View Full Version : Duckman (all of New Zealand's) Trades - Metric tonne of RH

02-19-2011, 07:57 PM
So myself and the only other player in the country currently opened 5 boxes of RH and thus have many trades.

Have been trading since Set 1 and never had an issue - older players will remember me. I will not list older sets, if there is something you want especially ask. We have literally 2-3 playsets of EVERY UR, Rare etc up until Tekken. I believe we use Fury of the Ancients as coasters.

Few rules -

I am overseas, shipping takes longer.
I only ship simultaneously.

Wants - (in priority)

3x Templar (for second set, but they are worth a bit so will trade well)
1x Bear
3x Sovereign's Glory (ish want for second set)

Haves -

Foundations -

Not a Doll x5
Reward x2
Silence x2
Directing an Empire x2
Brillant tactician x3
Playboy x3

Actions and Assets -

No Equal
Showdown x3
Barfight x3
Master Plan x4
Revoke x3
Avoiding Danger x3
Silver fang
Sugar and Spice
Thanatos and Moros

Attacks -

Canine Strike
Heaven's Punishment x3
Auto Defense Engine
Chain Extension
Shifting Technology x
Fusion Bane x2
Bullet barrage x5
Rowdy Bunch x4
Double Tap x4
Blazing Storm x2

Other things of Interest (OtoI) -

Blank Place Holder (White from RH)
Uncommons >9000 (all sets including RH)
Commons......sideways 8

Like I said, if you want older just ask. Legacy we have ridiculous amounts of, Extended most (Shadowar we have infinite amounts of including unopened boxes).

02-19-2011, 08:23 PM
I have a Bear. I'm interested in Canine Strike, Shifting Technology and Auto Defense Engine:(