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07-12-2010, 09:57 AM
]With UFS returning, I wanted to make the most horrifying deck deck that I could using one of my faviroute character in the game, using cards from across all the blocks I have put this deck together which when set up, leads to point of 'What can I do to win', which I was hoping for..

Promo Alba

4x Arrogance
2x Assassination Arts
3x Seal of Cesation
3x Lynettes Shop

4x You Will Not Escape
3x Kung Fu Training

4x Order and Law
4x Fluid Adaptation
3x Tenacious
4x Altered Mind and Body
3x Fortune Teller
3x The Curse Broken
3x Keep Your Cool
3x E.S.P
3x Dorment for Millions of Years
3x Psycho Style
3x The Angel of Evening
3x Strife's Patronage
4x Awakening
3x Shinobi Tradition
3x Blind Stance
3x Constant Training

1x Pile DriverPlease Rate and Comment

07-13-2010, 03:39 PM
I love it. Pure filth indeed. I used to love building solitaire control decks as anyone who read any of my old decks knows, but I lost my heart for it after a bunch of players were like "there is no effing way I am playing another game against that thing". Now I enjoy more "fair" builds but if I was going to build something dumb it would probably be something like this. Or Methodical Fighter Rock/Yun-Seong or something.

One thing I would definitely do is max out in Curse Brokens and drop one Keep Your Cool for it, as you really only need to ever draw and use one. Also, where are Ring Vet/Program Malfunction/Experienced Combatant??? Lockdown is much better and easier with those cards out.

Looks good otherwise, but a single YWNE early will totally bork you so be wary when you set up.