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The Hurricane
06-06-2011, 02:06 PM
California PTC Tournament Report

My starting character Heihachi Mishima (Earth)

Hey everyone, this is my first Tournament Report everÖ I hope you enjoy. So, I show up to the event a little early just to chat it up with my peeps and give my deck up for deck check. After everybody got registered and had their decks checked there was an announcement; we had 18 players and no duplicate starting characters! There would be no diversity for this event. I thought this was crazy cause I have never been to a major tournament where there were no duplicate starting characters. Plus there was only one Eva. Anyway, I was glad to know I didnít have to fight diversity with a pretty popular character. I was pumped to start. I felt I had a good shot a wrecking face and making it to top 8. So, I get ready and Round 1 parings were called.

Round 1 vs Fairysoul- Sevastian (Good)
I sat down at the table, introduce myself and reveal my character. When she revealed hers I knew kinda what to expect. I heard about the deck here on the forums and thought it was a pretty cool idea. So I was super excited to see it at work. I win the dice roll and go first. I donít think this game lasted very long, I canít really remember, but Sevastian got Heihachiíd; ending him with a Rolling Revenge. Game 2 she chooses to go first. We both build and by turn three she got out four Together Again. I was like ďGreat.Ē Speed and easier block mods for her was I think definitely the deal breaker. A Gallant Defender-Valiant-Valiant-Ballista-Sovereignís Glory is definitely no bueno. So she gets me, I got my wish at seeing her deck at work, and we move on to game 3. I knew time was getting short, so I build turn one and proceed to attack turn two. A Body Splash and a Havoc Call get through but its not enough to KO her. Time was called. Now how this tourney was played was if time was called and it was on the player who went secondís turn, it went another go around. Player one got another turn and then player two got one more turn. This ruling would come into play in a big way later on. Anyway, we both canít finish each other and it ends in a draw.

Record: 0-0-1

Round 2 vs Dillon-Astrid (Fire)
So when I sit down I notice the mountain of cards on the table in which is Dillonís deck. I asked him, ďWhat is there like 150 cards in that thing?Ē He replies, ďNope. I think itís only 90.Ē I laugh a little and have no idea what to expect. He flips over Astrid and itís Dillon, so I know heís playing her off fire. I flip over Heihachi and the look on his face is like ďGreat Heihachi.Ē I know heís heard about my deck cause heís part of Tader_Saladís playgroup and I played on his team at Nats with a rendition of this same Heihachi. So I win the die roll again and turn Heihachi sideways. I build turn one and continue to over power Astrid with attacks and finish her off with a Havoc Call. He goes second Game 2, but it didnít matter. He got to play a few more attacks this game but a Power Shock for 15 damage finishes him off.

Record: 1-0-1

Round 3 vs Athena-Mitsurugi (Life)
I win the die roll again. So Heihachi turns sideways. My opening had I draw into 3 Characters, 2 Power Shocks, and a random foundation. If I was going second I maybe would have kept the hand, but I mulligan. I draw up to six again and was stunned at what I was looking at. In my mulligan hand was 3 Characters, 2 High Attacks, and a Man behind the Mask. I looked at Athena and was like, ďThis is dumbÖĒ I proceed to play my Man behind the Mask and throw out an Astarothís Body Splash. She lets it go through and I say go. She looks surprised and continues on with her turn. Surprisingly by turn three I get her. She goes first Game 2. And uhhhh, yeeaah. Misturugi did his thing and there was nothing I could about it. Game 3 I go first. A pretty intense (like camping) game. We exchange damage and it comes time to go for it or lose. I lead off with a Body Splash. Give it plus 3 and she partial blocks. This brings her down to 12. I think I got it. I throw out a Havoc Call pitching a Character hoping to bait a block. She in fact does block with a low block but has to pretty much commit out to do it. Sheís got one open in her staging area and I have a Rolling Revenge. I play it, give it plus six, and E with a couple of Broodings for lethal. Hoping she doesnít have another low block, she ruins my premature internal celebration and plays a one. Having to check a five or be KOíed was what I was seeing. She looks at me, puts her hand to the top of her deck. I take a deep breath, and she flips the top card over. Itís grey, with a little 5 on the bottom. She taps her last open card in her staging area and full blocks. Thatís when I knew I lost the round and she moves on to her turn Double Tapping me to death. Good games but I realize what we call statistics has not been kind to me so far.

Record: 1-1-1

We break for lunch and I go out to eat with Sal (Smazzurco) and Sam (VaporGecko). We talk about the tourney and eat. Sal has not consumed any Alcohol as of yet and I was expecting him to start at this point. He wasnít feeling too good. Having no appetite, lack of sleep, and a disappointing tournament so far, he decides not to become inebriated. We talk a little more and it comes to our attention that with the records we all have if I get paired up I would probably play Sam and if I get paired down I would most likely play Sal. So, Sal and I talked it over and being the good man he is, he says if we get paired he would give me the win. We finish eating and return to the game store for Round 4.

Round 4 vs Sal-Tira (Air I think)
It didnít matter what character he was playing or what symbol, he gives me the win cause I have the better shot at making top cuts and we just play for fun.

Record: 2-1-1

Round 5 vs Magnusotls-Miska (Chaos)
Final Round. We talk it over and we think we could call it a draw and still make it. After talking to Marcus (darthnoir, Scout and Event Coordinator) if we draw the round because of tie breakers neither of us may make top 8. So we decide to play it out. I sit down not knowing whatís gonna happen. I saw him play in earlier rounds and his Miska ran kinda like a Jin. I win the roll and go first like usual. We both build and then attack. He Bear Rushes and Canine Stikes me multipleing it out. I block one and survive. My turn I draw into a hand full of attacks and end him with a Body Splash. He Sides four cards and his Character. He flips over Morathi and I question it in my head. But whatever, he goes first and Piercing Howls me and plays the Morathi version of Russian Roulette and choose another Piercing Howl. He ends his turn and I go on to play a Body Splash and a Power Shock bringing him down to 2. Couldnít finish him off, so he lives for another turn. Thatís all he needed. He plays a Eltanin Nath-Piercing Howl-Piercing Howl-Spinning Demon Multipled out for game. Game 3 I go first, build and then pass my turn. He does the same. I play attacks he blocks and this goes on for a while. He then Piercing Howl-Baltic Launcher-Multiple out Canine Strike. I Man behind the Mask my way to survival and he leaves me at 1. Time is called during his turn but because of the time rulings for this tournament we have another go around. I Havoc Call for 12 damage and he eats it taking him down to 4. I react with Heihachi passing my check and donít reveal an attack. Dang. Iím still holding a Power Shock and heís pretty committed out from his last onslaught. So I go for it. He ends up blocking and asks if I have another attack because it would have been game if I did. I of course donít, so he draws up and plays Piercing Howl. I E with Strange Fashion and block. He plays another Piercing Howl, I E on the other Strange Fashion I have in play and block. He plays a Spinning Demon and its too much and Iím finished. Iíve played some really intense games in my past but this one I think makes my top 3.

Final Record: 2-2-1

I wait anxiously for the final Top 8 calling. Marcus calls Top 8 out and Iím not in it. Looking at the final results I finished 9th. It also comes to my attention that if I would have taken the draw in the final round both me and Magnusolts would have made Top 8. Disappointing. All in all, I had a good time and got to meet new people as well as hang out and talk with old friends. It doesnít really matter to me that I didnít win cause I was going to GenCon either way.

Shout Outs
Marvus Urban (aka Marcus) lol- This is the best man I have ever met! Thanks meng for running a great tourney. I think I speak for everyone who there when I say you made it run smoothly and fun. I appreciate everything you do man. Never stop being you!

Sal (Smazzurco)- Thanks for returning the favor from Nats and giving me the win in Round 4. Iím sorry I couldnít pull through the win in the Final round and Top 8 for you man.

The Sac Town Crew- You guys came down and werenít messing around. Great job! And itís always a pleasure seeing and playing you guys.

The SoCal Players- Talkiní Tech with you guys is always enlightening and I hope to see and play with you all again in the near future.

To everyone who was rooting for me- Thanks to all my fans ;) Sorry I disappointed you guys in this PTC. I wonít disappoint at GenCon. You guys best be ready for The Hurricane! Lol

Hopefully I will see you all at Worlds!

We West Coasters still loves us some Quick Strike! Lol

There Ainít No Meta Like West Coast Meta

The Hurricane Out.

Nubian God
06-06-2011, 03:30 PM
Good read, and congrats on your placing. Can't wait to come across you and other west coasters at Worlds!

06-06-2011, 04:29 PM
Excellent read. Can't wait to hear some reports from other people. I'd post up mine, but I don't remember much about the swiss after watching Lisa's T8 matches. Most adrenaline pumping matches I've ever seen, lol.