View Full Version : Promo Xiangua w/ Rs on foundations

07-22-2010, 12:03 PM
An issue came up the other day. One of our players was playing the old Promo Xiangua in a legacy game:

1. He plays an attack
2. He plays an action that has a speed boost
3. He r's with Looking for a Thrill
4. He r's with Promo X to ready Looking for a Thrill
5. He r's with LfaT again

Now us not knowing the answer and me being a good sport, let the effect go off without a problem. I figured since the reacts to the action being played were still going on, you could R again with the same card since it was ready.

Any thoughts?

07-22-2010, 12:07 PM
you can only play an E once per enhance phase and an R once per trigger.

There are PLENTY of cards with R's that do not commit, and you can't repeatedly play them.

Now he COULD use the OTHER R on looking for a thrill if that is what you meant...

wait, i just read xia. She responds to PLAYING the action. This happens BEFORE the action resolves. So when Xia's window is there, the speed boost has not yet happened, so there is no trigger for LfaT.

so 3-4 have to switch order to be legal, which would not let 5 work lol