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08-10-2011, 09:41 AM
Figured I'd do something of a report since I did pretty OK this weekend. Playing legacy on 42 hours of no sleep, plus getting my backpack stolen, top 2ing in teams, turning 21 and grabbing standard by the nuts is definitely worth recording for the masses. Keep in mind, I took no notes of what happened in these few days, I just remember the epic triumphs and crushing defeats.


I booked my hotel on the cheap for Gencon. We had just 3 days in the hotel, meaning we were driving up Wednesday night so we could hit up legacy on Thursday. I had thrown together 3 decks: Dhalsim for Legacy, King for Extended and Eva for Standard (which I have been playing for at least 3 months). Traveling with me were Syclic, Marco and ATLPiglett. An hour before we were going to leave for Gencon, we threw together a legacy deck for Syclic and Marco, then a really bad Hugo deck for Piglett for extended. Anyway, the car ride was 9 hours, with me driving the first 7 and marco finishing up the last 2 so I could get some “sleep”. Granted, there is not much room in a Honda fit for people to nap comfortably, and the car doesn't take bumps well. Needless to say, we arrived at the con at about 8 AM, sleep deprived and ready to play UFS.

Which, at Gencon, is secret code for standing in lines. Syclic, being the more responsible of our passengers, had already pre-registered months ago. However, apparently so did pretty much 95% of gencon. The line for will call stretched around several corners and doubled back on itself. It was undoubtedly the worst cluster:):):):) in Gencon line standing history. Luckily, Marco, Piglett and I were lazy people who decided before the trip we would just stand in the huge line for event registration, which in this particular event meant we got to just walk up to the counter and give the people our money, get our badges and be on our way. /laziness-success

Either way, we got there early enough that Syclic was out of the line long before the tournament started. Deck registration took absolutely forever to begin and so legacy, which was supposed to start at 1:00 PM ended up starting sometime around 3:30. I honestly don't remember much of Legacy swiss. Only that it was 5 rounds with a 45 minute break and I had to play against 4 Tira decks. My only loss was to Paul Bittner playing Tira and I end up in top 8 with this dhalsim deck that had never been tested against another legacy deck. I believe we had some sort of break between top 8 and final cuts. Either way, we started round 1 of top eight at about 11:30-12:30. At this point, I've been awake since 7:00AM on Wednesday and really just want to lose so I can go to bed. 41 hours of no sleep and the hystaria has set in.


VS. JOHN HERR PLAYING JOHN HERR (at least I think he was)

This deck was apparently UFS house's legacy opus. Blazing Cadenza + Hammer + Unrequited love = GG. Anyway, I don't remember who won the dice roll, but I do remember drawing a cat in my notebook. I then drew a second cat next to the first cat. The second cat had a smaller head than the first cat, but a longer tail to make up for it. I decided that these would be perfect representations of me versus John Herr. Before our matchup, I pointed to the first cat and told john with complete seriousness: “John Herr, I am a cat with a big head and a little tail, and you are a cat with a small head and a big tail, and this is a matter of head's or tail's”. Honestly, that is all I remember out of that match. Both of our decks were fast, but apparently mine was faster or more disruptive or something. Either way I got game one (finishing at 2 life). Game 2 I drew a hand holding 2 flowers which represented our life totals again. I took game 2 (with 4 life left) and moved on up.



This deck was far and away the coolest, most ridiculous deck I have ever seen. Garret was playing a million different reversals with a ton of tech that I would never have expected to see in a top 4 deck. But apparently it was anti-meta as hell and had been destroying people all day. Once again, I forget who won the dice roll, but I do remember drawing 2 birds in my notebook. One with a big head and a little tail, the other with a small head and a big tail. Before our game, I made sure to inform him that: “I am a bird with a big head and a little tail, and you are a bird with a small head and a big tail, and this is a matter of head's or tail's.” Either way, Game 1 I apparently ran him over.

Game 2 I draw 2 stacks of pancakes for our life totals and he sides collecting data, then uses it on turn 2 and scoops 3 of my 4 seichu's from my deck to my momentum (I checked a seichu on my first 2 dif of turn 1). He then asked me if I'd like to go to game 3, to which I said “hell no”. He seemed kind of confused as I didn't appear to have any momentum recursion, but I knew how to get my seichu's back. Turn 3 or 4 he drops Bringing the master to his knees, which I Yoga teleport using the Dhalsim R, pitching a card out of my momentum and cancel the form, getting to meglofest him out in the process. I continue building for a couple turns and eventually get 2 tag alongs in my hand. I Lesser of many evils, dhalsim form to pitch his hand, double tag along, picking up 2 seichu's and play one, nearly tapping out to pass it. Unfortunately I never drew my All life is prey's so I end up putting him to 1 and passing my turn. I'm looking rather tapped out and useless. He draws up his hand and starts looking very disappointed. With me at 17 life, and him apparently not drawing what he wanted, this is not looking good for him. He drops heel snipe, committing yoga mastery and fight or flights it. I go down to 7 because I can't pass the check for a block. He then drops strike heads and plays fight or flight, to which I respond with Rigorous training's action side (TECH!) I then eat the 5 damage strike heads. He plays foundations until he has 2 cards left in his hand and says go. Beginning of my turn, he R's with nakaruru to tap down dhalsim, to which I dhalsim R, making him discard one card. He now has 1 card in hand and I have just the momentum from when Seichu dealt damage last turn. I play the second seichu I picked up last turn and multiple it for game.



This deck was very similar to John Herr's legacy deck, only with Matt Kohl's in front of it. Which is kind of infinity times better. Matt Kohl's F lets him pick up all of his blazing cadenza's, KFT's and absurd strengths. It's kind of like having 4 copies of the gorgeous team out at all times, if you are playing an evil lady. Either way, I begin the game by drawing a rat with a big head and a small tail, and a rat with a small head and a big tail and I tell Matt Kohls: “I am a rat with a big head and a small tail, and you are a rat with a small head and a big tail and this is a matter of heads or tails”.

A very important thing to note here: Matt Kohls has 18 vitality. Every match I had played today had a character with well over that amount, however, this amount is special because I require no damage pump or extra seichu in hand to kill him. Because Seichu's base damage is 18 fully multipled, I could kill him turns early as long as I drew into military combat arts.

Either way, we begin the match and I win the die roll. I drop 4 foundations, including a cursed blood. Matt drops down a shinobi tradition and gives me the option to respond. I pass response. Then he drops a manifest destiny. I responded with cursed blood and flipped a seichu, so I decided to kill his shinobi tradition. Then I yoga teleport his Manifest destiny. He is now without foundations on one, so he goes to play a blazing cadenza and fails it. Syclic told me later that Matt had drawn into 3 blazing cadenza's, 2 actions and 2 foundations. Matt knew it would be incredibly hard to kill me without those cadenza's, and was forced to keep his hand. Anyway, the turn 1 3 card timewalk gave me enough advantage that I built one more turn and seichu'd him on 3. Its hard to block when you don't have a hand.

Game 2 I decided to draw the only thing on my mind to represent our life totals, which were stick figures sleeping. I honestly remember nothing of that match, just dropping seichu, being lifted into the air (I'm bad with heights) and a lot of yelling and hypeness. I had just won my first card, though at that point all I could think about was sleep. After all the hypeness died down, I was trying to get everything together to leave, when I realized that my backpack was missing. We searched everywhere but it was gone. That backpack had my King deck, Eva and my phone charger. Needless to say I was tired and angry about the backpack, but happy about the cards. It was too much emotion to handle for the lack of sleep I had, so we left and I just went to bed.

08-10-2011, 09:42 AM

Friday was Extended and Teams. Lucky for me, extended was first, so I spent the first several hours of that day running around to people, asking if they had any cards I could borrow. Here I would just like to give props to Ben Shoemaker, Joshua, Omar and Jason himself. These guys together lent me the cards I needed to put my Eva deck back together completely. Either way, extended ends and I hear that our very own Piglett made it to top eight playing Hugo. Apparently he didn't kill a single person all day with the deck, everyone just scooped out of frustration. Talk about the best format ever.

Teams round one: Custom Made; me (eva), ATL Piglett (cassandra) and amillionfaces (Sevastian) Vs. Team Two Mexican's and a Mike Lowe

We win the die roll, but I paired it poorly and forgot that “know when to talk” pushes sevastian's :):):):) in. I play vs Danny Fung's Jin who wrecks me (Jin is one of my worst matchups) and Piglett's Cassandra just can't pull out the win vs Al Crocker's Nina. Down one match, we move on.

Round two: Team UFS house:
All I remember about this round was we lost the die roll. I think they paired Sevastian against Paul Bittner playing Bittner and Cassie goes against John Herr, while its me vs. Matt Kohls. I beat Matt, but my team mates lose their matches. Anyway, at 0-2 we know we need to sweep to get into top cuts.

I don't remember rounds 3 and 4, but we win both and round 5 we are against Voltron Kitten force. They have an Eva, a Miska and a Jin. I get paired against Jin while Cassie goes against Miska and Sevastian goes against their eva. Needless to say I was nervous because this was Jeremy Ray, arguably the best jin player in the world, against me playing a deck with a disadvantage against Jin. Either way, I lose the dice roll, we each draw up and he mulligans a hand with a Jin. He plays 3 foundations (with 1 hunt is on) and checks 2 more jin's. I pulled a damnation in my opener though, so I made sure he wasn't going to get any stacks for a few turns and blew him up when I had all the cards I needed. I end up winning game 2 as well, and Sevastian beats Eva, so we are on to top 8. At this point its super late so they decide to postpone tops until later.

08-10-2011, 09:42 AM

Saturday is singles. We got 60 some odd people for this event. Round 1 I play JP from New Jersey. This guy is awesome and came down for our PTC two months ago. Anyway, we are both kind of annoyed that out of 60 people, one of us would have to start out by hurting the other's record. He was playing Void cassie. I don't honestly remember much of the match, only that we played it in about 15 minutes and I came out on top. We hung around, watching everyone else finish their matches and I did some scouting for how much diversity I was running into which was shockingly only 2 other people. From how well I did at the PTC and all of the Eva hype, I was expecting many more. Either way, I was fine with the field and pretty confident I could come out on top.

Round two vs. guy who's name I don't remember playing Ivy
This deck was very interesting, though not my playstyle. It also lacked hard on defense. I ended up killing it pretty early without much trouble as he had pretty mediocre blocks. I remember one kill turn when he didn't have any in his hand. I took this round as well and moved on up.

Round three vs. Not Mike Lowe (wafflecopter) playing Mike Lowe
So even though Mike Lowe himself is free, Mike Lowe's character card is definitely not. This deck was built to destroy 7 handers in 2-3 turns and did it well. As defensive as my deck was, I couldn't deal with the ridiculous amount of attacks Not Mike Lowe could throw in a turn. I actually picked up game 2, but game 3 he ends his turn 3 getting me down to 10, and I draw no attacks. There are some matches you just weren't meant to win. This was one of those matches. 2-1

Rounds 4 and 5 were kind of a blur, but I ended up winning both of them.


VS. BEN LAMBRIGHT (Syclic) Playing Mitsurugi

Syclic is my friend Ben who I've been playing UFS with for years. A month ago, for Gencon, he built a mid attack mitsu deck utilizing Playful Slice AND Genesis. It was an out of the box, really cool deck that I absolutely wanted to see in top 8. The problem was, our records were both 4-1 and there was another mitsurugi with the same record sitting 2 tables up from Ben. This was Alex Marco, our other team mate. Going in to Gencon, everyone from Atlanta purposely decided that they would not play a deck that would diversify someone else, however, the day before in teams, Alex didn't do so hot and decided to ask Drew to play this generic High Times Mitsurugi deck because he thought that he had his best chance of winning that way. Anyway, Ben didn't know that he was fighting for diversity from Alex until round 3, and though they both kept winning, at this point Alex and Ben were 4-1.

Marco was playing against Shane's Morathi, and I decided that if Shane beat Marco, then Ben and I would ID into top 8. Either way Ben and I played it out, and I god drew him, 2-0'ing him in 4 minutes. We had finished our match by the time the people to our left had finished shuffling. Anyway, we watched while Shane rolled Marco, so we were going to ID when Shane told Marco he would give him the win because Shane was going to get diversified by Matt Maffei. So I took the win over Ben while a member of our team basically diversified another member of our team. Needless to say Ben was furious, and I was pretty mad at Alex, but such is life. Everyone has pretty much gotten over the drama by now, but we aren't going to let this happen again.

TOP 8 SINGLES VS. FREE PlAYING FREE (Mike Lowe playing Mike Lowe)

Mike Lowe is pretty much one of my favorite people who play this game. Hands down. Talking trash with this guy was some of the most fun I had this weekend. I said some terrible things to him and a lot of things that made no sense about his mother. Either way, I was able to survive his onslaughts (he put me down to 1 game 2 or 3) and turned around and wrecked him. I don't remember if there were 2 games or 3, but they were fun games and I really enjoyed these matches.

After this, it was super late and pretty much everyone had already headed over to buca de beppo's. Jason asked the top 4 if they would like to play our matches at the restaurant, to which we all replied “no”, cause lets face it, nothing makes you lose your appetite like losing in top 4. Everyone except me, Jason and a few others left to go to the restaurant while I stayed behind to watch Piglett's top 8 extended match vs. Felicia. I watched as Felicia failed attacks 4 turns in a row while trying to keep its foundation count low against Hugo's giant Sardine's Beach Specials. Eventually Piglett takes it and we head over to buca's at 10:45. At this point it is just 1 hour and 15 minutes until I turn 21.

Buca's was a blast. I was sitting with Havoc, a veteran player from the FFG days, and our table spent most of the evening explaining how awesome the game had become under Jasco Games. Every once in a while we would get up to go check out the card art from the new set, and we even got to see Andrew Olexa's new character art, which looks absolutely BOSS. Anyway, 12:00AM rolls around and I have to say, there is NOTHING more hype than the majority of the UFS community at gencon yelling Happy Birthday at you. We leave buca's and head over to the Ram where I get my first drink courtesy of Josh Kroswek. It was some mystery rum concoction, which was followed by an Irish Car Bomb. I'm pretty much a complete light-weight when it comes to drinking, so I stop myself there before I drink any more and it turns into a vomit-fest. We head back to the con to pick up the underage members of our group, then its back to the hotel for our last nights sleep before the finals.

08-10-2011, 09:45 AM


This is a scary matchup. Its Birch's King along with Shane and Hughes Morathi and Kyofu. Everyone was running throws and all 3 decks were a very rough matchup for an 18 life character. We end up winning the die roll and pair off Sevastian vs. King because we don't want Cassie to have to deal with torn hero. They drop me vs. Hughes playing Kyofu (a match we played yesterday that I barely scraped by and Cassie gets to play Morathi who utilizes the same attack base as Kyofu. I end up winning game 1 and Hughes sides into Brian Fury for more damage. Honestly, I was kind of happy for this, because even though it makes his throws do more damage, it meant I only needed 1 high block to stop a midnight launcher instead of 2. I think I took game 2 as well and Cassie win's her match so we move on up to top 4.


This match seemed familiar. Anyway, we win the dice roll again, and end up pairing Sevastian against Jin, because the deck auto loses to Nina and Know when to talk. Anyway, I get to play against Mike, who I rolled the day before in Top 8, and we pretty much reach the same conclusion (I think he even put me to 1 life again). Cassie loses game 1 vs Nina, but then comes back to destroy her games 2 and 3. I think Josh even almost killed Jin, he just forgot to fearless R. Either way, we take it and move on up.


Hey, what do you know, an ATL vs. ATL Finals. We win the die roll, pairing me against Dave playing Paul Bittner. I had only ever played one game against this deck, but I was confident that if I could get to game 2 and side in silences, I could win it. Either way, Ben Shoemaker takes Piglett in a Cassie mirror and Josh Kroswek gets to play Drew's Kazuya. I get rolled game 1 and side in to silence. Game 2 I draw my hand and mulligan it (4 attacks, and action, 2 foundations) as I want to out pace paul as much as possible. I then drew in to 5 attacks and 2 foundations. At this point I decide that getting damage on the table is going to be better than only getting my 2 foundations so I drop harnessing chaos and check an attack, followed by rolling revenge, to which I check an attack to fail. I pass turn and Dave stacks 2 attacks on top of my deck. Next turn I pitch a harnessing, draw 3 attacks and try to do the same thing, with the same result. Anyway, 40 turns later, that deck's kill condition finally kicked in and I got rolled. However, Piglett beat Ben, so it's now down to J Kros vs. Drew.

Kroswek took game 1 and Drew took game 2. I left here to go play my top 4 standard match against Birch, but I heard that at one point, Kroswek got out 3 cursed bloods, passed his turn and put his head down. Drew plays foundations and ends his turn, then Kros wakes up and draws into 3 foundations and checks 3 attacks to play those foundations. I'm still kind of bitter about this and firmly believe that only Ben Shoemaker is boss enough to play UFS severely hungover. Either way, Josh continues not to draw anything and Drew takes the match. Josh is never going to hear the end of this one.


This was easily my most nerve wracking match of the entire tournament, not to mention it was preceded by my epic defeat against Dave. This king played way more attacks than I was used to in a king deck and he took game 1 very fast. Game 2 I think we both sided in silences. I get him down to 19 in one turn, and turns around and puts me at 5. I then draw up to my hand and see that I have just a harnessing chaos and a leg slash. All he has in his hand is a +2 Low block, which I saw last turn from the king form. I drop harnessing, pump it to 8, and he eats it. I then drop the leg slash, flip his Mexican Sensation over with Know Your Objective and Eva+Merciless fighter it to fatal. After that game I'm talking to Matt Kohls and say “man I'm glad he didn't block the Harnessing, I didn't have another attack”. Birch was not happy about that.

Game 3 he goes first, We each drop a turn of foundations, then he draws his hand up and starts looking at my cards as though he is about to kill me. I think to myself “He probably drew 2 attacks, one high throw and a flinging half nelson, while he has a flinging in his discard pile.” He drops an attack and I think checks a 3. He pumps it as much as he can and sends it across. I decide that he has another throw in his hand, so I block with leg slash so he can neither pass the check for the next throw nor King form to eat the breaker. This play ends up saving my life and the turn passes to me. I throw a bunch of attacks at him and get him to 9. He draws his hand up and he is not happy, because I'm at 14 life and he only drew one attack, and the rest of his hand was without blocks. He drops the throw and I decide I can eat it because he seems very disappointed with the rest of his hand. He then plays 2 foundations and King forms, showing me 3 cards without blocks on them. I tell him here “So all I need to draw is one attack? Ok, lets see if my deck likes me.” I block his flinging half nelson, then go to draw. I already had a harnessing chaos in hand, but only eva to pump it to 7 damage. I draw up and pull just one leg slash. I drop harnessing and show him leg slash and he scoops.


Matt Kohls, again? Apparently we are both pretty damn good players to meet in the finals of both Legacy AND Standard. Anyway, they set up the camera and move us over to play on top of this giant UFS banner of one of the new characters. The guy with the camera wants to get us playing on top of the giant UFS logo, but I insist that I've played every match on my walrus mat, and so they lose a little bit of aesthetic formality, but I wasn't giving away this opportunity to let my mat lead me to victory.

Either way I look over at Matt Kohl's vitality sheet and I see that someone (I think it was Garret) has drawn under his name a bird with a small head and a big tail, and under my vitality drew a bird with a big head and a little tail. I then looked over at Matt Kohls and told him: “You are a bird with a small head and a little tail, and I am a bird with a big head and a little tail, and this is a matter of heads or tails.” At this point he pulls out his and Paul Bittner's character cards, at which point I yell at Alex Marco to give me all the copies of Basket the Cat he had, at which point Matt pulls out the UFS House team asset, then I start flipping through my notebook to find the page that I used in legacy to beat him when Matt just says “Ok enough of this” and puts his cards away. I kept basket out, just because that is my favorite card ever. Seriously, the art on that card and the fact that he was named Basket (they even spelled his name wrong!) is too fantastic for me to handle.

Either way, he wins the die roll and opts to go first. Of this match, I remember only the last turns of game 2. I took game one somehow. Game 2 he gets me to 2 vitality, and I draw in to 2 harnessing chaos' and 2 leg slash with no mid blocks. He has 4 cards in hand with the potential of seeing many more, courtesy of his character ability and ancient fighting style. Not to mention the fact that he had templar in main board, this just meant I was not going to attack him this turn. I played some foundations and said go, R'ing with Eva to see another Harnessing Chaos (I have 5 cards in hand). He starts staring at his hand, wondering if he can kill me. I remember his decision of whether he should attack or not taking forever, at least in my mind. Finally, with 2 cards left in deck, he drops an ultimate team. I breathe no sigh of relief though, as he R's with John Herr and Hunt for Jin's up a gut drill. I have just 2 high blocks in my hand and a hunt is on in my staging area, meaning if he plays two mid attacks this turn, I lose. Instead he plays a couple more foundations and says go. I ditch one Harnessing and rip into 3 more attacks and a Need to Destroy. The last turn was a nail biter.

I drop harnessing, pump it and hunt is on to grab the mid block I will need if he reverse gut drills me. He eats the harnessing. I then drop Havoc Call and he goes to block. Here I think I let him block it for full and he kind of goes between deciding whether to drop his gut drill or save it as another block, as I can totally axe his next one out with harnessing AND I can block the gut drill with the character I picked up. He CAN change the zone on gut drill with wonderworld comics, so I just have to keep Law of the Land up during the kill turn. He opts to not play a reversal. I played another attack, which I pump. He goes to block for half and passes. I believe I let this happen as well and he passed R on reversal, and he is now at 4 life. Finally I drop a leg slash and for some idiot reason tap my 2 merciless fighters to pass. I was just so close to winning I guess I stopped being patient. Either way, I do that and I believe I said “:):):):)” because if I can't get this up to 3 damage above fatal on half, he can block with templar and survive. I pump it to 9 damage, to which he goes to block with Templar and checks a 4, committing 2 of his 4 foundations left up to pass (2 best friends, his character and a For the Money). Here we need a ruling, as we debated if active player got first response or the player who played the card got first response. Jason comes in and resolves that I get to negate templar first because it is my turn, and because the trigger is “after you block an attack” and not “after this card is played as a block” he could not respond with templar because he did not block the attack. I axe out his block and he goes to block with gut drill, using the R on for the money, which I negate. GG Matt Kohls, GG.

EDIT: definitely got a bit of this wrong now that I watched the finals matches. there was at least one more harnessing chaos in there

Once again, I'm lifted into the air and scramble to get back down as I don't take heights well. Either way, winning a character card feels :):):):)in awesome and I pretty much got raped by the entirety of lionstance. Jason hands me my boxes for legacy and extended which was 7 boxes and 2 deck boxes in all and I come out of all of it with 3 uncut sheets along with 2 MORE boxes for teams and a HUGE banner of the new counterpart to Nehtali. I even got 3 more promo packs out of all of it, which meant 3 more copies of BASKET (not to mention the evil attack of power, which I WILL be running in every deck I make until the end of time). /swag-nasty

After the tournament, Syclic and I go to the Jasco booth to do pack redemption and find out that we have 180 packs which translates into 12 snazzy new promos. We come back to the CCG hall afterwards to find that ATLPiglett who is in the Extended finals Vs. Shaneth was no where to be seen. Apparently because the CCG hall closed at 4:00PM, they decided they wouldn't have enough time to finish their matches in the forever format and elected to take it somewhere else. After finding them, we get to see Piglett take game 1, when Ben and I realize our card binder was no where to be seen. We run back to the CCG hall as fast as possible, but we see that it has closed and that people are walking out of it, and after the backpack incident, we are almost certain our binder is gone WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN we run into Jeremy Ray, Andrew Olexa and the Michigan playgroup who picked our binder up for us and were trying to call Drew in order to get my number. These guys completely saved our asses and we can literally offer nothing but loads of thanks (and copies of my character/foundation once it gets all printed and such).

We come back up to watch the final match between Piglett and Shane. Piglett decides he's tired of playing and just starts dropping his hand into his staging area every turn. This would be great for Shane, if he drew any attacks. Turns and turns of building later, Piglett gets his hands on 2 sardines beach specials and loads them in to Akuma's face. At this point I would have liked to lift Piglett up in the air, but he is the 2 time State Powerlifting Champion of Georgia (I'm not even remotely joking) so we just settled on pats on the back and hype amounts of yelling. Piglett was actually also wearing the singlet he won both Powerlifting titles with. Apparently that singlet is what makes a champion.

We headed back to the car to put all of our swag away and ran to steak and shake where we ran into Halbard and had dinner, then we headed back out on the road. 9 hours later we are back in Atlanta and our car is 3 Champion cards, 13 boxes, 2 giant banners, 3 uncut sheets and a ton of copies of basket richer. The weekend was a fantastic success for Atlanta and definitely my best birthday ever.

08-10-2011, 09:45 AM
Shout outs:

Lionstance: You guys are the reason I've done so well at this game. If it wasn't for you all bringing the most degenerate crap to locals every week in every format since the game came out, I would not be the 2011 world champ. Ben, I can't wait to play as Ben Shoemaker. Drew, your foundation is going to be ridiculous and I can't wait to see the art. Dave, go bring your Paul Bittner deck to Nat's and win yourself a freaking character card already. All that deck does is win. Lets keep Atlanta on the top of the UFS pile.

Piglett: All I can say is, that deck's bad, you are bad and extended is a terrible format. But damn you deserved that card. You are one of the tightest players Atlanta has and there are more cards for you in your future.

Josh Kroswek: Hype times man, hype times. Thanks for buying me my first drink dude, may there be many more to come. As far as UFS goes, don't play it hung over. Only Ben Shoemaker is THAT pro.

Ben Lambright: You did well this tournament. Sure, you didn't top, but that deck was super rad and you played it well. Not to mentioned doing awesome in Legacy. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get to champ status eventually.

Alex Marco: Thanks for helping me stay awake through the car trip. We had fun times, just please never try to diversify another member of the team again. I will impale you on your own hair.

Thomas Ra: I don't know if you have a forum name, but way to go dude. Beating Jeremy Ray in the Jin mirror is no small feat and you rocked out with your cock out, going 4-2 and getting 11th. If you keep playing at the store you will start winning events. From experience: this playgroup makes you good.

Matt Maffei: Way to go in swiss man! Apparently your character is good or something, with 3 people in the diversity brackets. Of course, you were the smart one and just decided not to lose any games. Silly other morathie's, when will they learn? Anyway, good job this weekend. You're only getting better.

Ivey: it was fun hanging with you, thanks for helping me when I needed to find my backpack and getting me through that terrible point in my day. I plan on crashing you and ben's pool sometime before the cold sets in, let me know when you guys wanna hang out!

Shaneth and Hughes: It was great rooming with you guys. Wish we could have hit up that sicknasty pool though. Maybe next Gencon if we can actually get some down time. Your decks were freaking scary though and for not playing the game in a while, you guys showed everyone how damn good you are.

JP Status: Great to see you again man, sorry we had to play each other in swiss first round though. If you're ever in Atlanta hit me up and I'll give you a place to stay. See you at the next major!

UFS house: I'm pretty sure I only ever got to play against Matt the entire weekend, still epic games. You guys have proven yourselves time and time again as some of the best players in the world and I can't wait for more games in the future. I owe all of you guys playsets of my cards when they come out eventually.

Garret: I love your game mindset. Your decks look like a pile of jank but damn do they do work on people. Good games man, sorry I found a way to sneak around your collecting data tech. I probably would have just tried to mill you anyways if I wasn't running tag along :P

Omar: Demon Slayer is the tech dude. Thanks for lending me the stuff and you know if you're ever in the same predicament, I got your back. Come back to Atlanta soon, we need to play more poker.

Michigan: Once again I can't thank you guys enough for picking up our binder. Talk about saving lives. Sorry we had to body you all in teams and diversify your eva player. You guys are still the hotness and I can't wait until I get to play you all again. Harvard vs. Yale, Michigan vs. Atlanta.

Birch: Talk about tough matches, that first game of ours literally almost made me have an aneurism. Way to pilot the most anti-meta deck possible to top 8, sorry I had to lucksack into beating you, sometimes you just don't draw blocks. I know you'll keep rolling faces, just keep doing whatever it is you're doing.

Nick Markey: You troll. Still though, good times. Is your girlfriend still living in atlanta? Cause if so you should come by next time you're here for a visit.

Mike Lowe, Danny fung and Al Crocker: Great matches guys. But you know we totally let you win the first round of teams so we could return the favor in top 8. These matches were fantastic, but you guys were at an extreme disadvantage. Mike Lowe is free. And so is his mom. In bed.

Halberd: Great hanging with you man, you need to come down to some tournaments one of these days, we'll train you up in the Atlanta UFS fashion.

Team Quick Strike:
Great matches guys. I loved our teams banter, it was incredibly hype. If I'm ever in Cali, I'll hit you guys up for some games.

Jason and the rest of the Jasco Staff: Thank you guys. For buying the game, for running the tournaments, for publishing one of the best sets UFS has ever had. For lending me a bunch of cards when I lost my deck. For the ridiculous amount of prize support, for prize packs with chase ultra rares in them. Thank you for keeping this game alive. It is fantastic and hopefully will be around for many years to come.

For those of you who I missed and who's names I forgot, I'm sorry. It was a really fast weekend and so much stuff happened in just those 4 days. I'll catch you guys next year at worlds. Keep playing and getting better and be on the lookout for some new promo's with ATL's face on them.


08-10-2011, 10:22 AM
This post was so hype I had to log back in.
Always take care of you on the cards.
And the only thing missing from this is "AFTER I BANISHED LUCIFER BACK TO HELL. THE CLOUDS PARTED AND THE UFS GODS CAME DOWN AND KISSED ME UPON THE FOREHEAD. And all was right with the world."
Least thats how I saw this weekend for you!

08-10-2011, 11:45 AM
Keenan, you can be assured that I a never drinking at a UFS tourney again. I'm not as pro as Shoemaker I'll admit it.

08-10-2011, 12:04 PM
Really happy for you Keenan. Great report to read as well, especially the damn birds/cats/rats and their varying head/tail sizes lol. You may claim that playing on little/no sleep is a good thing but I feel like I made quite a few mistakes in our Legacy match and I apologize to you for not putting out my best. I guess lack of sleep becomes more of an issue once you reach the latter end of the 20s, you can handle it because you are still a youngster :)

I really enjoyed watching your games as well, and I thought I should let you know that your confidence and in-game decisions are up there with the best that play UFS, at least I gather that from all the watching I do.

All the best, and you had better be at next year's Gencon at the very least (try to make nats/pro-tours/etc.) so that I can have the fortune of playing against one of the most impressive players in the game.

- Garett

08-10-2011, 12:08 PM
Holy mother of god wall of text... brb.

08-10-2011, 01:35 PM
Your the man. Im minimally salty about checking like a failure :). Good job on the win you deserve it.

08-10-2011, 08:52 PM
Trained in ATL UFS fashion... so drunk or sleep deprived? I will get down there sometime, I almost came for the ATL PTC but work conflicted.

08-10-2011, 09:04 PM
Major congrats on being the mother effin' man this weekend Keenan. I look forward to seeing you and your ATl deck again hopefully soon.