View Full Version : Bryan Fury (Earth) - Standard... Or "Flipping the table!"

02-23-2011, 05:11 PM
Right, so... I know there're a lot of Fury decks out there, and most of them revolve around pumping the biggest, baddest attacks.... I went a little more technical with mine, based on my play experiences with my Yi Shan earth build that continuously pumped my throws and did a minimum of ten to twenty damage if blocked, twenty to fourty if not blocked. Course, he's a bit more risky in this build.

Half theory built on paper, half built with cards I actually own. Mainly it's just the attacks I don't actually have, that I hope to trade and get =\.

Bryan Fury x1

-Final product-
Body Slam x4
Crushing Embrace of the Jotun x4
Hades Destroyer x4
One-Handed Crocodile Grasp x4
-Current Product-
Body Slam x2
Crushign Embrace of the Jotun x2
Yi Shan's Tiger Claw x3
Cleave x4
The Pahraoh's Crown Strike x3

Pendant of the Western Paradise x2
Bracers of Horus and Set x2

Man Behind the Mask x4
Know Your Objective x4
Brooding x4
Subject K88-01 x4
Maniacal Laughter x1
Lives for Battle x2
Ka Technique x2
In Search of Plunder x4
Might Makes Right x2
Fury of the North x4
Silence x1
King of the Ring x4
Memories of a Nightmare x2
Torn Hero x2
Journey of Repentance x3

Yeah, I know. Need to replace some foundations with Hungry for Battle, possibly some Unstoppable Warrior, and definitely some Strange Fasion. I also didn't want to add any attack which I couldn't pump with Fury.

Basic idea is to continuously pump a single throw to massive amounts every turn. With the final, intended product, if my opponent' isn't Strange Fashion-ing all of my throws, I'm guaranteed some momentum to mess with their draw with King of the Ring, otherwise that's another +3 damage.

Not entirely too different from my Yi Shan build... Just some RH cards, more damage pump focus, and some other little things. Five, maybe six cards in which I shut off damage reduc (4 or 5 of them permanently).