View Full Version : Come look if you installed OCTGN's EVIL update!!! SERIOUSLY, COME AND READ!

05-04-2011, 04:49 PM
Hey! Well so far I have saved 2 people (Not including myself :( ) from this evil update xDD I want people to AVOID updating and if you did DO NOT uninstall the program or u r screwed as I am xDDD

Well what you have to do to recover your old OCTGN is simple:

Go to Control Panel
Go to Uninstall Programs
Select OCTGN
Press the "Uninstall/Change" button.
Select the option "Restore the Application to its previous state"
Finished. You should be having the program up and running again.

Why do this?

Well, you will HAVE TO unless you don't wanna play anytime soon on OCTGN xD because the Shuffle option won't work.

Why doesn't it work?

Well, the XML (The format in which all programming is done for the game definition) are no longer supported in the new version.


If you screwed up as I did there is still a way.
You can install the OCTGN with Lobby and play with it as normal. That is the 0.3.9 not the 0.4 so it will be fine :)
You can download this version of OCTGN HERE (http://www.skylabsonline.com/blog/project/octgn-w-lobby/)