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Nubian God
03-13-2011, 10:22 PM
This is a loose recap of my Singles experience at the Austin PTC using my original art print Omar.

Round 1 vs Earth Kaden (ROTBI)

I've known ROTBI since The Next Level was released, so already I was treating this round as a exhibition. Nevermind this would be the first Kaden I've come across and ROTBI has a habit of making unconventional decks, I was feeling a little goofy (the shark hat I was wearing probably helped, too).

I win the roll, go first, and lay out a Cobra Twist... to check a 3. He builds, I play catch-up, and he proceeds to body me with Powerful attacks turn 3. 2nd game I choose to go first again, playing it more casually this time and actually establishing a staging area. I'm so focused on this that I don't bother to hold onto enough high blocks and he repeats the 1st game and serves up moar Powerfuls. Fail!

Results: 0-2 (0-1 overall)

Round 2 vs Air Reese

Being slapped around by ROTBI got my head back in the game, so I stock up on foundations first turn before laying out attacks from then on, sniping Reese's Playboys and other card pool clearing cards with No Forgiveness!. Still, Reese is pretty beast on his own and kept drawing cards and clearing attacks when I couldn't fully block his Sovereigns. Applying pressure with Templars almost every turn I attack didn't help me any, either. Even so, my defense held out long enough both games for me to win both games.

Results: 2-0 (1-1 overall)

Round 3 vs All Ulrik (James)

James is friends with ROTBI and another guy I've known for as long. Lucky for me, though, I managed to keep my focus this time around. It was a bad match-up for James as I was able to draw into at least one Torn Hero both games and his attack line up was very similar to the Reese I've just faced, so I had a good idea of what to expect.

Even with all of that, he put on lots of hurt with Ulrik's recursion and ability to limit my damage/speed redux on his crucial attacks. Once again, however, No Forgiveness! took out his remaining relative support.

Results: 2-0 (2-1 overall)

Round 4 vs Air Tira (Aaron)

I've heard a lot of stories about Tira and her new tools with Red Horizon. Since I've only faced ONE Tira since 5 star Standard format (and none since RH) I was pretty apprehensive about this match-up. Luckly I won the roll so I went first and established my staging area. Aaron got a healthy amount of clearing and drawing tools out, but I managed to draw into another No Forgiveness! so I immediately hated on his Playboy and Among Friends. After an intense tug-o-war, I finally manage to KO'd him.

In hindsight, he panicked a little at me having a throw build and switched to Nina for game 2. It went a little like game 1 except for him tossing my attacks into the discard using her F. Even with the lower hand size Aaron was able to draw into enough attacks to drop me to 4 before I KO'd him the next turn.

Results: 2-0 (3-1 overall)

With this record and the other Omar going 2-1-1, I made top cuts. In a strange twist, not only did Aaron make top but he was paired against me on the first round. =S

Top 8 vs Air Tira (Aaron) ...again

A little wiser to my tricks and strategies, Aaron was a little more level headed this go around. Winning the roll, he goes first and proceeded to lay out the blueprint to my doom. I get my set up and manage to slow him down considerably, but all for naught as he manages to get the KO.

Going first, I manage to get a spectacular staging area and by turn 3 I'm armed with 2 Ka Techniques, 2 Know Your Objectives, 3 Mishima Family Bloodlines, and played No Forgiveness! 4 times. Things got tricky when I used both Ka Techniques only to have him pitch the attack (tricky!), but I was able to block his slew of Shredding Vibratos and secure game 2 next turn.

Turn 3 he wisely kept with Tira but had a slower start this time. I had less hang ups and secured my defenses, weathered his Templars and ruthless attacks, and wrapped it up.

Results: 2-1

It was at this point that the bombshell was dropped that Hamayachop's Padma ousted Trips seven's Jin deck. That aside, I now had to face 2nd seed. None other than...

Top 4 vs Void Eva (Raikou)

Of course not playing tournaments since Worlds, this is the first time I've come across this build (or Eva altogether). I manage to win the roll and go first, but it mattered little as all of my anti-discard was in my sideboard. Nevertheless I manage to blank his War between Sisters and chip him to 5 before he nukes my hand and rolls me.

Second turn I side in my Laughables and Tieh Leis, go first, and build a damn near perfect first turn staging area. Of course, not only do I not draw into a Tieh Lei all game, but I never SEE one either. For some reason I suspect that he has some discard in his hand, so I go into his turn with 2 cards. Stupid of me, the 2nd card was Torn Hero... I manage to block his Harnessing Chaos with an Omar, clear it out and draw 2 with Mishima, and fully block his Piercing Howl twice. After that, he threw his last two attacks and manages to KO me by 2 (if I would have had a block card instead of Torn Hero, I could've survived by using Laughable).

Results: 0-2

Overall, I had an awesome time. All of the people I ran into were cool and fun to play against and it was a good experience to have under my belt. Can't wait for the next regional!

03-14-2011, 12:59 AM
Great player here, even though i had to go super serious mode, i still had a blast. I will never forget to write there hand down again because of you(i named cobra clutch instead of cobra twist off of an cold and indifferent).

congrats on your placing and you built omar off of the only symbol that i thought anyone couldnt.

to help you with my matchup after playing you if you want an anti discard card i would suggest reaping because it absolutely stops me from discarding your wholed hand(it wouldve been alot harder)


thanks for the games man even though u diversified my teamate barely

Trip Se7ens
03-14-2011, 08:08 AM

Nubian God
03-14-2011, 08:10 AM
It's awesome that you can joke around while being serious. I could tell that you were being extra careful but you still managed to act pretty casual throughout.

Good call on the Reaping. Sometimes I completely forget Omar has Chaos on him (keep on thinking it's Void for some reason =S). Funny as hell that we both wondered if I actually sided into anti-discard into my deck.

Again thanks for the great game and congrats on your wins.

Nubian God
03-14-2011, 08:13 AM
Haha! Thanks for the assist Steve! Too bad about your loss. Next time we'll have to get a couple of games in. Hopefully I'll see you all in Lubbock!

Nubian God
03-14-2011, 08:58 AM
Some shout outs I forgot to mention:

Trip - Good looking out on the team invite. It was a blast playing with you and Sean (or Shawn, never saw how he spells it =/). Besides that last Swiss game we mismatched (and fixed in top cuts) we tore it up. Good call on having me go Rashotep! Thanks also for not pulling any punches against the other Omar build and (unknowingly) giving me a shot at Top 8.

The Austin crew - It's always great to come down and see you guys! Sorry that I was the only one to make it from Dallas, but hopefully next time will be better.

Dennis - Supplier of the shark hat! I'd like to think that wearing it throughout Swiss gave me the psychological edge in my matches. =P It also helped to playtest against your brutal Xianguah deck. Nice meeting you!

All of my opponents - Every match I play I learn something new and this tournament was no different:
*ROTBI - Losing focus will get me railed in a hurry, and Subject K88-01 actually reads Subject K K K! I still laugh at that!
*Air Reese player - Playboy and Templar are not only annoying, but a serious threat if left alone.
*James - It's not always the character that makes the deck. Torn Hero hardly slowed you down!
*Aaron - That I'm not the only one prone to crappy checks, Tira is a beast, and things can change drastically in two separate matches.
*Raikou - Discard is alive and well, and that I always need to play out or pitch non block cards!

And finally Omar! - For winning Nats and giving Earth such recursion. No Forgiveness! would be mediocre without you!

03-14-2011, 11:41 AM
No shout outs for me hacking your checks? :)

03-14-2011, 11:52 AM
Great report man! Would love to her about teams

03-14-2011, 12:04 PM
i love you black dynamite

Nubian God
03-14-2011, 12:07 PM
@Lin: Whatever! I'm just glad we weren't paired. Jason would look at me wierd for calling on your natural check hacking! =P

@ATL: Most def. If one isn't posted by the time I get out at 4:30 I'll cook one up.

Nubian God
03-14-2011, 12:10 PM
i love you black dynamite

Next time I'll play less like a noob and do you proud.

Everyone got a kick out of your original art. It was the one you signed for Shelby after your Legacy match with Sasquatch. After I beat Aaron the second time he gave me a stick of Orbits gum to keep that smile shining!