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07-22-2010, 11:32 AM
Edit post: Added "The Exile", and his cards!
Edit post: Added "The Demonslayer", and his cards!

Alright, so uh, first off, I'm still looking for a better name >___<

Secondly, this is a custom IP (intellectual property) that I've been working on; all the characters, the setting, the plot, all of it is of my design and creation.

Also, I've never really played UFS outside of a casual setting, and therefore the cards might be completely improperly balanced; so constructive feedback would be very much appreciated, as would feedback on the story itself!

And, I mean, if people like it, please tell me! It'd be nice to know there's some support for my ideas :S
It'd be awesome if it could actually be published, though I doubt it, lol :P

Ok, so uh, here I go! Here's the basic story and setting.

Basically, the world had reached a state of harmony. Most of the various races (which I will list later) are at peace with each other, to the point where a massive city was constructed in the center of the continent. This city was a large kingdom, where people of many races mingled, and lived together. It was the epitome of harmony.

But the peace was not to last. The most technologically advanced, the humans, continued to develop new technologies. Naturally, innovation led them to stumble upon dangerous technology. They created weapons. Naturally, though, in this state of peace, they didn't use them. But in the hearts of the humans, and their leaders, darkness lingered. The sense of entitlement won over. They believed that they had the right to rule. They were the smartest. They had come up with the weapons that would let them rule. Who could stop them?

War broke out. Humanity began attacking, slaughtering, massacring the other races. The city became a battlefield. A site of bloodshed. The other races pulled out as fast as they could, returning to their traditional homes, now paranoid and xenophobic.

Then came the final blow to everyones morale. One day, a bright light was seen in the sky. No one knew what it was, but it was getting bigger. All of a sudden, it streaked down, and smashed right through the heart of the city, a large, domed building, a cathedral built to honor the gods and beliefs of all the races. The meteor smashed right through it, symbolically shattering any hopes of peace between the races.

Upon investigation, it was concluded that the world had angered the gods, for it was no meteor. It was a being made of pure light, and it wanted vengeance. The human empire, which resided in the city, was shattered. Thousands upon thousands of lives were ended by that strange creature. After the empire was in ruins, as was the rest of the world, the being mysteriously disappeared. As it did, its armor and weapons flew off, all to different parts of the world, where they were sealed away. Across the world, a booming voice was heard. "Whoever shall find my armor and weapons, and don them, take on my power. You will ascend to the very power of the gods."

And just like that, the world was turned over. Turmoil, strife, chaos, death, bloodshed became common. No more did people think of others. Now it is all about the individual. It had become a race to Ascension.

The Races

Humans - Humanity, as it exists in most planes, is of course present in this world. They fill the role of the inventors and the progressive race. At least, they did. They gave in to a power-hungry nature, as it is, in fact, human nature, and inadvertently shattered the world. After their empire itself was shattered, they became an empty husk of what they once were. Their people were poor, starving, and dying, and they had little sense of unity or leadership. Most humans just lived in the ruins of the shattered utopia, every day clinging to survival by threads.

Orcs - The orcs, in this setting, are vastly different than they are in others. I've actually sort of based their culture off of samurai culture, so uh, sorry? In the beginning, the orcs lived in their clans, and were led by their leader, a wise and noble orc. But, after the humans destroyed near everything, there was dissent. Many of the younger orcs felt an undeniable rage after their homes, families, and friends were carelessly destroyed by humanity; they felt that the orcs also needed to rise to war. The older orcs, still led by their leader, believed that now, of all times, in the face of destruction, is when they needed to cling to peace the most. They needed to stand strong and be a beacon for the rest of the world. Because of this disagreement, the orcs split into two clans; there was the traditional orcish lifestyle, and the new orcish lifestyle. Now, the new one turned away from the traditional beliefs, and turned to the Great Forbidden, the land of demons and darkness. Basically, they became warlike demonologists :S The orcs are green-skinned, with fangs. They are of near-human size, though slightly stockier, and generally stronger.

Cyclops (plural being cyclopes, i think?) - The Cyclopes were a generally quiet and reserved race. Originally, the seven-, eight-foot tall behemoths hailed from the distant mountains, where they made their homes inside of massive stone fortresses built into the very earth itself. They are usually quiet and proud people, and are skilled artisans as well. As soon as the humans began their attack, the cyclopes fled, determined to hole up in the mountains yet again, until the war was over. But, that's not to say that they weren't affected by the God-Armor; many revolts and civil wars were staged, based off of whether or not the cyclopes should go to war with the world. They have gray skin, and it is tough and craggy, and almost resembles the rocks themselves.

Elves - What's a fantasy setting without elves? Unfortunately, the elves don't have much of a presence in this world; they were once musicians and artists, architects and poets. But, during the human's assault on the city, the elves were entirely wiped out. Or so the world thought... They were of fair skin, with different colored hair. They have pupil-less eyes, which instead glow with various colors (think like an Eladrin from D&D, 4th ed), and the typical pointy ears.

Walriks - Okay, so uh, these guys are kind of hard to describe. But, first things first, you must understand that they did not live in the utopia with the other races. They never believed in it. They lived far up in the frozen north, and, viking-esque, occasionally sailed down and pillaged and plundered small towns. They are large, almost-cyclops sized walrus-men. They are covered in thick, brown, bristly fur, have massive tusks coming from their mouths, and their hands are more akin to flippers than anything else. Now that the mainland (their civilization is housed within a giant iceberg, mind you) is in turmoil, and the allure of glorious God-Armor, the greatest treasure ever, the Walriks sailed out in full force to take the world by storm.

Lizardmen - Much like the Walriks, the Lizardmen never took part in the utopian society. They stayed secluded in their jungle civilizations, where they worshipped, near cult-like, their own gods. Their favorite was the blood god, Tlaxlotl. They finally came out of their reclusion at the promise of god-like powers; they saw it as a sign of their god coming to this world, and they set out to herald him in. They stand at about six and half feet tall, and are generally lithe. Their sin is scale, and they have long tails trailing behind them. They stand upright like humans, and have snouts like lizards. Yeah. Lizardmen. :D

So, uh yeah. That's basically it. Wait, hold up a second; the Sentinels. I need to mention them :S

Basically, there was a group of people, from all different races, who felt that no one should have the powers of a god. So, the formed together into a group known as the Sentinels, and they swore that as long as they lived, no one would claim the God-Armor. No one would seize this power.

Yeah :S
I've actually made 16 characters, in hopes of someday actually turning this into a fighting game, but for UFS, I've only made cards and support cards for 8 of those characters, seeing as that that's how many can be included in a set at once (unless I'm wrong). Maybe someday I'll post the other 8, but I decided only to post 8 for now.

I'll use the next couple of posts as well for the individual characters and their cards; I've got to go for now, so I'll fill them out later.

07-22-2010, 11:33 AM
Nobunaga - "The Demonslayer"

Story - Nobunaga was the original leader of the orcs. He was their wise and noble clan leader, and ruled over them in this time of unparalleled peace. However, after the human's attack, he had a debate with a younger orc, named Khargrak (he had changed his name), about whether or not the orcs should strike back.

Nobunaga believed that the orcs should continue on the path of peace, but Khargrak thought otherwise. That night, Khargrak's followers murdered Nobunaga's wife and kidnapped his daugher, Haruka, though Nobunaga believed her dead. They then let loose the denizens of the Great Forbidden, and the demons ran rampant through the civilization.

Nobunaga grabbed his blade, Tejira, and stepped out to fight. That night, his sword was stained with the blood of a thousand demons, earning him the title of "The Demonslayer". Unfortunately, many of the peaceful orcs didn't survive; Nobunaga was the last real warrior amongst them. He and his people fled, in search of a new home and a new life. The battle happened in a place called Titan Pass, which is where the orcs had set up camp. It was the western exit of the city.

Nobunaga now searches for the God-Armor in hopes of helping his people back to their former glory.

Appearance - Nobunaga is a bit taller than most other orcs. Traditionally, he wears red and black armor, complete with a red kabuto that covers most of his face (only his eves are visible when he wears it. He carries three swords of varying length, the biggest being the katana Tejira, a blood-red blade, and his signature weapon.

Playstyle - in my eyes, Nobunaga was always the stereotypical "hero" character. Just when you thought all hope was lost, he comes back from out of nowhere, with this amazing attack that just destroys his opponents. Therefore, his playstyle was primarily about reversals and damage reduction, but what's unique is that he sets out to play the PERFECT reversal. One unstoppable reversal. It requires set up, but it's supposed to be worth it.

Symbols [Earth - Good - Order]

Difficulty 6, Control 6, Mid +0
6 hand size, 28 vitality
G:M, H: 6'4", W: 242lbs, BT: O
R: After you reduce the damage of an attack, the reversal you play after blocking that attack gets +X damage, where X is the amount of damage you reduced it by.
Desperation E: commit: Use only once per game. Your reversal gets +x damage, and +Y speed. X = your maximum vitality minus your current vitality, and Y = 1/2 your current vitality (rounded down). Only usable on your opponent's turn.

The Everlasting
Difficulty 1, Control 5, Mid +2
E: commit: this attack gets -2damage or -1speed (both minimum 1).
Desperation E: commit: this attack gets -4damage or -2speed, minimum 1.

The Demonslayer (foundation/attack split)
Difficulty 2, Control 4
E: commit, commit 1 other foundation with a damage reducing ability: your reversal gets +X damage, where X is the highest possible damage reduction on one of the committed foudnations.
E: commit: this attack gets +1 speed for every damage-reducing foundation in your staging area (maximum 5). Only playable on your opponent's turn.
Attack Side
Difficulty 5
Mid speed 4, 4 damage

Traditional Techniques
Difficulty 2, control 5, high +1
R: commit: after you block an attack, you may add a card with a block mod equal to the mod of the block you used from your discard pile to your hand. Your opponent may discard an attack to cancel this ability.

The Red Warrior
Difficulty 2, control 5, low +2
F: commit: if your opponent has more vitality than you, you may add a reversal from your discard pile to your hand.

The Last Samurai
difficulty 3, control 4
R: remove this foundation from the game. After an opponent's attack brings you to exactly 1 vitality, you may immmediately play a reversal (no check necessary).

True Warlord
difficulty 2, control 6, low +2
E: reveal your hand: this attack gets -X damage. X = number of blocks revealed.

Hero of Titan Pass
difficulty 3, control 5
E: commit: your reversal gets +X+2 damage, where X= its block mod.
E: commit: this attack gets -X damage where X is its control (minimum 1). If you block it, you m ay draw a card.

Hero of his People
Difficulty 2, control 5, high +1
E: commit: if this attack is blocked, draw X cards, where X is its block mod.
E: discard a reversal: this attack gets -X damage. X = its control (minimum 1)

Diving Dragon
Difficulty 5, Control 2, Low +2
High speed 3, 4damage
Reversal * Weapon * Combo (High Block)
Combo E: this attack gets +3speed and +2 damage. Only playable if this card was played as a reversal.
Desperation E: commit a foundation: this attack gets +2 speed.

Rising Phoenix
Difficulty 5, control 2, High +2
Low speed 5, 3damage
Reversal * Weapon
Desperation E: if you have less vitality than your opponent, you may immediately play another reversal at +1 difficulty after this attack resolves.

Lion's Roar
Difficulty 4, control 3, Mid +3
Mid speed 2, 2damage
While this card is in your card pol, each of your cards get -X difficulty, where X is its block mod.

Howling Wolf (attack/action split)
Difficulty 6, control 2
Mid speed 5, 4damage
Reversal * Weapon
E: if this attack deals damage, your opponent's next attack this turn gets -X damage, where X = 1/2 the damage this attack deals (rounded down).
Action Side
Difficulty X
E: this attack gets -X damage. X can't be more than 5, or the printed damage, whichever is lower (minimum 1).

Soaring Eagle
Difficulty 8, control 2
High Speed 4, 5damage
Reversal * weapon
If this attack is played as a reversal, it gets -X difficulty, where X = number of cards in your opponent's card pool.
Desperation E: reveal your hand: this attack gets +X damage, where X total block mod. Only playable on your opponent's turn.

Ox Shoulder
Difficulty 5, control 2, mid +3
mid speed 4, 4damage
Reversal * Punch * Stun: 2

Sealing the Forbidden
Difficulty 8, control 2, high +2
mid speed 6, 6damage
Nobunaga Only * Reversal * Weapon
You man only play this attack when you have 1/2 or less of your vitality (rounded down).
E: commit all of your ready foundations. This attack gets +x speed, where X is the total block mod of foudnations committed this way. You may not play any other enhances printed on this card this turn. Only playable on your opponent's turn.
E: this attack gets +x damage. X = your max vitality minus your current vitality. You can't play anymore enhances printed on this card this turn. Only playable on your opponent's turn.

Difficulty 3, control 4, Mid+2
Unique * Armor
E: This attack gets -1 damage, -2 if it has the weapon keyword.
R: commit: after you block an attack, your opponent's next attack this turn gets -X damage, where X - blocked attack's current or printed damage, whichever is lower.

Difficulty 4, control 5
Unique * Weapon
E: your attack gets +1 damage. It also gets +1 speed, if it is your opponent's turn.
Desperation R: commit: after your attack played as a reversal is blocked, your opponent loses vitality equal to its control or its block mod, whichever is higher.

Until the End
Difficulty 5, control 3, high +1
After you play this card, search all of your zones for any card names "Until the end", including this copy, and remove them all from the game.
R: after you take damage from an attack that would put you at 0 or less vitality, you are instead brought to 1 vitality. The combat phase ends.

Trained with the Best
Difficulty 3, control 5
R: When calculating a block's difficulty, subtract the block modifier instead of adding it. If the difficulty would be 0 or less, the attack is considered fully blocked, no control check necessary.

07-22-2010, 11:34 AM
Kroken-Ra - "The Exile"

Story - Kroken-Ra was born into the Ra clan of cyclopes. He was only four years old when the humans destroyed the city, and it scarred him forever. After returning to the mountains, Kroken-Ra grew up without compassion; he felt that he had been wronged (his parents slain), and that he deserved to make the world pay.

He carried himself with an air of superiority; he felt that he was always right, and had no hesitation to beat his views into someone else. Of course, with the peaceful cyclopes, this led to some problems with Chieftain Ra. Eventually, Kroken-Ra believed that he could lead the cyclops clan, and use them as pawns to further his own plans of collecting the God-Armor and bringing the world to its knees. He struck out at the chieftain, but, despite how he felt about the Ra clan's future, the clan supported the Chieftain. Kroken-Ra was exiled from the mountains, never to return.

That day, he swore an oath of vengeance on both his kin and the world. After forcing himself to adapt, and surviving in the frigid mountain environments for years on end, he stumbled upon a crumbling temple. After exploring it, he came upon something that made him grin with wicked delight; the right gauntlet of the God-Armor. Though it took him quite some time, he learned how to wield this powerful weapon, and began his quest to complete the armor, and rule the world.

Appearance - Kroken-Ra wears armor that looks beaten and battered, old and worn, mostly because, well, it is! He has a thin, wispy mustache/goatee combo, and on his right hand, he wears the Fist of the Ancients, an intricately carved gauntlet with delicate golden patterns, and a large red gem in it. After I fix my scanner, I can get a rough picture loaded. In fact, that goes for all the characters :<

Playstyle - Kroken-Ra is the sort of guy that gets things done, no matter the cost. To represent this, I gave him a playstyle heavily reliant on blowing up your own foundations for all kind of attack pumps, and bonus effects.

Symbols [Earth - Death - Fire]

Difficulty 6, control 6, Mid+0
5 hand size, 31vitality
G: M, H: 7'2", W: 311lbs, BT: AB
R: commit: whenever one of your foundations is put into your discard pile from anywhere, your attack gets +X speed, where X is the destroyed foundation's difficulty.
E: destroy a foundation. Your opponent's control check to block this attack gets -X, where X is the destroyed foundation's difficulty.

Difficulty 3, Control 5
First F: destroy this foundation. For the rest of your turn, whenever you'd destroy a foundation as an ability cost, you may instead put it on the bottom of your deck. At the end of your turn, shuffle your deck.

The Exile
Difficulty 2, control 4, mid +2
E: commit: destroy a foundation: add a foundation in your discard pile to your card pool, as if you played it from your hand.

Lust for Power
Difficulty 2, control 5, high +2
E: commit: reveal the top card of your deck. if it's a foundation, you may discard it.

difficulty 1, control 5
E: destroy a foundation. this attack gets +X-1 speed or +X+2 damage, where X is the foundation's control.

difficulty 3, control 3, low +1
F: destroy this foundation. For the rest of your turn, you may attempt to play foundations out of your discard pile. You may not attempt to play this foundation, or any copies of it.

Treacherous Villainy
Difficulty 2, control 5
E; commit: your attack gets +1speed and +3 damage, Only playable if you have less foundations in your staging area than your opponent.

Superiority Complex
Difficulty 2, control 4, high +1
E: destroy this foundation. This attack gets +X damage, where X is the amount of foundations in your discard pile.

Dirty Tricks
difficulty 2, control 6
E: commit: this attack gets +X damage, where X equals the amount of foundations in your opponent's staging area minus the number of foundations in yours. X cannot be greater than 5.

Mind Flay
difficulty 6, control 2
high speed 2, 8 damage
E: destroy one of your foundations. This attack gets Stun: X. X is the destroyed foundation's difficulty.

Magnum Fist
difficulty 5, control 3, mid +1
mid speed 3, 5 damage
Punch * Reversal
E: destroy X foundations. This attack gets +X speed. X cannot be greater than 3.

Difficulty 6, control 2, low +2
low speed 3, 6 damage
Punch * Combo (Foundation, Foundation, Foundation)
Combo E: this attack gets +X damage. X = the number of foundations in your discard pile.
R: after your opponent tries to block your attack, you may destroy a foundation to give the control check used to block -2 (after difficulty is calculated, but before the check is made).

Death pulse
Difficulty 5, control 2, mid +2
mid speed 3, 6damage
Ranged * Stun:1
E: destroy a foundation. If this attack is fully blocked, it still deals damage equal to the destroyed foundation's difficulty.

Seismic Force
Difficulty 6, control 2
low speed 2, 7 damage
Punch * Ranged
E: your opponent's control check to block this attack gets -2.
R: after this attack deals damage, you may discard it from your card pool in order to add a foundation from your discard pile to your card pool, as if you had played it from your hand.

Ancient Rapture
Difficulty 9, control 1
mid speed 4, 8 damage
Kroken-Ra Only * Punch * Powerful:2
E: Destroy every non-character card in your staging area. This attack gets +X damage, where X is the total difficulty of all destroyed cards, and +Y speed, where Y = the number of cards destroyed.

Head Trauma
Difficulty 4, control 2, mid +3
E: destroy a foundation. your next attack this turn gets +X speed, where X is the destroyed foundation's control minus this card's control

Powering the Fist
Difficulty 2, control 5
E: if this attack deals damage, you may immediately add it to your staging area, face-down as a foundation with a blank text box.

Life-Changing Discovery
Difficulty 3, control 4, low +2
F: destroy a foundation: search your deck for an asset card, reveal it, and put it into play committed. It is considered to have a blank text box for the rest of the turn.
F: If you have less foundations in your staging area than your opponent does, you may put a foundation of difficulty X or less from your discard pile into your staging area committed. X = the number of foundations in your opponent's staging area minus the number of foundations in your staging area.

Fist of the Ancients
difficulty 4, control 4, mid +2
Weapon * Unique
R: commit: whenever one of your foundations is destroyed, your opponent must commit X of their foudnations, where X is the destroyed foundation's difficulty.
E: destroy a foundation: this attack gets +3 damage and +X speed, where X is the destroyed foundation's difficulty.

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Reserved for "The Mad Genius"

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Reserved for "The Dragon Rider"

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Reserved for "The Lifebringer"

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Reserved for "The Traitor"

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Reserved for "The Sentinel"

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Reserved for "The Hammer"

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Since you made a point to state that this is your own creation, and therefore, IP...you DID read the stickied disclaimer in this particular forum before posting, right?

Because, just posting your ideas means that you are agreeing to waive your right to claim ownership should Jasco print any of these cards; by posting, you are basically giving them permission to use your ideas very liberally.

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Yes, I'm aware of that :P

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Just checkin'. It's a decision anyone who chooses to post here need to be aware of, and from your initial verbage, i wasn't sure.

Have fun posting, and i will do my best to read and give good critique.

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Thank you! I'll do my best to get it all posted up ASAP @___@