View Full Version : Anyone Down for a West Coast Pre-PTC Tune-Up?

05-20-2011, 06:41 PM
UFS @ KublaCon on Saturday, May 28th

KulaCon is a 2-day gaming event in Burlingame, CA.
Info found here: www.kublacon.com
UFS Event on Saturday, May 28th @ 4pm.
Single Day Event Pass: $35
Stadard Singles Format (Swiss Rounds with Top 8 or Top 4 cuts, depending on how many players show).

This is a great opportunity for players who will also be attending the June 4th-5th PTC at Epic Adventure Games to get in a last-minute tune-up vs other local competitive decks. Or, if you're like me and can't compete in June's PTC, this is THE event to play competitive UFS outside of your immediate play-group.

I will be getting there early to Demo decks, do some trading, and get in some friendly matches before the actual event starts. If you're planning on showing and wanna hang, PM me and let me know you're coming!


05-21-2011, 08:00 AM
Slight errata...KublaCon is a 4 day event.