand Control, Discard, negation.
Water - Card pool clearing, damage bonuses, card draw, reversals.

thats ROUGHLY what each symbol has going for it.


06-28-2010, 03:16 PM
Symbols where more different earlier sets.
Since shadowar and forward became standard some symbols got left behind.
Order: Always dealt with commiting out opponent and denying resources
Evil: Alround denying and destroying your opponent, mentally and physically :P
Void: Discard
Air: speed momentum, and multiples
Life: Vitality, but also speed poke attacks
Water: loops and vitality (life and water are close to eachother..)
Death: Destruction
Fire: Got huge boost since shadowar, speed, damage. Everything that can kill your opponent.
Earth: tank symbol, throws and damage reduction + few but very stable damage pumps in earlier sets

06-29-2010, 09:53 PM
Thanks guys. Those will help me think a little more before hand on what symbol/symbols to run with instead of just going...umm...that one.